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USA Astrological Forecast 2017

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Frankenstein arise! Posted on FB on Yesterday at 6:00am13 April 2017;


Mars by ecliptic projection reaches a difficult area of the Sky, and in doing so co-joins the fixed Stars- Capulus & Al-Ghul-Algol, dark forces are at play. Mars rising around the world by Paran joins the 'Weeping Sisters of Seven' Pleiades.

This transit will activate, Presidents Trumps 'MC', Mid-Heaven, China's western Pivot -Descendant & many more sensitive countries founding charts, including Russia -1922.
What makes this transit so different is the fact that Mars is the dispositor of the Sun, and the Sun is conjunct Uranus. Plus the many other transiting aspect which I posted about recently.

US bombing Afghanstan .................... US Afghan bombing


Mundane - Political analysis on the current transits is depended on the expression of the core aspect expressed. By that I mean the we have choice, how we express choice is somewhat governed by the association of the many factors at play. We can't just say that one factor alone manifest an outcome? Just as our own personal lives are expressed with many nuances', we have many 'Topic's running simultaneously, and each is influenced by the many factors (aspects) at play at the same time.
This can be seen in life -complexity. The transit-s in play at present have connections to many and varied other ongoing astrological signification, for example, as I posted recently, Saturn Station - and four planets retrograde, each has a differing role which contributes to the picture.

What I have noted without drawing specific  attention to one factor is that 'Mars' is running feral - it's condition is said be in modern terms 'detriment' or away from home and travelling through a part of the ecliptic that contains 'Fixed Stars' that can when in aspect and when the 'subject of the application is not fully aware cause 'Blindness' in our conscious decisions .

Add to that the transit Sun is conjunct Uranus (unpredictable) & Mars as ruler (dispositor), so the houses or places where Mars is and rules in each chart looked at will have differing outcomes. Applying this in context to the current US and Russian & Chinese & North Korean leaders & the natal charts of the Nation we can begin to note that the probable outcome is not what we would call ' natural ', the aspects are indicating the decision made can only be described as 'Frankenstein' in there nature.


It appears Mr President of the 'Free World' is exercising that "Regulus 29 Leo rising" - Leo is the Profected sign of the Sibley natal Sun - The Sun is a representation for the leader. The PF Sibley N. node is conjunct his natal 29 Leo 'Rising -Regulus'  Add to this PF Sibley Sun is conjunct the US natal Leo N. Node - 9th whole sign.

Trump's natal Sun/Uranus is conjunct the US natal Mars (7th House) transiting Venus square Saturn as you mentioned - Venus is the lord of the Sibley natal 6th - Military, The current Sibley PF 'Year lord' is Jupiter, which the lord of his Sag Lunar eclipse Moon & Saturn is in Sag in the PF 1st house , so we have a combination of 'Mundane & natal factors'


Military Power is the key phase - Mars - Jupiter, as he is having his Jupiter return and this is trine his natal Uranus. The transiting Sun/Uranus sextile to his natal Sun...transiting Mars as mentioned 'Smack on his natal 'MC' much I could write until my fingers got fatigue, however this how the 'Cosmos is playing the "Donovan" song 'Comic wheels'. "Rolling down the HWY with my Boots of Steal."

We as the world's children can only watch on as the 'Powers' play with their 'Toys' nothing has changed for thousands of years - only the leaders & the 'Toys' they play with now have the ability to change Humanity forever. Life is so precious and most understand this, however we do share this world with 'Others', who for better or worse, don't take their 'Meds' and as a result we get to 'SEE' 'Frankenstein come to life'. It not the first 'Time' we have witnessed 'Frank' without his 'Meds'. History unfortunately is our 'Mirror'


Well the sky is heating up!!! expect to see the end of year "Fiery Road" come to life!!!

Trump Full Moon 2016

The next US President elect will know he's "Fate" from November 29th, 2016 through to December 19th, 2016, the spikes on the "Wheel of Fortune" are already ordained.

However how the winner selects (Choice) he's prizes remains to be seen!!!

The new Moon on the 29th Nov, begins the process, actually it starts today - Transiting out-bounds (-24°25') Mercury conjunct Trumps natal Moon @ 21degrees Sagittarius co -joined to his natal South Node.

The new Moon will ensure the spinning wheel stops on the right spoke. Trumps natal chart is electrifyingly hot!!! Transiting Saturn moves ahead with speed racing almost, which is rather odd for Saturn, against its principle, opposing his natal Uranus.

