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Ancient Classical Astrology

Student of Socrates - Plato

The Stars are souls waiting to be born, which travel down to Earth through the seven spheres of the Planets.

Plato gave us psychology

1,646 B.C. E. - The Venus Tables of Ammizaduga. The oldest surviving tables of systematic observations of the planetary movements. * (Robert Hand Chronology of the Astrology of the Middle East and the West by Period. )

1500 B.C. E. - Stonehenge.

Egyptian & Greek Astrologers

Thales : It is said that the Greek Thales of Miletus, predicted the solar eclipse of 28th May, 585 BCE; when a battle in the war between the Medes and the Lydian's stopped due to the Omen.

Pythagoras : 585 BCE - Babylon 530

Pluto: Master Orator

Aristotle : 384 - 322 BCE His farther was a physician to Amyntas, the king of Macedonia -Taught by Plato - he gave us the structure of the Universe - qualities of the Elements

Antiochus- 150 BCE - Probably sometime around 200 150 BCE according to Robert Schmidt - greatest works we have and closest to the source of Hellenistic Astrology.

Hermes : 300 BCE-100 BCE Early pagan astrology text slipped through the church burning- Hellenistic astrology

Nechepso : The King of the Hellenistic Astrological World, Egypt most famous. Said to be either the source of, or the passing on of the most comprehensive Astrological works ever written.

Ptolemy : 70 AD - 120 AD - He gave us the Tetrabiblos

Valens : 160 AD - Practical - working astrologer: direct links to the work of Nechepso?

Dorotheus of Sidon : 1 st century - electional and horary astrology

Thebes : 380 AD - eclipses - predictions from the phases of the fixed star Sirius

Arabic Astrologers

Masha`allah : 762 AD Iraq - influenced by Dorotheus

Abu Ma`sar : 886 - Islamic followers

Mohomord : 900 AD

Al- Biruni : 973 AD one of the best Arabic astrologers

Medieval Astrologers

Bonatti : 13th century brought back astrology to the forefront

Placidus : 1280 monk

Johannes Schoener : 15th century

William Lilly : 1647





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