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Australia 2022

Gregory Clare

Australia votes-We don't have a birth time for the new PM-Anthony Albanese, however Solar Arc direct based on his birth date-2nd March 1963 -Camperdown, NSW, does paint a astrological picture of fortune, natal Jupiter Solar Arc to Australia's 13:35, Sydney 1901 Federation natal Taurus Moon. Albo was Sworn-in on May 23rd 2022 Canberra, ABC has 09:05am AEST.

australia 31st PM




Astrological Forecast Australia 2019


Astrological Forecast Australia 2018

Mars rising

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Watch out for unexpected surprises that jump from the depths of the unknown as Neptune is on the IC, Australia - Mars rising while outer-bounds.

Saturn is laying on the Fixed star Facies, (the point of the Archer) you may not 'See' what's ahead.
 March 18th 2018, as the tolling bells ring - ding-dong!!  at the midnight hour.

This coming lunation has the new moon on Venus exaltation degree, Mars is the Confine (Bound) Lord. Up periscope wet & watery navy. Something is hidden and reluctant to be seen.

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20 Dec 2016 - 11:00 AM AEDT

australian submarine signing 2016

Mercury Stationed retrograde - Mars ingress into under-water Pisces, Australia's 12th house of secretes.

Will we be hearing more about this "Deal", well the chart does suggest so!!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull signed an inter-governmental agreement with France's defence minister for Australia's submarine building project.

Prime Minister  & Mr Le Drian  were keen to emphasise security of information would be a top priority for both countries, following the leak of data from French shipbuilder DCNS.

The 12 new submarines DCNS is designing will be constructed in Adelaide, with the first set to enter service in the early 2030s.

Work is set to start in Adelaide in 2022. DCNS estimates the project will sustain 2900 jobs, including 600 in the supply chain.

The overall project is worth $50 billion and is Australia's largest defence procurement project.

Australia and France have formally signed an agreement to build 12 advanced submarines.

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20 Dec 2016 - 11:00 AM AEDT



August 5, 2016

45th Australian Parliament

The Australian 45th Parliament joint Houses will officially open on August 30, 2016.

(the day Lord is Mars, who is out of bounds -23:26 S. declination suggesting elusiveness)

 No time has been listed as yet, however going on past openings, the Lower House Chamber will possibly come together around 10am in Canberra - the 44th Australian Lower House was opened @ 10:41am, on November 4, 2013.

So what's the chart look like -??? Oh dear - the first thing that came to me when I went to the Government website looking for a opening date was OH-Jeez here we go again!!

On August 30, 2016, at 23:03:46hrs AEST, Canberra, Mercury will Station retrograde at 29 Virgo. The station retrograde will be at the opposition 2015, Total Solar eclipse degree.

Now depending on what Time the official opening is - Sagittarius will rise from 10:20am onwards for approximately 2hrs. At 10:55am Saturn and Mars will rise.

Mercury is conjunct Venus, as mentioned Mercury is stationed RX and Jupiter is @ 27 degrees Virgo.

I will wait in anticipation for the official decree - But it does seem extremely inauspicious this gamble by Turnbull to dissolve both House of the 44th Parliament.

The new look Senate will also open on the 30th August, 2016. "An election for all Senate seats was held on 2 July 2016 after the dissolution of the Senate on 9 May. The new Senate contains its largest cross-bench of 20 senators (9 AG and 11 others), compared with 18 senators (10 AG and 8 others) at the end of the 44th Parliament.

Previously, the highest number had been 13 senators, in 2002-2005."
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A brief summary of the November, 12, 2013, opening @ 10:41am Canberra, ACT, Australia, of 44th LNP Coalition - Abbott - now Turnbull government, and the now threat to bring on a double dissolution by the new leader Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull- Abbott 44th government

The chart assessment from a whole sign mundane astrological perspective has Libra MC, representative of the Governing power. Venus is the Lord located in the 1st whole sign house co-jointed to Pluto, although, Venus is a long way from the ascendant, 12 house by quadrant placement.

Venus is receiving aspects from both Mars in Virgo in the 9th, and the stellium of 11th house Scorpio placements(which I will discuss shortly). Venus is receiving a square from Uranus sextile from the Moon in Pisces.

 Interestingly, we are now hearing the Gossip - On Tony Abbott's former chief of staff Peta Credlin. And today it's been announced that she is joining the Sky pay TV team.  As reported "she has largely tried to avoid the spotlight since she and her boss were kicked out of the PM's office," but now the "fiercest" of political warriors is set to return to the public eye as an election commentator. The only occasion to prompt Ms Credlin into raising her head above the parapet has been to slam "vicious and malicious" rumours that she and the ousted prime minister's relationship went beyond the professional. But now the one-time most powerful woman in Australian politics is reportedly on the verge of signing a contract with Sky News that could see her cover this year's federal election – whenever that turns out to be." Courtesy of 9News.

The above statement pretty much sums up the Venus and portrayal of the government, as seen through the public eye (10th house - 12th). As well the child care debate and women issues that were a hallmark of the Abbott lead party. Who remembers Bronwyn bishop helicopter affairs'. Forced resignation from Speaker of the House. Who remembers the day she was elected Speaker of the House!! The cold and frosty dark power from the hidden, opponents conspiring to bring Venus down, it's all in the narrative of this Venus - lord of the 10th.

Now turning to the Scorpio stellium in the friendly house - the 11th, the place where we should find our alliances. The Sun is there, a representative symbol for the leader of the party, Prime Minister. This Sun has Mercury, North Node, Saturn all associated and co-joined together enforced by the trine placement of the Pisces Moon who is bringing all of them under the one umbrella, like or not.!

An emotional game of espionage, intense contestation, the striving to go it alone, but being undermined at every turn. Not knowing where it was coming from. Thinking your coalition of inner mates were your friends only to find them plotting to bring you down. All the while trying to reward the big end of town, for money is central to the theme along with intense efforts to hold onto Power.

Mars the lord of the 11th,  placed in the 12th from 10th house plays a role here. Along with the associated Pluto co- influence. Just because there is a new leader doesn't in my opinion change the 44th Parliament chart, this chart will remain until the Party is defeated or the opening of a new 45th parliament. SO, the same, same, games are at play.

However what does change is the transiting planets to the base chart. Now we see Jupiter co-joined to Mars in the 9th house with the North node. An obsession with changing the Laws - a recall of the House of Representatives - 11th house in Mundane political forecasting. Mars rules this house of Scorpio, and yes along with Pluto. The senate, the 5th house  is ruled by Venus. So you can see the games that went on there. And now Venus is co-joined to the natal Pisces Moon feeding into the whole now exalted Power struggle affair.

 Natal Jupiter is retrograde in exaltation in Caner in the 7th, house of partners and open opponents - adversary. This Jupiter is also making a trine to the stellium in the 11th, which in all probability ensured the return of Abbotts biggest challenger, Malcolm X. Retrograde 7th house Jupiter, the return of the Larger antagonist, who was displaced by Abbott.

So as we move forward, tomorrow will see a lunar eclipse fall in the 10th house of the ruling party, Oh the lights will dimmer as the Earth experiences the will of the cosmos.
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The Heat is On - Tony Abbott, does his chart suggest he has the ticker to survive? As mentioned back on February 9th 2015, (Liberal Party Leadership challenge) come late August, when Jupiter moved into Virgo, Abbotts fortunes would be sorely tested!

Well that time has arrived. It seems the planetary dance will be heavily hostile to Tony until early 2016, and maybe beyond.