Transiting Saturn then moves with hast towards he's natal South Node and Moon. Mean while transiting Jupiter in the Air sign Libra nudges his natal Jupiter & sets on fire the aspect between Gemini/Sagittarius, dampened by the square to Cancer.

Now here's where we see the reflection on the water - The Full Moon on December 13th 2016, Falls on Trumps natal Sun, opposing his natal Moon.

So I guess you can call it a diametrically opposed set of Luminaries'. Which of  course - cause- coarse the "Wheel to stop spinning and the Winner to select his "Fate" at the same time also this set of ordained astronomical events will trigger the natal Mars and more in the US natal 4th July 1776, chart.

Guy Fawkes*********** Finally on December 19th Mercury will Station retrograde @ 15 Capricorn, wedged 90 degrees (square) between his natal Chiron/Jupiter, and of course setting the Cardinals' in the natal US chart to thunder!!!

PS. Don't forget to find the hidden treasure - transiting Mars aspects  the US natal Moon - you can get your balloons filled with helium and touch the sky!!!

All rights reserved Gregory Clare - November 25th 2016.


posted 13, August 2016.

Since the ongoing discussions have raised Hillary's chances of winning the race for the White House, I thought I would resurrect a Traditional technique that I first wrote on back in 2000. see link below

This procedure by Vettius Valens was first introduced by Rob Hand - (Project-Hindsight -1996 -Schmidt. R). I wrote an several articles (FAA journal) on the method - (2002- 2004). I conducted several Master classes on this technique in 2004.

Why I'm mentioning this now! Well it is a system that I have come to rely on for prognostication.

Hillary Clinton 2016

The modus operandi goes like this; MSR : Modified Solar Return: (copyright -Gregory Clare)
Modification 1: (Lunar Return Asc) The Solar Return Ascendant is replaced by the Lunar Return Ascendant (this the nearest Lunar return -Post Month of birthday) for the Solar Return  year you wish to look at. The  Solar Return chart now has a modified Ascendant and the chart turned accordingly. This chart I call a Modified Solar Return (MSR).

Modification 2: (Profection - MSR) Using the technique of place derivation note the whole sign natal house where the Lot of Fortune is found. This becomes the first house in the MSR chart. Additionally the place where the natal Lot of Fortune is found then becomes the 1st house of all future MSR charts.

Why do this? The ascendant, Sun and Moon are used to calculate the Lot of Fortune & Spirit. Thus using this formula we can begin to understand how a Ternary or three fold relationship is formed. The Sun is active, masculine and rational; the Moon is passive, feminine, needy, emotional and changeable. The Moon also reflects our past.

The ascendant is the physical body and receives and projects the direct environment. The relationship that is formed by the ternary is projected into the current outlook for the chart by making the position of the natal Lot Fortune the ascendant in the MSR. By the three fold relationship that is formed we can see the Whole.

This threefold relationship is now converted into three ways of delineating or viewing the MSR chart, Firstly look at the planets and points in the natal chart to judge their condition. Then using the  place where the natal Lot is found as the ascendant, rotate the chart so that it becomes the 1st.. Look to the Time Lord for the month (lord of the whole sign) and judge the chart as you would an event chart. Finally look at the MSR as a transit chart.

Hillary's MSR; Posted chart above. Time for Hillary; 08:02am 26 October 1947, Chicago, IL.

Hillary has a diurnal chart (just) with the Sun above the horizon. Hillary has natal  Lot of Fortune in the 6th whole sign house. The lot lord is Mars -Contra to Sect, however this is mitigated by the accidentally positioning of the natal Mars in the 10th whole sign house. This accidental mitigation still see's Mars acting "Contra to Sect", which suggest open public loud -(Leo) attacks. The placement of Mars is intensified by the partile conjunction to natal Pluto.

Powerful dynamic self driven -confidence in the face of short, but brutal accusation of blame. This Mars (Pluto) is also the ruler of her natal Sun in Scorpio, located in the 1st whole sign house. The Sun is the lord of the natal 10th house. This suggest a transference of the ego-consciousness from the hidden depths of Scorpio to an open arena. Thus giving the natal Sun -Spirit/Fortune a stage to play in affairs of the State.

When the "Time Lord-s" is set in motion- activated, this Mars and house & associated lord-s will be very noticeable, the "ego-will" is driven by power and authoritarian vision.

