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My forecast's will include the Yearly Ingress of the Sun into Aries as well the quarterly Ingress, Cancer,Libra and Capricorn. The Aries Ingress will occur on the 21st of March (Vernal Equinox) the Cancer Ingress, 21st June. I will also make use of the MSR, Modified Solar Return, which I explain in my article on Pauline Hanson. M

SRBi Wheel Australian natal 1901 + Solar return 2010

First up is the Australian Government chart; Referred to as the; Australian Federation Chart, 1st January 1901.

The chart I always refer to is the rectification by Gwen Stoney 1st January 1901, at 13:35:42 AEST -10, Sydney. I'll be using whole sign (place) Houses for most charts, other house systems will be referred to if necessary.

The Greek God "Ares"

Known for Separation/Severance,

dissociation and Differentiation!

Kevin Rudd Australian PM

Kevin's natal Mercury is conjunct the Federations natal Mars.

When ever he communicates to the nation he will invoke Mercury/Mars - Contestation and Differentiation

Julia Gillard

Tony Abbott


Astrological Forecast Australia 2011
Gregory Clare © 2010-04-11

Hoist the storm sheets, batten down the hatches and maintain a careful watch, Australian’s are sailing into unchartered waters during 2011! The word is be prepared, equipped and fitted out for challenging times are approaching!


Sudden and unprecedented change is headed for the shores of OZ during 2011.The last days of 2010 and the early part of 2011 will see the start of this frenzied period.  

This unique moment is coupled with an ambitious desire to force change and is being spearheaded by the Nations leaders! The indications are that vigour’s and determine approach to bring about noble and gallant deeds will be evident and while this forceful activity will be welcomed by some there will be some who see this as no more than fanciful ideals.

Periods of what may seem to be predestined inescapable events will be noticeable throughout 2011. January and February will be extremely eye-catching times to watch unfold!

March is showing signs of revolutionary thought in the minds of those technically able. Break throughs and inventive ideas will flourish; unfortunately those ideas may need to be re-examined during April. From late March onwards there could be some difficult and emotional experiences, loss and grief may feature in the collective psyche. Events from the past will feature prominently although these may be of a clandestine nature, we may need to embrace the idea of empathy and compassion and rise to the occasion.

Early April could be a volatile and excitable period with those engaged in vigour’s activity wanting to get it done Now!  This could lead to violent outbursts which could be considered hostile action; thank goodness that the empathy and compassion I mentioned above will be installed into the collective psyche.

The Month of May will be filled with passion and a seemly blissful atmosphere up until the middle of the month when this angelic feeling or sensation will come to a peak. Try to remain calm and composed for the remainder of the month as hasty action may result in disappointment and some form of severance.

Early June passion will again be running high with feminie issues in the forefront of the collective psyche. Once again the middle of the month will be a noticeable time with events unfolding that could be connected to the past and feature prominently and be of a surreptitious nature.

Early July promise to be a pivotal moment in the Government arena again featuring feminie issues or female person of importance taking centre stage. Dare I say again the middle of the month will see a culmination of the actions commenced early in the month this time extraordinary set of events may unfold and these events could shock us at our very core?

This action mentioned will continue throughout August with a mystified public. The Senate and House of Representatives coming to forefront of the nation this could also involve foreign action.

Late September promises more emotional expression in the Government arena this seemly continuous perpetual action appears to be with us right up until the end of 2011 with the end of November and early December bringing the Action filled year to an End. Events of 2011 have some correspondence to events of the past and as so will be remembered and recollected to this very notion.

Capricorn Ingress Dec 2009

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© Gregory Clare, 26th January 2006.



Australia’s Resources Tax Debate.

Researched & Written by Gregory Clare ©

For an astrological perspective on this debate, we need to first look at the Solar return chart for the Australian federation 1st January, 1901, rectified by the late Gwen Stoney and then the Aries ingress, which occurred on 21st March, 2010 and overlay this chart onto the chart of 1st January 1901.

I will be using whole sign houses, which was the traditional method used by Hellenistic astrologer in the first century to make mundane announcements.

First the 2010 solar return. The chart features the image of the Scorpion rising; its traditional ruler is Mars and modern astrology also uses Pluto. When using the modern outer planets I have found that, exactly the same story can be told, so no matter your choice, both traditional and modern rulerships work!

Mars the ruler of the hour-maker (the Ascendant) Scorpio is retrograde and in the image of the Lion (Leo), ‘The Lion will Roar’. Mars is located in the tenth house of the return chart. In mundane affairs this is the house of the incumbent government and also the house for the Ministry of Industries.

One of Mar’s rulerships is over Iron-steel-metal so is it any wonder that the main ‘Roar’ is coming from the mining giants Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals who all have an interest in ‘Mars’.

One of Australia’s richest men is Andrew Forrest, the owner of Fortescue; Mars in Leo is the ‘riches of the mineral’.

Also of interest is China’s involvement. China has Mars in Leo conjunct Pluto in the seventh house, where we make contracts with others.

Carrying this further Mars rules the Ascendant of the Australian Federation chart. Our basic environment is mainly red dust which is Iron. Mars rules the Federation’s eighth house Scorpio and the return ascendant falls in this house which signifies export income and of course, taxation. Mars has just spent the last six months in the sign Leo. Mars stationed there in December and then retrograded for three months.