 Some key dates are looming quickly. August 24 -26, 2015, transiting Mars in Leo, who is moving fast and furiously, contra to Sect (and in a Masculine, Contra to Sect sign) in the Leaders sign (Sun -Leo -Leader) reaches 9 -11 degrees Leo. When this transit takes place, two planetary transiting events, and a PD, will nudge Tony towards his destiny.

During September this pressure cooker will start to rise dramatically. By November the pot will be steaming hot, and come December, (if his still standing) it will be time to empty the cooker. What will be left?

It will very intriguing to see how Tony's chart responds! He has a traditional Nocturnal chart, meaning the Sun is below the horizon. Lord Mars is also ruler of his Sect Leader, natal Aries Moon. Mars is in Sect, suggesting he does have a rigorous defender embracing (the sword) on the charge.

However this well meaning Mars is compromised. The natal Mars is diametrically opposed to its rulership, Aries. This places the Mars at a disadvantage, unable to access all its weapons. Although it does have Jupiter co-joined to it. Tony's biggest problem however will come from natal Saturn and Mercury. He is not known speaking elegantly. And one of mercury's key signatures is Contestation. Tony's Mercury is combust, (under the glare of Sun -hidden), but it doesn't operate like a combust Mercury, except when in public. His Mercury is protect somewhat, being in its own chariot (Confines or Bounds), which suggest it operates under the radar, incognito, secretly planning his next move.

Tony's ally in his chart is natal Venus - Lord of his ascendant and Jupiter, Mars. It is in a very unnoticeable exchange with Mars, in three ways. But like many planetary placements it is at times his worst emery. His natal Venus is out bounds, suggesting his Venusian' relationships - relations with women, have no earthly boundaries.

When Tony was elected on December 9th, 2009, @ 09:50am, Canberra (Ed Tamplin) as the New Leader (replacing Turnbull) the MC Lord Venus was the most elevated planet, also accidently dignified, but compromised in Scorpio. The MC was co-joined to the fixed star Spica - Lot Fortune was co-joined to the southern star Canopus and Venus was co-joined to Toliman.

Toilman is the Centaur's front foot. Its nature is likened to Venus, but causes tumbles when addressing them. A impressive set of stars, however Mercury was out of Bounds -southern declination -25, which adds to his unmistakable verbal disorder, and awkwardness at times. Donald Trump has Mercury out bounds.
One other problem is the Mars in his election chart, 17 Leo, Jupiter was retrograde on that degree when he was challenged on February 9th this year.
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New Moon


What a holy, sanctified - divine & dignified Affair - The day of Jupiter, the hour of the Moon. July 16th, 2015, Sydney, Australia. and across the Globe.

A new Moon, a cardinal overload! And an exalted watery indulgence. Mars-Mercury co-joined to the Southern fixed stars Sirius and Canopus on the MC - Midheaven.

Sun and Moon co-joined to  the fixed star Pollux. Mercury and Mars are in parallel conjunction with the fixed star Hamal, on the outer bounds of the Earth plane


Venus is conjoined to the Royal star Regulus, and about to station!

The fixed star Spica is rising along with Arcturus. And transiting Uranus is in a parallel conjunction with Betelgeuse.

And finally, Mercury and Mars are in a diametrically opposed positions to Pluto, who is being visited by New Horizons, the Earth sent spacecraft.

And there is so much more - Chiron in a platic trine to Saturn/Sun/Moon and Mars/Mercury, along with Neptune. Uranus at Saturn's Fall -(depression) in fire trine to Jupiter/Venus++++


So what's this all mean??? It must have something it can offer the collective consciousness of this human society.

If ever there was a day of sublime virtuosity!!! well here it is...+++++++++++++

The icy world and beyond the Kuiper belt , Pluto, Charon -


Tony Abbott & the Liberal National Party are facing their first real diplomatic challenge. In November 2013 shortly after the Opening of the 44th, Parliament. I commented on the charts of the swearing -in of Abbott on September 13th 2013, and the opening of the first session of the 44th, Australian lower house.

I noted on my face -book stream the placement of Mars in both charts. Mars in both whole sign charts is placed in the 9th house. The 9th house represents foreign affairs & our philosophical expressions. I made the suggestion that this would be a very difficult placement.

Readdressing those comments in light of the recent sensitive events in Indonesia I would like to expand on these comments.

In the first chart, Abbott's swearing -in, (18th September 2013 @ 10:29:07, AEST, Canberra, ACT.) Mars is placed in the 9th whole sign image (sign) of the Lion, Leo.

The Lion doth roar!  Mars is @ 13:14 degrees Leo. Mars is receiving a partile dexter sextile from Mercury in Libra, the dispositor Venus in the 12th house is co-joined to North Node/Saturn, in Scorpio squaring Mars.

These aspects are very difficult - Mars essential nature from a Hellenistic articulation is said to be  - separation/severance, dissociation/differentiation. This is accentuated when contra to Sect, as both Mars and Venus are. From a mundane  expression Mars has association with, public affairs of a military, police, civil servants, public executioner,  public prostitution and many other thorny & arduous affairs.

Jupiter the planet associated with judicial distribution is at present transiting retrograde in Leo, it will transit RX over the natal Abbott swearing-in position on Friday March, 20th. I suspect that we will see some very (Lion) language exchanges in relation to the 9th house over the coming weeks. The placement in both charts also highlights another very much unnoticed aspect by many. The governments mundane general significator is the lord of the 10th house, as  such the 9th is the 12th from the 10th, This shows those who are secretively plotting to bring us down as well as many other very difficult expressions.

Mercury's role here is also very confrontational, he can be when contra to Sect, (as he is) discursive reasoning. Associations with accusation and disputation, contestation and destabilisation though verbal exchange. Mercury is lord of the 10th whole sign house, and he is also the lord of the natal Sun.

The sun is the leader, in this case the leader of the nations parliament. Mercury is also the lord of the 9th house Mars in Virgo, in the Opening (12th November 2013, @ 10:41, AEDT, Canberra) of the 44th parliament chart.

Over the coming weeks there will be as I have mentioned on my FB page some very choleric times ahead. These will be quite combustible.

We can only hope that commonsense & empathy prevail.

Mercury's function here is very pivotal, as he is also lord of the 7th house in Abbott's swearing chart. The 7th has two meaning here - as the 7th, it is our relations with others and a open expression of both parties. It is also an indicator of the reputation of the government, as it is the 10th from the 10th. The 7th house also contains the Lot of Fortune.


Finally these issues will again resurface in late July early August. This time will also be very combustible for Abbott's leadership. It may well see him replaced.

Abbott's swearing_in 2013


44th Australian Parliament


Sunday February 8th 2015


Oh how the political landscape changes - U might think that Uranus has something to do with these sudden changes??...Now the Liberal party room leadership- discussion, & vote is set for 09:00am, Canberra, ACT. Uranus in all probability does, however the trickster and the collector also move rather quickly, Selene -Moon, distributes, & blends the fundamental natures of the associations.

Liberal Leadership spill 2015

So as mentioned in my earlier post, (which can be found on FB stream Qld election forecast - All candidates are shown by Mercury RX (Stationing) and RX if you're looking for any kind of result this another very cool correspondence -correlation.

First Modern aspect - Moon opposition Uranus, square Pluto....However first traditional aspect is Moon/Jupiter..??? which is for the most times very reliable. Then Moon trine Sun. Last traditional aspect the Moon made was trine to RX Mercury. So as you can see the Moon is in aspect to both significators - but as mentioned both are RX...So this far from over, Mercury will strike again as will Jupiter.