Licentious behaviour is driven from the depths of the "Fiery Road", where it was concealed by intense "Red-Light", truth is on judgement as the Gates are opened. Adversity raises the internal blood flow, as this renewed flow pumps upward a conflict crisis emerges where Spirit meets Soul in an open amphitheatre, as the Greeks would testify.

Hillary's MRS shows a very forceful juxtaposition, actually quite a "fated meeting with destiny!"
Her 10th  derived whole sign house from natal Lot of Fortune is the natal 3rd house. Hillary's 2016 MRS has Mars co-joined to Pluto in the natal 3rd, Capricorn, Mars exalted sign.

This equates to a very powerful astrological statement, considering Hillary's natal has Mars/Pluto/Saturn conjunction in the natal 10th.

The condition of Mars is of great importance given it is positioned in her 10th natal house. Mars as mentioned is the lord of her Fortune. Additionally it Mars, is the exalted lord of the 10th from  Fortune .

Another very noticeable aspect of the 2016 MSR is the position of MSR Moon. This is also a significant statement. The Moon is the associated Lord for Fortune, Sun is Spirit and Moon is Fortune.

The MSR Moon is adhered to Hillary's MC - Mid- heaven, which is located by whole sign in her 11th house. This house is the house of "Good Daimon" suggesting gifts from alliances. With the MSR Moon placement here partile to the MC and lord of the natal whole sign 9th, a house classically aligned to the King, as the 3rd is to the Queen.

Furthermore when the technique of "Topical sign Profection" is applied, firstly, to her natal chart, we find Hillary's Profected whole sign house for 2016, is the 10th whole sign profected place. A double whammy!

This signifies the Topical affairs of the house/sign will be "brought to bear", along with the 11th, which as mentioned carries the natal whole sign MC . October signifies the derived natal profected Ascendant and first profected month, with the activation of the lord - Sun. The Sun is deemed the superior- greater lord for 2016. The derived 2nd month - November, is the natal 11th, as mentioned which contains the natal MC.

All of this activity is what you would expect of the First Women to run for the Presidency of the most Powerful Nation on the planet.

Again if we look at the all important MSR Ascendant, which was the Post - Lunar return ascendant applied to the Solar return 2016, (November 10, 2016,closest to her birthday) another grand astrological testimony is being made. The MSR ascendant is partile co-joined to Hillary's natal Jupiter, at 00:30' Sagittarius. Jupiter is the natal lord of her whole sign 2nd & 5th houses. And Jupiter is the lord of Hillary's natal Moon. This coupled with above mentioned is surly a very powerful testimony for advancement.

Expanding this assessment further there are many more nuanced testimonies present.  The MSR Vertex - is placed in the natal 9th, this degree is the  exact degree of the US - July 4, 1776 Sibley Sun. Although apparently a modern aspect, first mentioned substantially by the late American Johndro & Charles & Vivian Jayne.

The technical attributes are found from the western intersection of the Prime vertical.

Accordingly it has been associated with what the world at large demands we contribute and with whom we do this!

The Profected Topical sign/house for January 2017, is the natal 1st house. This house contains a Stellium of planets -Node, along with the natal  Sun. Mars/Pluto are the Sub-lords for the Month.

As mentioned they, Mars & Pluto are found in the 10th whole sign house - correlations are abound!!

Making use of the derived Topical sign/houses from the natal Lot of Fortune. As Mentioned Mars is the Lot lord and as so is the first lord of the MSR profected year. Aries 6th natal house becomes the Lot ascendant and October, 2016, profected lord. November is zodiacally turned (natal 7th) and Taurus is the Lot profected Topical sign/house for the month. Venus is the Lord.

Natal Venus is accidently placed in the whole sign 1st and is within 6 degrees of the rising. Venus is Contra to Sect, and diametrically opposed to its home of Taurus - detriment. This placing a conditional strain of natal Venus. However this Venus -Topical house lord - is greatly assisted by a Mutual exchange with MSR Venus & Jupiter. MSR Venus is applying to MSR Jupiter and exchanging Royalty.

The month of January 2017, is the natal 9th or the derived 4th from the Lot. Cancer is the Topical house/sign, and lord is the natal Moon. Natal Moon is in Pisces in the sign/house of "good Fortune", with MSR Moon as mentioned conjunct Hillary's MC.

