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April 28th 2011 @ 10:48am AEST Sydney;

The Australian Dollar reaches new highs!!

Astrologically what's driving this high dollar?

Annual Zodiacal profection

The Year lord is Venus (4th House) and the Month Lord is Mercury (8th House), Day Lord Jupiter and the 11th House.

Mars Lord of natal MC, transiting Mars co-joined to TR Jupiter with all transiting Aries planets partile trine the 11th Lord Jupiter.

December 2010, solar return has return Venus and Mercury/Pluto, partile sextile to the natal MC.

The natal 8th house is ruled by Mercury who is co-joined to return Node/Pluto/Moon; all are in aspect to the natal MC and the IC, which is the 27th profected house.

Mercury is a powerful mover in all charts, as he is in His Confines, natal, return and transiting. Mars the Mundane market mover is also enjoying his moment, Lord of the MC.

Solar return MC is partile trine the 1901 Federation Stoney Chart natal 2nd house exalted Taurus Moon, the lord of Commodities.


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Australian Dollar Float

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2010/11 Solar return

Australian Dollar Float 2010/11 solar return