The instigators of this gala, seem very double bodied. But quite perplexed and rather shaky. Mars is rising and owner of the confines - which Valens says "Naval warriors" "Plundering but then restoring, varied, not dying a natural death! Metaphorically speaking that is.
The gala event is overseen by the trickster, confines of Sagittarius MC, is in a fixed sign in the 11th. The house of the liberal party. And also the lord of the 4th -result. And ensuring this is not over is Mars, with scrutiny over the confines of the fourth.

A finial observation - Jupiter is in the house of good fortune and trine the 10th - Jupiter is lord of the10th. Although its Retrograde in Leo, the sign of the Sun. Whereas Mercury is in 11th -good fortune and retrograde about to station direct. Which means a significant improvement in Mercury's position. In the 11th, 2nd from the 10th - assistant to the Kings money.


Australia - 114th profected year - 7th house, year lord Venus. Natal Venus is in the 9th -foreign lands. Venus has stewardship of the 7th & 2nd, houses. Venus is lord of natal exalted Taurus Moon -resources & affairs pertaining to the 4th, (mining) may face challenges. Transits of Venus will be very strong this year. Natal Venus is contra sect -suggesting difficult relations with Venus associated affairs.

Australia - 2015 forecast


2014 below

New declaration of intent signed by Trade ministers from China and Australia on November 17th, 2014. This new deal is it for real - and will it benefit Australia or is this one-way traffic? The deal looks good for China. What about Australia? attached charts will reveal the true story?

Free Trade deal -Australia & China


Peter Cosgrove sworn in as the 26th, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia,
declaring it "the greatest honour" of his family's "fortunate lives".

The ceremony took place in the Australian Senate, opening address @ 10:30hrs AEDT, Canberra, ACT.

The official signing on March 28th 2014, commenced at 10:35hr and he was official recognised at 10:38:58hrs. AEDT.

Sir Peter Cosgrove - Governor General -Australia

The former Defence chief now addressed as Sir Peter Cosgrove is the first man to be knighted under Prime Minister Tony Abbott's restored royal honours system.

He addressed the Senate - Chief Justice Robert French, parliamentarians, diplomats and public galleries and payed tribute to Indigenous Australians, Dame Quentin Bryce, and Cameron Corporal Baird - the special forces commando who was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross in February this year.

He went on to say that he was "humbled and proud" to be assuming office and came to the role "agenda free."

"To think that I will play some part in the public discourse extends to me, my wife and family the greatest honour of our fortunate lives," he said.

The astrological significants of this Event is as follows; The new head of the commonwealth of Australia, 10th house -MC. The chart first cast using Regiomontanus and then assessed using whole sign houses.

The MC is 26 degrees 58', Aquarius, the traditional ruler is retrograde Saturn in Scorpio at 22 degrees 47', co-joined to the 18 degrees 49' Scorpion 7th house descendant. The rising degree and sign is 18 degrees 47', Taurus. The highest placed planetary body is Venus at 20 degrees and the Moon at 29 degrees 40', Aquarius.

The Egyptian confine (Term or Bound) ruler of 26°58' Aquarius is RX Saturn, about which Valens say's;"barren, moist, conceiving with difficulty". Saturn the confine ruler is in his own Chariot, which denotes that he is own Lord, answerable to only he. The confine ruler of 22 degrees Scorpion Saturn is exalted Jupiter, suggesting a noble person. Valens adds a glorified, high priestly, talented and lucky beneficiary of High Office.

Rudhyar -27th- Sabian Symbol say's "An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Fresh Follows "The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in man's instinctive feelings as frames of reference for man's most authentic emotions"

This seems to suggest the appointer is from someone who is of lower standing and short lived, but the appointee is a person highly regarded. The retrograde suggesting a return to the traditional ways!
In modern astrological conceptualisation the Moon is seen as Void, however from traditional conceptualisation the Moon is not void as it is only 12 degrees from contact with Jupiter and 14 degrees from Mercury.

The Moon has recently been co-joined to Venus by sign and Mars/North Node by trine and as mentioned about to join exalted Jupiter and diametrically opposed Mercury.

This denotes someone who's past is of (Venus -Mars/Node) - likable military group association. The Jupiter, Mercury suggesting a person who will be away attending to overseas (Pisces)sacred priestly sensitive arousing affairs.

Finally how this tenure ends suggest a Mars ending, or is this suggesting the appointer will end this way??


Abbott cone of Silence


Mars Station!!
On March 2nd AEDT, 2014 @ 03:23:31, the planet Mars will Station retrograde for a prolonged period of 79 days. During this retrograde passage several interesting planetary configuration will take place.
Here in Australia these  configurations may affect our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Mr Abbotts birth data is; 04:00hrs GMT 00:00, November 4 1957, London, UK. These  influences may also directly concern the nation as the 4 angles or pillars of both the Federation-Midnight and Proclamation charts of 1st January 1901, will be activated.
Minister Abbott has his natal Mars at 26° Libra 51' . And if his reported birth time is correct he has 9° Libra 08' rising. The significants of this is intriguing as transiting Mars stations retrograde on his natal Mars and stations direct on his natal ascendant.
The retrograde phase of a planet is likened to  backward-looking, something needs our or its attention for whatever reason. In Abbotts case if his birth time is correctly stated then the areas that will come under consideration are the 2nd house and 7th house. His natal Neptune/North Node/Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio and his natal Moon is in Aries. Natal Mars is in the first whole sign house.
The energies associated with the red planet can vary according to the planets essential dignity. Abbotts has a nocturnal chart (meaning the Sun is below the horizon) so Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury are said to be of Sect. These planets will aid and assist him by removing (separating, cutting and dividing) complexities to his growth. The level of support each of these planets gives is subject to the planets dignity. Natal Mars is diametrically opposed to its Home sign, Aries.
This can be seen as having difficulty accessing the planets resources and may manifest through the level of cooperation or reliance on others to support him. This is reinforced by the presence of the unpredictable Uranus transiting upon his 7th house cusp, descendant. Tony has a natal chart associated with reliance on others, his Sun in Scorpio is co-joined to the North Node and the transiting retrograde passage is highlighting this as Mars is about to adhere to the transiting regressing node but falls short and retreats.
On March 5 2014, transiting Aries Moon co-joins the South Node, opposing transiting Mars/North Node emphasizing this theme of retrospective action. An interesting twist is transiting Venus is square Mars and transiting stationary direct Mercury on March 1 will square natal Mercury.
Abbotts natal Mercury rules his 12 and 9th houses. His natal Mercury is said be combust owing to its closeness to the Sun, however due to Mercury's presence in his own Chariot this condition is diminished. Abbotts progressed Moon is at 22 Aries and opposing both natal and transiting Mars. The solar arc chart shows some very dynamic action taking place with solar arc Uranus upon his natal ascendant and solar arc Moon just entering Gemini.  Finally this may involve Tony's immediate family.
Abbott is in his 56 Profected year and the house is the 9th place from the ascendant and the ruler is Mercury so the condition of Mercury will know doubt have a big say on how this plays out. His solar return features return Mercury co-joined to North node and Moon co-joined to Saturn.
Over the coming weeks given my available to time I will update this article.

© Gregory Clare.


Nov 2013 Eclipse

Tick Tock!

On Sunday night November 3rd, 2013, Sydney, Australia, @ 23:49:56 AEDT, a hybrid – Annular/Total Solar eclipse will form for the New Moon.
What’s usual about this eclipse new moon!

 Well here in Australia the last lunation cycle, new moon and subsequent full moon, Pluto was rising, given my reports ( and the outcomes of the having Pluto rising we are now going to experience the curious case of Pluto again featuring on an angle (Pivot) but this Time Hades will be on the setting pivot, sinking into the Abyss!