Finally looking at the position of the Lot of Fortune, using Zodiacal Releasing. Since November 2014, the Greater Lot Time lord of releasing has been the Topical sign Leo, with lord Sun.

The level 2 releasing lord May, 2016, is Virgo, with lord Mercury. Level 2 lord changes Zodiacally on January 16, 2017, with Libra -and Lord is Venus.

Level 3 lord is Capricorn, October, 2016, lord Saturn. Changes 17, December Zodiacally to Aquarius until March 2017, Lord Saturn, replaced by Jupiter in March.

In conclusion and importantly level 4 lord is Leo -lord Sun, November 8, 2016, changes several times up to January 20, 2017.

The last change takes place on January 19, 2017, from Scorpio, lord Mars, to Sagittarius, lord Jupiter, starting January 19, 2017, until February 3, 2017. Then Virgo takes over. These subtle changes suggest a major advancement testimony for the Lot of Fortune.

Note; Lot of Spirit is making similar testimony to Fortune, reinforcing the advancement of the 10th & 11th Topical houses.

All rights reserved - copyright Gregory Clare 13, August 2016.



The Collector and fuel distributor - receptacle!!! The Moon, who is subjectively given the title; "The corrupter of Minds"

Trump the Eclipse baby!!! When you see someone's natal chart with the Sun/Moon co-joined to the Lunar Nodes of the Moon, then they are generally speaking -"Eclipse children" Sometime around their birth there was an eclipse.

Following on from my recent comments posted below, I was interested to check out this eclipse "Child", the research has uncovered several note worthy events.

"In 1973, the Justice Department sued the Trump Management Corporation for alleged racial discrimination, which Trump's company disputed. The corporation was charged with quoting different rental terms and conditions to blacks and making false "no vacancy" statements to blacks for apartments they managed in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.  In response, Trump sued the government for $100 million, asserting that the charges were irresponsible and baseless. The ensuing countersuit was thrown out of court. The corporation settled out of court in 1975, promising not to discriminate against minorities. In addition, the corporation was required to send a bi-weekly list of vacancies to a the New York Urban League, a civil rights group and give them priority for certain locations."

On December 13, 1974, partial solar eclipse saros 13 north,  fell on Trump's natal South Node Sagittarius Moon conjunction. This partial solar eclipse path crossed New York city. It's duration was 3hrs 7mins - this equates to 3years & 1.5 months. The location chart NY has the eclipse close to the MC, locally. When you apply the technique of eclipse timing this fits very well with the affairs mentioned above.

The lord of the eclipse Jupiter was in its own domicile, Pisces, so was very strong in two ways. Firstly it was rising on the Ascendant in the local chart and is dignified in Pisces. This Eclipse lord Jupiter was transiting Trump's eighth house, the house of others money.

On December 12, 1973, the Justice department commenced action against him. The chart is intriguing, as I have mention many times ; Astrology by its very nature is a model based on astronomy. Fate and free will - if we accept astronomy underpins astrology - then by its very nature in a strange sort of way it is ordered or ordained. It is preordained by its very order.

Events that take place are governed by this astronomical order. The most significant of these events (transits) are to do with the "Lights". An eclipse is a special event that aligns the two central bodies, (Sun & Moon ) (Node meetings -" the Yellow brick road" ) and in doing so sets in motion a series of unfolding, these unfolding are governed by "Free Will - Choice". How we chose to deal with the unfolding?

The chart Dec, 12, 1973, has the Sun at 20 degrees Sagittarius partile conjunct Trump's natal South Node/Moon.

Moving forward, a Lunar eclipse, 24 degrees Scorpio on May 15, 1984 falls on Trumps meridian MC & IC,. What strikes me is that the lord Mars was retrograde in Scorpio. And the Lunar eclipse fell across North America - New York included.

"In 1985, New York City brought a lawsuit against Donald Trump for allegedly using tactics to force out tenants of 100 Central Park South, which he intended to demolish together with the building next door. After ten years in court, the two sides negotiated a deal allowing the building to stand as condominiums."

All rights reserved, copyright Gregory Clare. - gregory


The Collector and fuel distributor - receptacle!!! The Moon, who is subjectively given the title; "The corruptor of Minds"


Trump the Eclipse baby!!! When you see someone's natal chart with the Sun/Moon co-joined to the Lunar Nodes of the Moon, then they are generally speaking -"Eclipse children" Sometime around their birth there was an eclipse.