Other peculiar characteristics to this special new moon (which are many) is the attention drawn to the four Pivots, (Angel’s) with the eclipse MC, at 28:40 degrees Aries, the ascending degree of the National Federation 1901 chart (Gwen Stony). Also the transiting eclipse setting degree is conjunct the Federations natal Sun/Saturn conjunction in the tenth whole sign house, which along with the transiting Pluto and Uranus exact square are a focus point.

Transiting Mars the traditional ruler of the eclipse is in an exact sextile to the eclipse Lights (Sun/Moon), furthermore transiting eclipse Mars is exactly conjunct the federation’s natal Mars in the 6th house, (mundane house of Military, Health and more activities) which is square the Federations natal Venus in the 9th house. (Foreign Affairs, Immigration) Mars as ruler of the Federation’s natal ascendant and natal eighth whole sign house (Tax, Death and all things hidden) poses are few interesting question!

So what does all this transpire to?  Let’s take Pluto’s positioning first, this symbol that is from a modern prospective sharing the rulership of the eclipse, and as it is, for the most part along with Mars, the strongest placed planet. Pluto in the transiting eclipse chart is in the house of partnership or relationships. This informs us that all government agreements and dealing will be of a Plutonic nature and as transiting Pluto is going through the federations natal 10th, which is the most noticeable house of the chart, we can expect to see some real difficulties for the Government on shared dealing and negotiations.

Now when this eclipse chart is viewed (bi-wheel) with the federations chart there are many special and unusual aspects to synthesise into the whole. Transiting Saturn/Sun/Moon/North Node/Mercury are all in the Federation’s Eighth whole sign house of Scorpio and making direct contact with the Federation natal Sun/Saturn and natal Mars, who is aspecting Federation natal Sun/Saturn and natal Venus.

As you can see this is a complex set of patterns signifying some major events and future actions, measures, proceedings, dealings and activities that will surface. I posted some time ago on my website my thoughts on Saturn’s passage through Scorpio and alluded to the Big Brother (Spying surveillance issues that might arise, law and order) approach. The signification of the Federation natal Mars return (Mars is also ruler of the eclipse) should not be overlooked!

Two malefic planets making contact with almost all of the other planets speaks of major obstacles to negotiate.
However Mars may be in better shape than it first looks! Due to the Nocturnal eclipse chart Mars is more favourably placed with regards to its action. This may result in reconstructive negotiated outcomes, or-be-it of a Plutonic nature.

All-in-all this special new moon will signify some very notable changes to how we Australian’s interact both internally as well as externally.

Finally the transiting eclipse chart taken as a special new moon alone shows the lunation falling in the transiting mundane fifth house. This house shows the mundane affairs of the Senate, amongst other activities, and as such ruled by Mars/Pluto will present many obstacles along with the eclipse transiting tenth house, also ruled by Mars.

Gregory Clare©

Posted September 8th 2013For pre election posting see my blog Post election FaceBook comments...and Pictures....see below

Austalian election 2013



Abbott's Election speech Win




Full Moon election Cycle Setember 19th 2013

So with Moon opposition Uranus, square Pluto opposition Jupiter, Mars square Saturn....And Mercury ruler of the Sun-Leader, curtailed by concealment in the confines of Mars. This looks set for another great Greek Play!!!

There are some interesting Fixed Stars with this chart, Diadem 8 Libra - with the Moon, it according to Brady, has a phase of arising and lying hidden. September 23rd until November 14th, It’s a star of Coma Bernices – The Golden Feminine constellation, albeit faint, the star rises (Heliacal) at 24 Scorpio and Sets at 24 Taurus (Interesting degree). Jupiter is conjoined to Sirius/Canopus, Neptune to Fomalhaut, and Pluto to Facies and South Node to Schedir. Just to name a few.

So this is a special moment in the consciousness of the Australian Psyche. And yes Janne –Kelly -Tragedies is what the Greeks loved about Human behaviour.Yes Neil Hair did make comment on that, the trouble I see as I wrote in my preview to the election on my blog was that "Mars" .....Mars has followed Tony since he's leadership takeover from Malcolm and three charts, Polls opening New Moon Virgo and This proclamation have Mars as a Standout..

My take on Mars is either we use it or someone else will...Now Tony does have a Nocturnal chart and Mars is his Sun lord so will he use it>>>So the MC is in the confines of Jupiter...that's special though Saturn the lord is on the setting, or is sunk square Mars....Now you have to love this...Astrological Mandala - 18 Aquarius A Man's Secret Motives are being Publicly un masked......!!!The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives!Now 19 Aquarius Mandala - A Forrest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals and sheer muscular energy!!!

The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness Karmic "Visitations"12 degrees 36' rising - Taurus 13 - A Porter carrying heavy baggage....And finally the IC ..18:32' Leo - 19 A houseboat Party....The enjoyment of Temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behaviour....seem fitting way to go!!having passed safely through narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm waters...From my prospective ......I think we may see this guy humbled by the Immense weight upon his shoulders....It is easy to shout from the other river bank...but when we are the centre of the circus and the spotlight is upon us we either sink or swim!! either way that Mars is going to test he's patience!!just got back from having a coffee down at Abbott Ville (Collaroy) yeah interesting article you wrote....and you were spot on...Media to scared to go against the heavy speech as we know it...Haa!!....And Yes "Gina" and Barnaby....he said three weeks ago...I'm not being bank rolled by Gina....and then the Murdoch papers have a picture of Her hugging him....!

I've got no argument with Political fond's all part of the circus...but don't think we don't know your not telling us Porky's...we as Citizens of this nation have to go along with all political views (the nation has voted)...and you know my view on Plato's messages....but hey come on...lets not let the Media crap continue without the voting trends posted 46% of the nation do have a say other words 3.56% is not an overwhelming treat everyone as brother and sisters....taking the Moral ground now after all the crap we have seen and heard from a little too Rich...don't's not fair when the Greens and Palmer and the rest of opposition "Mars" come at you with the sword of know the old play lets hope the environment - /Wilderness/wildlife and social and moral consideration are up held.following the Lunation to its Ripeness here in OZ on Setember19th Sydney chart...Mandala....MC...A big businessman at his Desk....Venus/Saturn/Node... Lot Fortune all conjoined to the Dsc 7th of Partnerships....Yeah...

Emotional bonding with illegitimate ties and a Sense of Duty...also coolness of unions that have short term durations...and the Full Moon chart has again "Mars" Leo/Hot iron conjunct the is this Metaphorically suggesting...Iron-Mars...Palmer...Gina and the Miners who so conveniently bank rolled the whole nations for 2years...i.e.....did as much damage to the economy as they could because they didn't like watching a spots game and not liking the ref...IC of the chart...mandala- 16 Leo The Storm ended, all nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine....very interestingGregory Clare ©   Posted August 9th 2013©

Australian Election 7th September 2013

Destiny Sails Forth – the Ship of Gold sails upon the Phasis!

As the battle for government heats up, the days and weeks ahead from an astrological viewpoint are confronting to say the least. I have already posted on the August new moon.      see below article Now the August full moon is an epic blockbuster for Australian politics!!

On August 10th Mercury reaches a state known as Dusis –sinking, going out of sight, (Kevin Rudd’s Sun/Mars conjunction is ruled by Mercury)this state of morning obscurity tells us that whatever Mercury correlates to will be Hidden.

Something is not showing, the trickster Mercury is gone into a cone of shadows.
Mercury’s complex game playing!!

 From August 12th until August 25th, Mercury will be curtailed, unable to function in its proper manner, hidden in the Glare of the Sun. On September 10th for 3 days Mercury will again be curtailed. Commencing at Sunrise on August 25th, when Mercury is in Adherence or bonded to the Sun (Cazimi).Mercury will not be burnt during its encounter with the Sun from August 25th –September 10th due to it having protection from its Chariot.

So here’s the thing! On August 21st the Full Moon will occur at 28 Leo, (Sydney @ 11:44am AEST) and this chart will place Mercury Combust in Leo on the Midheaven. When a bi-wheel is used in conjunction with the 1901 Federation 1:35pm Stoney Chart some extraordinary aspects appear. And these aspects suggest a Sudden and unexpected event?

The event will no doubt engross the Nations Leader and something involving the 9th house affairs – In a foreign country, foreign policy, Law, and with Chiron involvement some form of anguish. As Mercury also rules the 6th and 3rd house of the Federation chart the event may be quiet complex. On this same day transiting Mars in Cancer makes a quincunx to Natal Jupiter in the natal 9th!

The Full Moon chart taken alone speaks also of something on a Grand scale involving the same areas of concern. However there is also a square from Uranus-Aries (5th House- ruled by Mars) and Jupiter –Cancer (8th house ruled by the Moon in the confines of Saturn, with the Sun in the confines of Mars)

As I mentioned this is a series of complex aspects and the Cosmos is speaking of a Greek Saga about to unfold!! I wrote of this in 2007 when Rudd was elected as PM and Abbott as Leader of the Opposition, their destinies is wound ever so tied!
A note to this is that the chart for the full moon has 14 degrees Sagittarius rising, and the 1901 Federation Stoney chart has Vertex/Uranus at this exact degree. Coupled with this fact is that on November 8th 2011, the Australian Senate passed the Carbon Tax.

On this day the North Node was at 14 Sagittarius, and Mars the ruler of Iron was at 28 degrees Leo, the same degree that the Sun will be at on the day of the full moon!!! So I’m not quite sure exactly what this will manifest or what it is a Sign of, it does suggest something significant is about to manifest!!!
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Plutonic forces


At dawn on Wednesday July 31st 2013 conditions will Fire Up...Expect to see the temperature rise The New Moon on August 7th 2013 brings some dynamic forces to the Australian domestic and international scene.Just how these events will play out will be somewhat of a sudden an unexpected nature.

Powerful forces are at work during this lunation which may be expressed through Plutonic verbal expression. The House of Representatives and the Senate should feature in this expressed energy. As mentioned local domestic/gossip/news reporting and overseas affairs will come into prominence.

Yes this hardly surprising you might say as there has been much of this kind of news (refugee boat arrivals) highlighting the past two weeks. But the new moon does suggest some more dynamic forces will be at work during this lunation.

The Burning Bush is Coming



A week in politics’ i

s said to be as long as year in the Roman legion!

Gregory Clare - June10th 2013. ©

Talk this week is about whether Julia Gillard will remain as the Nation leader. That’s nothing new! This speculation has been going on since August 21st 2010, when Australians last voted. The Electional chart for that day as I suggested and commented on many times would bring about a confronting debate on all matters governing the Nation, including its leader. Recapping briefly on this event chart which I set for Sydney @ 8:00am, the opening of the polls.

The Ascendant was 00:31’ Libra, MC 00:16 Cancer.  Saturn was conjoined to the Asc at 02 Libra, opposed by Jupiter at 02 Aries upon the Dsc. The two Significators of the 1st and 7th houses were Venus and Mars. Both these planets were conjoined at 13 degrees Libra in the 1st house. The Lords of the 10th and 4th were Moon and Saturn. In the fourth house was Pluto at 02 degrees Capricorn along with the North Node at 11 and Moon at 16 Capricorn. The South Node was 11 Cancer in the 10th house.

This Cardinal dynamic ensured a continuous crises would be played out every 29.5 days, the length of a Solar/Moon lunation cycle. Furthermore as the planets moved around the Zodiac (Sun) their entry into Cardinal signs would also further trigger this crisis.

I also made mention in several articles the significance of the 11 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn. Rudd was elected on November 24th 2007 with Mars at 11 degrees Cancer and the Moon at 20 Taurus.
We just had a Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Taurus on May 10th 2013, this eclipse also saw Pluto at 11 Capricorn and the Ascendant degree for the chart set in Sydney was 8 degrees Cancer.

The influence of a Solar eclipse is said to equal two factors; The sign rising and the Lord of the eclipse, which in this case was Venus at 00:28’ Gemini. Both these signs are short in terms of how long their effect will last and when and how the significance of their action will be felt.

irstly Mars arrived at Venus’s eclipse degree and Mercury arrived at 00:14 Cancer. These two planetary actions set the stage for the following actions to announce themselves.

Speculations once again rose about a leadership challenge by K. Rudd. These actions were further boosted by a continuing failure by Gillard to make any ground in the New Polls; the Labor Party is heading for a wipe-out according to the Polls and Media.

What else is fuelling this action is the current Solar lunation cycle, on June 9th a new moon occurred at 18 degrees Gemini and a full moon will culminate on June 21st 2013.

The new moon has seeded the next chapter in this epic play with Mercury at 11 degrees Cancer and Uranus at 11 degrees Aries and Pluto at 10 Capricorn.

All of this conjecture and continuous scandal mongering can as well be seen when a composite of these charts are referred back to the Australian Federation chart.

On January 1st 1901 the Australian Federations investiture was in acted with the Swearing In of the First Governor General Lord Hopetoun. This took place in Centennial Park and was investigated and Timed by the Late Gwen Stony. The time Gwen and her assistant Tex Cox produced through their vigorous investigation was 13:35:42 AEST, Sydney.

This chart has the Sun at 10 degrees Capricorn with Saturn at 7 degrees Capricorn.
The full moon on June 21st will know doubt bring all of this to colourful climax as the Sun will arrive at 02 degrees Cancer and Moon at 00 degrees Capricorn. This will see the original election chart of August 21st set in action. The new moon chart of June 9th had the MC at 16 degrees Capricorn, which was the degree of the moon on August 21st 2010.

So what is going to happen?
Well the planetary correlating patterns are not yet over as Jupiter will ingress into Cancer on June 25th, with Mars arriving at the June 9th new moon degree, furthermore Mars will arrive at Gillard’s natal Moon of 15 Gemini on June 17th the same day also see’s the transiting Moon at 27 Virgo. This is Rudd’s Sun degree.

Will we see bloodletting? Well again the following Sun/Moon Lunation will be at 16 degrees Cancer on July 8th, so all this should settle the long running epic tragedy which we remember began on June 26th 2010 Lunar eclipse at 04 degrees Capricorn with the Moon conjoined to Pluto.

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Algol - Medusa

A striking significant and notable Attraction awaits! On March 29 @ 04:04:54hrs AEDT Sydney, Australia, Venus will be co-joined to the Heart of the Sun and not burnt, owing to her placement in her own Chariot (Confines’-Terms-bounds) where she has protection.

This chart has all the hallmarks of something very special unfolding.
 Venus will be co-joined to the transiting Sun/Uranus/Mars and at the precise moment this occurs the IC or 4th house cusps marker will be 26 degrees of Taurus, which she also rules.

 But more significantly is the fact that this is the degree of the Fixed Star Algol. This notable Star has an insatiable reputation for Female Passion.

Algol is the legendary star in the Hand of Perseus and is said to be the Head of the Gorgon Medusa, the beautiful Maiden who was hidden in Darkness and was a consort of Poseidon after he violated the Shrine of Minerva. She Minerva in turn cast her magical Goddess enchantment and turned her beautiful Golden Hair into hissing snakes.