The "Trump gravy train". Why is Donald so popular I found myself asking the question. How is it possible for such a divisional speaker to garner such support.

So I was intrigued to look at his astrological footprint from primarily a Hellenistic prospective.
Born in Queens, NY, he has the Sun above the horizon, deemed diurnal.

Ok! yes, he has a very dynamic Ascendant degree, the royal star Regulus rising, with Mars, however there is something else going on here!

Trump was born within the eclipse "Zone", Solar and lunar eclipses very close to either side of his birth. Two Solar eclipses and a Lunar eclipse just a few hours past his birth.
So he is a real Full Moon Lunar eclipse baby as he was born with the culminating Lunar energy!!!! The "designer Baby"
 Furthermore Hellenistic astrology has a technique of assessing the charts Pre natal lunation lord, this is called the "Architect". The "designer  or Architect" of the vessel, which will sail us through the Waters of Life.
 Just briefly this is the nearest lunation -(Solar or Lunar) to prior birth.
The Architect is the Confine -Term or  Bound Lord of the new moon or full moon closest to pre birth.
I have also found it very interesting to take note if it, if it is an eclipse lunation and also note the degree, with regards to further forecasts.

Donald's "Architect" or Confine Lord of the new moon or full moon prior to his birth, new moon 08:48 degrees Gemini , is Jupiter.  (which was also a solar eclipse ) And Additionally, you may have noticed that this degree is also known as the Nuclear degree ,!!  And furthermore his natal Jupiter is Stationed direct which further emphasises his affairs in relation to the Signs ruled by Jupiter.

 I point this out because his natal Sagittarius Moon is co-joined to the South node (Ketu). Eclipses take you into the "Noticed world". Via the Node, Nodes are the catalyst to trigger the associated planet. In Trumps case; the Eclipsed Full Moon on the South Node. Via natal Jupiter, who is partile trine to his natal Uranus. The Nodes are the secretive deception of the eclipsed light! The Nodes are accountable for the causation of corruption. The shadowers of the heavens.

And diametrically opposing this Sagittarius Full Moon is his natal Sun. The Sun is the spiritual essence of intelligence. Trump's natal Uranus North Node and natal Sun are co-joined in the place of good fortune, the house of alliances, the 11th.  A restless disposition prone to sudden burst of intolerance, bigotry and fanaticism and the ability to gather large Tides or Waves of men and women.  His Confine lord - Term or Bound ruler of his Sun is Mars.

This further stokes the  Air filled spirit with more fire, so much so that his vital blood and chemical charged impulsive Mind must go into Lunar overdrive. Doubled body - mutable perception gasping, choking from the rarefied heat combustion. Luckily he has some 12th house water to swallow!

So one might say  Donald the designer baby is extremely "Plutonian".  The vessel that carries him through this life is nuclear powered and the isotopes are very fragile.
Additionally Mercury the eclipse lord is very close to the Sun/Moon pre natal lunation eclipse, so close that one might say  it's burning hot and dry!

 Add to this the larger than life Leo Mars, you now have a radioactive nuclear devise set to burst out, go ballistic"!!

This individual has many notable fixed stars also witnessing his natal planets. Is it any wonder we are noticing him. Trump is in his 69th Profected year, the 10th domicile, lord is Venus. However because of his such late rising degree he has already by directed profection entered Gemini. He has and is experiencing the 10th and 11th house affairs. Mercury is the next profected Lord, his 70th profected domicile is the 11th House of good fortune.

So Donald is ridding the hottest radioactive Tidal Wave of this epoch!!!

Note : Trumps Time lord for Fortune - Zodiacal releasing, is Mercury - Level 1 Gemini, 20years from July 8th 2010 - 2030, second level Time Lord is Virgo - Mercury Lord until June 2017. So Trumps riding the Mercury Wave of Contestation, his natal Mercury is governed by Moon, Jupiter, Mars.

And for Spirit Zodiacal releasing - Level1, he has Moon, Time Lord for Cancer, August 29, 2000, until 2035. Level 2, & 3 -  Gemini - both levels - Time Lord, Mercury until 7th May, 2016.

That will do for now...I will tune the airwaves in later...just some uranium, plutonium food for your plant!!!

All rights reserved, copyright -© ® Gregory Clare -

  Ed Tamplin is credited for this so called naming!