This is a very important moment in the context of the Australian Political landscape, which you can read on my posted blog  and website

Algol is at home in this March 29th chart lying hidden in darkness and more notable is the fact she is about to enter her period of hidden Phase awakening in late May. As I’ve mentioned in my report posted above we are about to enter the eclipse season and there will be a solar eclipse on May 10th 2013.

 This eclipse will fall upon the Australian 1901 Federation charts natal Moon, which is ruled by Venus. Following this Solar New Moon eclipse is a Lunar eclipse on May 25th, the same day that Algol awakens’, makes her first Helical rising. This is very exceptional and what is really spooky is the fact that on that very day, lunar eclipse, Mars arrives at 25 Taurus.

 And the degree of the lunar eclipse is 4 degrees Sagittarius; this is the degree the Sun was at when Tony Abbott replaced Malcolm Turnbull on November 26th 2009.
 And the same degree the Moon was at when Julia Gillard became Prime Minister replacing Kevin Rudd on 24th June 2010. At that Caucus meeting held at 9:00am the MC was 20 degrees of Taurus, which is the same degree of the solar eclipse on May 10th.

V.E. Robson has some harsh words to say about this Venus/Sun/Uranus/Mars/Algol meeting, far too insensitive and severe to list here. Suffice to say heads will roll!!
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By Gregory Clare February 12, 2013 Australian Politics’
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Julia Gillard announced the Nation would go to the polls on the 14th of September 2013. She made this announcement on the 30th January 2013 @ 12:59hrs AEDT, Canberra, ACT.

So can we use this chart to analyse the Governments Fortune, and that of the Opposition.

According to my understanding of the rules of Event based astrology, yes we can. Firstly unlike other nation, here in Australia as I have mentioned many times the Party leader can set the date. This action is seen as someone taking or initiating the Action, which assigns them to the First House.

Making use of Whole sign houses we can begin to unravel the chart and just maybe arrive at a reasonable forecast. The incumbent Government is shown by Venus ruler of Taurus, the ascendant sign, and the Opposition is shown by Mars the ruler of Scorpio.

(In the last election held in August 2010 the Event Chart I used to forecast the result was set for Sydney and showed Libra rising and Aries setting, with both rulers Venus and Mars conjoined. And here once again we have the same outcome for this announcement with Venus and Mars again the symbols. The 14 September chart has the rulers in reverse. Julia Gillard is a Libran and Tony Abbott is a Scorpion, funny how these Planetary Symbols have followed them throughout there rise to the Top Job.)

Venus is at 26˚12’ Capricorn in the 9th event house, which makes a sign based Trine to the ascendant, and Mars is at 27˚37’ Aquarius in the 10th event house, which is making a sinister square to the descendant. It is important to note the use of event house’s as each contestant is also given their own turned house or what is called Derived Houses. (Note also that the 10th and 4th houses are also houses of Government and Opposition, both derived and event based)
The Sun is the symbol of the Leader and as such can be used to understand, in this case her condition.

Venus the lord of the ascendant is in the Confines or (Terms) of Mars and is also at Mars’ exaltation degree. This suggests her condition relies on Mars, not what you want if you’re in a contest, giving over to your adversary. The chart is of the Solar sect, and as such Venus and Mars are both of contra Sec. The only assistance Venus is receiving is from the Moon, moon is making an applying aspect to Venus from Virgo, which completes exactly 24hrs later.

The dispositor of Venus and the Sun and Mars is Saturn in Scorpio, which is placed in the 7th event house or the Oppositions derived first house. Saturn is being squared by the Sun, which shows hostility between the parties as both Sun/Saturn are the lords of the 4th and 10th event houses.

The Sun which is firstly representing the leader and conversely the lord of the event 4th is diametrically opposed to the house it rules, Leo. This in modern terms is called detriment and is not a good look for both representations. The Sun is in Venus’s confines and as mentioned Venus is answerable to Mars. When viewed from a planetary configuration you may notice that both Saturn and Mars are containing the planets that are symbols for our forecast. This is a observation expressed as malefic confinement, which suggest that neither parties is held in high regards.
Jupiter is a standout, but is also in poor condition as he too is in detriment and more importantly Stationed. Jupiter is by sign in a waning trine to Aquarius, but its slow motion makes it very weak, even as a fortunate benefic.

Mars the ruler of the Opposition is in the event house 10th in Aquarius, which is not good for the incumbent Government as his accidentally house placement, gives him strength, and as such can cause havoc as with his other house rulership being the 12th event house. So by being Contra to Sec, placed in the 10th he brings about loss of reputation and disreputable behaviour for both parties and is the secret enemy, as ruler of the 12th. Placed in the 10th this spells trouble for all. Mars is in a stronger position than Venus, as mentioned by the fact of accidental dignity placement. Mars is in the Confines of Saturn and as Saturn is in Mars’ Home sign both Malefics’ are in cahoots and capable of causing difficulty. So it seems for the moment that the opposition has the upper hand.

But in following the progression of this event chart the planetary symbols will undergo changes to their conditions. As they transit through the signs up to the election on September 14th they will bring about many timely additions to this original Event chart, as this is the nature of an unfolding cosmic play, the Gods will play!

In the coming months I will update this forecast as there is much more to be said from both judging the natal charts of the Leaders and the coming transits, and the position of the Australian natal 1901 Federation chart. Also the looming eclipses which begin on April 26th, with the first Lunar then Solar on May 10th and again another Lunar on May 24th.

These eclipse or eclipse season will have a Major impact on how Politics’ unravels here, as the Solar eclipse will fall on Australia’s natal exalted 20˚25’ Taurus Moon. Finally Mercury the ruler of the incumbent Government’s resources is under the Sun’s beams, being within 15degrees of the Sun makes the planet very weak. Mercury is also heading for a conjunction with Mars on February 9th, and then as he makes his way through his detriment sign Pisces he Stations retrograde for 22 days. So this planetary dance between the Gods is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

A postscript to  the article first published in October 2011, and featured in the December 2011 FAA Journal  Vol, 41 Number 4, page 33,. “A Greek Tragedy is set to unfold on the Australian Political Stage!”On July 1st 2012 at 00:00hrs the Carbon Tax became Law.

This chart is show-casing the immense struggle and animosity surrounding  its introduction. A Cardinal Crisis, with Uranus, Pluto and Sun conjoined to the angles.  The Ascendant ruler and 8th house (which is where we find Tax in a Mundane chart) traditional lord, Mars, is placed in the cadent 6th.

Carbon Tax - Law 1 July 2012

On September 16th 2012 at 12:10pm AEST there will be a New Moon. This Lunation will reactivate the first 6 months of 2012 with respect to Australian politics. (The Carbon Tax, the challenge to the Prime Minister’s position by Kevin Rudd, the Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper affair and Tony Abbott’s obsession with becoming Prime Minister, just to name a few.)

The Lunation takes place at 23o Virgo which is the degree on which Mars first stationed on January 24th 2012.

Think back to November 8th 2011. The Carbon Tax Legislation Passed the Senate. The Clean Energy Act 2011 was passed by parliament  at 12:44pm LMT Canberra ACT on 8 November 2011 without amendment, meaning the Carbon Tax will now become law in Australia .

The chart for this legislation features the Sun at 15o Scorpio co-joined to the MC. The coming Lunation on September 16th has Mars at 15o Scorpio. The New Moon will be, as mentioned, 23o Virgo. So is this synchronicity at work here? After many hours of research I’m growing convinced of this cyclic phenomenon which is being played out in the skies above.

Further adding to this cyclic synchronicity is the present Cancer ingress of June 21st 2012. In this ingress chart cast for Canberra, Mars has returned after 6 months of apparent retrograde motion to the January 2012 station degree of 23o Virgo, with ingress Mercury at 23o Cancer square ingress Saturn.

Furthermore the coming Cardinal ingress on September 23rd 2012 has Mars co-joined to the Cardinal Cancer ingress Nodal degree and Saturn returning to its position in the Mars station chart of January 2012.

 These charts are providing us with prognostic information about the coming events. Just as you read a synoptic forecast from the weather bureau, you can do the same with astrological ingress’s, New Moon and Station charts when looked at with regards to an event that has taken place sometime before.

The Tax legislation chart is a good example of this. It’s easy to say Uranus is square Pluto and the National chart’s Saturn and Sun , so we can expect upheaval and many challenging events to transpire over the course of the Cardinal square, but does that allow us to see the finer points that will arise during this outer planetary battle? And more importantly, give us more information about  the events which will unfold?

Finally the Full Moon chart of September 30th 2012 will also carry this energy as the Sun is opposed by Uranus/Moon at 7o Aries and Mars, the Carbon Tax chart ruler is co-joined to the transiting Node. This should ignite several fires!

This Nodal application, (which is how the whole saga started way back in April 2007,) gives some insight into the ongoing implementation of this legislation. Mars carries several archetypal traits, which include assertiveness, severance, dissociation and differentiation which can lead to separation. When these characteristic attributes are blended with the North Node they paint a picture of instability within the community.

From the onset of the legislation Scorpio has featured strongly and with the North Node about to regress into Scorpio we can only hope that Big Business through co-operative joint endeavours will take the lead. Gaia /Earth, is looking for a voice to champion her cause; pollution is one of the many Scorpion traits and through Mars/Pluto combusts and rebirths this waste. Sharing resources will be a number one priority as the Node transits through Scorpio and adding to this is the coming ingress of Saturn into Scorpio on October 23rd 2012.


Chart 1 - Carbon Tax introduction becomes active Law.


Event Chart

Data source: Gwen Stoney. "Australia's Heritage" Astrological Monthly Review. September 1986. Australian Federation Swearing In -1st  January 1901 @ 1:35:42 pm, Centennial Park, Sydney.RR: C - In 2007, the then Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd, commissioned the Garnaut Climate Change Review on 30th April. The planetary characters are; Rahu – North Node of the Moon, Ares (Mars) co-joined to Ouranos (Uranus) in the Image of the Two Fishers (Pisces) at 18 degrees; A volatile explosive and emotional charged revolutionary idea, which will be shared, or challenged with others.


The Greek God "Ares"Known for Separation/Severance,dissociation and



Kevin Rudd Australian PM

Kevin's natal Mercury is conjunct the Federations natal Mars.When ever he communicates to the nation he will invoke Mercury/Mars - Contestation and Differentiation My forecast's will include the Yearly Ingress of the Sun into Aries as well the quarterly Ingress, Cancer,Libra and Capricorn.

The Aries Ingress will occur on the 21st of March (Vernal Equinox) the Cancer Ingress, 21st June. I will also make use of the MSR, Modified Solar Return, which I explain in my article on Pauline Hanson. MSRFirst up is the Australian Government chart; Referred to as the; Australian Federation Chart, 1st January 1901.The chart I always refer to is the rectification by Gwen Stoney 1st January 1901, at 13:35:42 AEST -10, Sydney. I'll be using whole sign (place) Houses for most charts, other house systems will be referred to if necessary.

The Greek God "Ares"

Known for Separation/Severance,

dissociation and Differentiation!

Kevin Rudd Australian PM

Kevin's natal Mercury is conjunct the Federations natal Mars.

When ever he communicates to the nation he will invoke Mercury/Mars - Contestation and Differentiation

New updates will appear soon for Australia

Julia Gillard

Astrological Forecast Australia 2012

A Mundane Astrological analysis.
By Gregory Clare © October 2, 2011

Abott & Gillard

Horoscopic Astrology as we know it comes from the combined efforts of the Babylonian’s, Egyptians and Greeks. Sometime during nineties as the Fabric of Antiquity was being deciphered, translated and transliterated by the endeavours of Project Hindsight that I connected with a phrase uttered by Robert Schmidt and Robert Hand, “Astrological Antiquity of the Greeks can best be described as Mathematical, Geometrical and Grammatical.” That phrase has become part of me, and what follows is I hope an example of how I use it to understand Time.

A Greek Tragedy is set to unfold on the Australian political stage!


First let me set the scene for you. Keep in mind that this is theatre and as such the setting or background scenery will change with each new Act.

In 2007, the then Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd, commissioned the Garnaut Climate Change Review on 30th April. The planetary characters are; Rahu – North Node of the Moon, Ares (Mars) co-joined to Ouranos (Uranus) in the Image of the Two Fishers (Pisces) at 18 degrees; A volatile explosive and emotional charged revolutionary idea, which will be shared, or challenged with others.

Prime Minister John Howard announced his own plan for a carbon trading scheme on 4th June 2007.
The Rudd Government published a final white paper on 15th December 2008. The Government then announced that the legislation was intended to take effect in July 2010.

An ETS or Emission Trading Scheme is first introduced to the Upper House (The then Senate was a Liberal majority) in early 2009, and again for the last time on 2nd December 2009. The Bill fails to pass after two attempts. Rudd could have called a double dissolution leading to an early election in 2010, but decides against it.

Meanwhile during these two controversial attempts to present the Bill to the Upper House, the then Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, is confronted by a hostile leadership faction led by, as Turnbull called him “a great big new tax”, Tony Abbott. Turnbull,  who had done a deal with Rudd to amend and support the passage of the amendments through the senate, loses his position to the anti-ETS group and is replaced by Tony Abbott as opposition leader.

On 24th June, 2010, Julia Gillard replaced Kevin Rudd as leader of the Labor Party and Prime Minister. On 21st August, 2010, she calls a Federal Election after which no party has a mandate to Govern in their own right. Gillard then forms an alliance with the four Green and Independent members of the Lower House.


Act 1 - Note; All Event charts are cast using Regiomontanus House Cups.

Opening of the Polls for the 2007 Federal Election @ 08:00hrs AEDT, Sydney , November 24th, 2007, Kevin 007 is elected to the Office of Prime Minister. This Event chart which I used to predicted his rise and subsequent fall is set as the first scene.

The scene opens like this; The Ascendant, 05 degrees Capricorn. The Ruler Saturn is in Virgo trine to the Ascendant in the 9th house. This aspect is signifying the incumbent Government (the Howard led Liberals) and is reasonably strong! However the Descendant which is 05 degrees Cancer representing the opposition Rudd led Labor Party has as its ruler an Exalted Moon at 20 degrees Taurus. (This degree of the Event Moon is very significant to the plot of our play. This is the exact degree of the Natal Moon in the Proclamation 1901 chart .) This 5th house Taurus Event Moon is stronger in essential dignity then the Event Ascendant ruler Saturn.

 I made the first statement in my forecast as follows; The Labor led Rudd government will be successful in gaining government. But!!! Mars is in the 7th house close to the descendant. This will cause leadership problems and the Party to be divided. I made this statement because Mars nature, when its essential dignity is compromised, is to divide or separate by accusation; assigning blame to or upon the character that Mars signifies.