On May 3rd 2015, Washington, DC, the USA capital, a Full Moon will bring much mixed contemplation. The astrological mundane year ahead for the US was set like every other country, state and city by the Lunation on March 19/20th 2015. This continuation of difficult lunation cycles will culminate on or around July 31st 2015.

The reason I have suggest this is as follows - The new moon cycle (eclipse) which commenced on March 20, 2015, was in the confines of Saturn. Saturn was retrograde conjunct the MC, Washington DC.
Saturn was in Sagittarius, and the lord Jupiter, was also retrograde. Jupiter traditional lord of the lunation and dispositor of Saturn, is placed in the 7th whole sign house. The Sun the dispositor of Jupiter, was under Saturn's and Jupiter's directive.

Jupiter and Sun were quincunx - in aversion, however maintain a mutual connection. This was due to Jupiter and Sun as Sect mates being present in each other's domiciles. Saturn was trine by whole sign to Jupiter and square to Sun in Pisces. All three solar planets, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are contra to Sect. Adding to the disarticulation of judgement. Mercury the messenger and assistant to the articulation of choice or choices is also contra to Sect. Bringing with it contestation judgements.

The 7th in mundane prognostication is a representation of the social consciousness. The 1st is self - unit, national traits and internal affairs. The 7th, opposite the 1st, is the inclusion of others - social evolution of the country as a unit. Hence social consciousness evolving as a group.  

Saturn is ignorance by failure to learn or notices. A planet that is retrograde brings to notice the things or issues not attended to or resolved.  Saturn in Sagittarius brings the issues of topical significations that pertain to Jupiter. Justices, law, theology, belief, attitude, opinion and philosophical understanding.

Jupiter in Leo announces in a grand manor the matters that pertain to the Sun. Glorification of reputation, and what we select. Our choices we make or the choices made by those in charge. How we See or don't See the essences of Spirit - Consciousnesses - universal -choices. or choices that pertain to essences - the Good of the Collective - Evolving.

Sun in Pisces exchanges, (albeit in unusual indifferent ways - quincunx) idea's or choices which are selected through ignorance, square to Saturn and relate to the past issues of justices, law, theology, belief, attitude, opinion and philosophical understanding.

This is brought to bear on the collective and distributed throughout the different places by the mundane topical spheres. What has been collected - (Moon) over Time - (Saturn) in the past (Moon and Saturn/Nodes) is given a new seed. This new seed then grows with the qualities in which it has been seeded. The conditions - aspects of the other planets.

The architect - (confine/bound/term lord)  of full moon on May 3rd is Mercury - Contestation. Mercury is strong by transit in this chart. Mercury is in its diurnal domicile Gemini and in Sect. However things are not always as they seem. Mercury is in opposition to Saturn and furthermore is not in touch with the human world. Mercury is along with Venus out of Bounds - The declination of the planets are beyond the earthly solstices points -obliquity.  Suggesting their attention and directives are turned away, leaving the earthly humans to make do with dysfunctional discussions.

Mercury is also in a parallel declinational conjunction to the fixed star Hamal. This declinational positional conjunction adds more peculiar correlation to the messenger. Hamal is a very interesting star. Its peculiar declination gives it curtailed passage. Meaning it never rises South of 66 degrees, and never sets North of 66 degrees. So the Star of two natures - that of Saturn and Mars has contact with the unseen and seen -intangible and intangible. bringing mixed messages, which makes this a very interesting conjunction.
The world of the heavens is a very complex relationships, which is why; as above-so below, is such a fitting axiom.

US eclipse March 20th 2015

There are lots of astrological charts used for the US. The Sibly (many different times given) is the most favoured, however I have been using the US Paris Treaty signing for many years, 3 September 1783. (Campion. N. Book of world Horoscopes 2004.) But each of us have our own preference and mine is the Paris Treaty.

 I find this chart compelling and accurate and I have demonstrated many times during presentational lectures the value. Cast the solar return chart for 9/11 and tell me this chart doesn't work. Ok that's just one occasion, Bin laden's capture transit chart, JFK shooting . I have researched many events in relation to this chart and yes it does hold up.

United States is entering a difficult negotiation period. Nuclear diplomacy is front and centre with Iran. And the US is playing a pivotal role delicately dealing with its allies.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is relentlessly pursuing nuclear weapons with the express purpose of destroying the State of Israel,” said Netanyahu. Over the coming weeks transits to the US chart will trigger some real delicate moments.

Very hot choleric times are coming.  Obama may be walking a very shaky path. One thing's for certain, that these are very covert negotiations. The chart of the coming weeks see's the transiting Sun co-join natal Neptune. At the same time Mercury is co-joined to natal Pluto, with the transiting Moon activating many aspects of the US chart.


USA - 2015 astrology

US Paris Treaty -2014


The astrological new year or Vernal Equinox for Washington, DC, 2014.

US Aries Ingress 2014

The March 20th 2014, chart shows a predominance of cardinal planetary placements, suggesting noticeable and sharp action. With exalted Jupiter rising, Uranus culminating, calling for the Love of expression and Freedom and a piercingly Old - Transformative Controlling Pluto setting, reinforcing the onward struggle to secure  Just equality cooperation and harmony between Parties.

The prevalence of the element Water suggest a Poignant Emotional and animated conversation, with the ascendant, fifth and ninth houses ensuring an active expressive dialog exchanged.

The lunation phase is Disseminating giving no suggestion that new or constructive results will be offered in regards to the struggle. A mirror or echo from the past will posit in an emotive historical ambiance.

The fixed star Sirius and Jupiter are rising and hold the Key Handle in the Shape of the chart. So expect Loud Strong Bolts of Justice and rectitude to be thrown around like a large boat in a wild ocean. The actual weather will resemble this figuratively.

Isolation and abandonment will be cast a shore and find its way through the socially young at heart. What was gained will be lost, at least for the short term, resulting in feelings of neglect by some and resentment towards the secretive ineffectual governing power by others.

 Mercury will offer the promise of an  island paradise, but be vary of the feelings of ecstasy as this may be an illusion created in one's own mind.

Those who speculate will lose and those who consolidate will gain. It's not a time for supposition, but a time to strength what already exists.





Syriain conflict







Below is the USA Paris Treaty Chart; September 3, 1783:I use this chart for forecasting the Fortunes of the Nation.This chart represents the formal Government as it was the final signing and granting of Independence to the USA from the English ending the American Revolutionary War between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America, which had rebelled against British rule.

Paris treaty 1783

scales Saturn enters Libra; Judgment Day

(Scales of Justice) Posted September 2009

Saturn will spend the next two and a half years as Assessor of the Image of the Scales.

Shani (Hindi) or (Kronos) Greek, as he is known will stand in judgment over Hades (Pluto) in the sign of the Goat Horn One (Capricorn).

So what will that mean I hear you ask?

Governments and leaders throughout the World who have debts (Karma) to repay to the Ferry Men, will be ask to step forward and will be held accountable! Time to pay Up!

Traditionally Saturn stands Straight in the Scales;

Here the Lord of Karma has Power to serve, make good his deeds. Aphrodite (Venus) the Goddess of the Scales is helping Shani as he enters Her Image.
There will be a "Time" (Saturn) when Uranus, Saturn's father joins Hades, this will be seen as acceleration of the Judgment!
A three way struggle! Or Tug of War!

A Cardinal Moment in Time! So stay turned and I will update you as the "Time" comes closer! Partnerships entered into during his stay in Libra should do well. Industrious, Loyal and a strong sense of duty are some of the energy's available during His visit in the Scales.

When reading this chart use the 10th place (house of Natal Lot of Fortune) as the ASC and starting month Sept 2009 and proceed as you would reading a derived chart).

You may also read this as an Event chart with the normal Mundane Natal ASC place. That's the beauty of the MSR. © Gregory Clare.

This can be applied to (Mercury) communication and Government (Saturn) as Mercury rules the Natal 10th and 1st.

Another noticeable aspect is transiting MSR Mars in the Natal 11th or (derived) 2nd (MSR) Diametrically (opposition) opposed to natal Saturn in the natal 5th, the 5th is the Senate and the natal 11th is the Stock market.

(MSR or Transiting return chart) Mercury is in a partile T-square to MSR Mars and natal Saturn. Mars/Saturn/Mercury Ebertin express as "Harmful or destructive energy, Thoughtlessness".

It seems that the US Senate may became very hostile to any plans of monetary expansion.  Another standout is (Transiting) MSR Moon 6th house (house of Pubic Health and Defence) square natal Moon.

The Moon is expressing the Mood of the Public, all does not seem well here. The emotional state of the nation is at odds with it's self.

This is the base chart used in conjunction with the MSR (Modified Solar Return) 2000 ©, which you will find below.