One result of this action is the Exile by dissociation and loss of reputation! Mars also rules the 5th house, the Senate, The Event cusp is Aries, and as such his Fall will come from the Senate. What I also noted was the MC/IC of the Event chart was 17degrees 40’ Virgo/Pisces, this degree was same axis degree that Mars and Uranus were at when Rudd commissioned the Garnaut Climate Change Review. Uranus was also stationed at 14 degrees Pisces on the Garnaut review North Node.

Act 11
 Opening of the Polls for the 2010 Federal Election @ 08:00hrs AEST, Sydney, 21st August, 2010. No Party wins enough Seats in the Lower House to Govern in their own right. Gillard, after a long delay, puts together a Labor /Green /Independent alliance. The Event chart Ascendant set for Sydney is 00:31 degrees Libra, the Image of the Scales. The ruler, Venus, is in the 1st House co-joined to the Descendant ruler Mars. What I said about this is as follows; At first glance it seems that while Venus is in her own Sign and Mars the ruler of the opposing party is also in the 1st, that the incumbent Government, Labor, will retain office.
 But!! It is not a foregone conclusion.

While the essential dignity of Venus is strong, Venus may be in a state of Besiegement. This is due to the presence of the two Malefics in the House. Venus has left Saturn and is now co-joined to Mars. Also Venus is in the Confines of Mercury. This will greatly affect how Venus is able to act, as Mercury is in the 12th and has just stationed. I mentioned that while Jupiter is in the 7th house on the Descendant, this aspect looks strong. But Jupiter is retrograde, which will compromise the benefic qualities of the planet to act. I also mentioned as Saturn is on the Ascendant (although in an exalted state) this will cause delays and constriction.

My comments when asked who would gain office were: In light of what I have mentioned the fact that Saturn, Jupiter/Uranus and Pluto were all in a tight T-square and co-joined to the angles that this would be a battle of the Titans. Gillard-Labor would retain office, but this would not come easily as concessions will need to be made.

Furthermore that every time in a 7 day period that the transiting Moon entered one of the Cardinal signs during the reign of the Government, this tension filled battle would be heard everywhere!
One more aspect I commented on was Ketu- the South Node in the 10th House of the Event chart. The South Node, 11 degrees Cancer, is the exact degree of Mars in the 2007 election Event chart.

Act 111
On 12th October  2011, at 09:24hrs AEDT, in Canberra, ACT, the Lower House of the Australian Parliament passed the controversial Carbon Tax bill. The legislation is aimed at big polluters and is Australia’s contribution towards a greener planet. The Upper House or Senate will vote on the bill in mid November which will be around the time of the 25th November Partial Solar eclipse. The bill is expected to be passed without too much concern as the Greens are holding the balance of power in the Senate.

However people feel about this carbon trading scheme, one immediate glaring astrological aspect  jumps out. This is a long astrological intertwining quandary.

A Greek masterpiece!

Using the local chart, 12th October, 2012, as an Event chart, the 11th house is the House of Representatives, and using the Regiomontanus house system, it is easy to see the conundrum.

A turbulent divided time is coming and therein lies the dilemma! Or maybe something else is about to take place. These Greek Tragedies are full of captivating intrigue, with the narrative having many twists and turns, just as does real life.
 On 24th January 2012, at 11:53:37hrs, Canberra, ACT, Ares, aka Mars, will station at 23 degrees 05’ Virgo, which is the exact degree of the 11th house cusp in the October Event chart of the bill passing through the Lower House. Mercury in this chart is at 23 degrees Capricorn.

Now,, three, maybe four more characters make their entry onto the stage. The event chart for the Mars station has Saturn (in Mundane astrology  representing limitation, i.e.Taxation collecting) at 29 degrees Libra. So what is so important about this Saturn?? Firstly Saturn is also about to station at this 29 degrees Libra on 8th February  2012 at 13:03:27hr AEDT, Canberra. This chart has Sun/Mercury co-joined at 18 degrees Aquarius, in the Mars station chart of 24th January, the 11th House cusp is 18 degrees Aquarius.

Julia Gillard, born 29th September 1961, Aberdare, Wales, has her Natal Mars at 28:27 degrees Libra. Enter Tony Abbott. He was born 4th November 1957, London, UK. Tony has his Mars at 26 degrees Libra. So stationary RX Saturn has some work to do. He will encounter both Gillard’s and Abbott’s natal Mars.
More intrigue awaits as Gillard has natal Saturn at 23 degrees Capricorn and Abbott’s MC is 11 degrees Cancer. The curtain is about to go up for the final act of our drama.

Additionally Abbott’s 2011 solar return on 4th November has his return MC at 13 degrees Leo. This was the position of Mars in the 12th October 2011 chart, The Carbon Tax bill passed through the Lower House when Mars was at 13 Leo. What's more, this 2011 return has Mars at 26 degrees Leo, the degree that the Sun (Leader) was at in the 21st August 2010 election chart!

There is still more in this Abbott Return. Mercury is co-joined to Venus at 2 degrees Sagittarius. On 25thNovember 2011 there will be a Partial Solar eclipse at 2 degrees Sagittarius. There are some very interesting times ahead! This eclipse numbered astrologically as Saros cycle 14 North holds some really intriguing aspects through its psychological correlation.
According to Bernadette Brady “this is a peculiar eclipse family, heralding an acute time of confusion in personal relationships, unexpected happening in finical maters, and possible illness. Unrequited love, despair, confusion, a draining of energy, a peculiar turn of events. No important decisions should be made concerning incoming events as t is too much confusion and possible delusion to make clear judgments.”

Finally on 23rd January 2012, one day before Mars stations there is a New Moon at 2 degrees Aquarius. Wow!! This is the degree of the 1901 Federation MC, and whether you set the chart for Sydney or Canberra it gives a very interesting Ascendant. Sydney has 10 Cancer rising which opposes the 1901 natal Sun. Canberra has 07 Cancer rising which is opposing the 1901 natal Saturn. As if  that’s not enough, using whole sign zodiacal profection, 1st January 2012 will be 111 years since Federation. So the profected whole sign is Cancer and the house is the 4th. The Solar return for the 1901 chart has Pluto partile natal Saturn.

The return Moon, which is the profected ruler for the year, is 8 degrees Aries, squaring the natal Saturn and transiting Pluto. These factors, or should I say planetary characters will make for a colourful year ahead on the Australian Political stage. A  Greek masterpiece unfolding through the Cosmological dance in the Sky.


A note; I have not disclosed the birth time for Tony Abbott, which was given to me from an AANSW astrologer who got the data from Tony’s mother because Tony has not given his permission to use it. Nevertheless as his mother did give it freely my ethics on drawing up the chart will be set aside in the interest of completing my play.

I use Sydney as the base for any Federal election as the January 1st 1901 proclamation declaring Australia a Federation was read from Centennial Park and as such I feel it should be used to set the chart for any Federal election, opposed to Canberra, which did not exist at the time.

Data source: Gwen Stoney. "Australia's Heritage" Astrological Monthly Review. September 1986 -rectified Proclamation chart of the Swearing In, at 13:35:42hr AEST, 1st January 1901, Centennial Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

One of the 5th house significations is the Senate in Mundane astrology.

Cancer is the Depression or Fall of Mars, and Mars is also contrary to sect. In this diurnal chart the Sun is above the horizon.

Besiegement is said to occur when a Benefic planet is between two Malefic planets. This state is said to hinder the planet from being able to Act with its essential power.

Confine Lords are more commonly known as the Egyptian Terms or Bounds and play a very important role to advising about the quality of the planet and its ability to deliver. They are five irregular divisions of a zodiacal sign, with one of the five visual planets ruling one of the irregular sections, the Sun or Moon can’t be Confine Lords.

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