The Federation chart’s natal fifth house is Leo, the house which, in mundane affairs, is a representation for investment, children and is also the Senate or Upper House of Parliament. To repeat myself, is it any wonder, that we have seen bill after bill be rejected or deferred since Mars entered Leo in October 2009? Mars’ basic nature in traditional Hellenistic affairs is of separation, severance, dissociation and differentiation. Going further Mars has also been in testimony (aspect) to the stellium of planets in Sagittarius in the Federation’s natal ninth house.

Remember the Rio Tinto affair with China? Yes the ninth is Foreign Affairs, and is also the house where Laws are administered and the house of Commercial Powers, i.e. Trade.

Mars has also been casting a square aspect to Australia’s natal Taurus Moon (yes, we love our possessions; we exalt them) which rules the Federation’s fourth house. The fourth is the house of the opposition parties, and is the place of mines and all things under the ground, ‘Our Buried Tressures’. The second house is our stocks and bonds, our money and our banks. Is it any wonder we have such strength in our banks?

As Mars moves through the image of the Lion it will partile square the natal Moon, so expect to hear more than just a whisper!

Returning to the solar return chart 2010, the solar return Moon is at 07 degrees 30 minutes in the image of the ‘Crab’, Cancer. This is exactly diametrically opposed (opposition) to the Federation’s natal Saturn in the ‘Goat Horn One’, Capricorn, which is the tenth house. Natal Saturn is also conjunct the natal Sun, a representation for the leader, our Prime Minister.

The Moon in mundane affairs is a symbol of the common people, crowds and women in general. The Moon represents common commodities. The Moon is also the national feelings. With this Moon/Saturn aspect you can begin to put together the big picture of how the people feel about the government (Saturn, which also rules mines).,

The sign on the federation fourth house is a Cardinal Sign, Cancer the ‘Crab ‘. The natal Moon, exalted in Taurus is a Solid (Fixed) sign. Both the Crab & the Bull will be upset about anything you take away from them, in particular their holdings, wealth, stocks and bonds, showing what an emotional protective debate this is.

The Natal Moon in Taurus ruling the fourth, as mentioned the house of ‘Our Buried Tressures’, is a great indicator of the wealth tied up underground in Australia. The ruler of the natal Moon is Venus in the ninth house in the ‘Archer’ Sagittarius, the dispositor Jupiter being in its own sign and domicile. “We are the Lucky Country’.

The Aries ingress reinforces the main theme of the return chart with the Scorpion on the MC. What’s more the Cancer ingress has the same Scorpio MC. So don’t expect to see this debate go away anytime soon!
The Aries ingress features Mars at 00:53´ still in the image of ‘the Lion’ and this degree puts it on the Federation’s natal IC. Mars is also the ruler of ingress Mercury/Venus conjunction in the ‘Ram’ Aries. Ingress Venus is the dispositor of ingress Moon, which is in Taurus co-joined to the ingress IC.

The ingress Moon is conjunct the Fixed Star Algol, a fixed star with a description that is not to be reckoned with! Federation natal Venus as mentioned has Jupiter as the dispositor ruler and ingress Jupiter is in the ingress second, and in the Federation’s twelfth, partile T-square to natal Uranus/VX and natal Pluto, which is emphasising the theme. It will be very interesting to watch where this debate goes.

I say that because the Federation’s natal Mars is in the image of ‘the Virgin’ Virgo in the sixth house. The sixth in mundane affairs is health, the defence forces, armed force, (especially with Mars present) civil service, which has already been targeted by Opposition leader, Tony Abbott. The sixth is also the Labour party.

Tony Abbott is a Scorpion and Kevin Rudd is a Virgo.

 Kevin Rudd’s natal Mercury is in Virgo conjunct the Federation’s sixth house natal Mars, which is in a tight trine to the Federation’s natal Sun/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in the tenth house. This will ensure that whatever Kevin says will be attacked.

This is because Mercury’s very nature is to contest,  so put Mars with Mercury and you get impetuous accusations. Mars will transit through Virgo during mid June and all of July so we should soon begin to see how these events will play out. Mars is in Virgo in the 2010 Cancer ingress chart moving towards a colossal conjunction with Saturn.

This is a titanic clash. Titanic because not only will Mars meet Saturn, but on July 31st 2010, at 06:42hrs AEST as the Sun begins to rise and the Nation awakes, 00:00 degrees Leo is rising. Mars and Saturn are at 00 degrees Libra and will be locked in a diametrically opposed (opposition) stand off with three Giants, Jupiter/Uranus/Moon, all of which will be in Aries.

To make matters worse, Jupiter and Uranus will be retrograde. This enormous and energetic tug-of-war will most certainly be felt days before this, but the Aries Moon will reinforce the action and most surely bring it to a head. And not just here in Australia but all around the Globe!!

This is a Cardinal stand off as Pluto in Capricorn will be also featured. A T-square, a Cardinal three way tug-of-war with an unpredictable outcome. As Uranus is involved it is difficult to know how this War of the Giants will play out.

This is Greek Theatre at its best, if we are to learn anything about our selves and the collective than surely this is the moment of reckoning!!!

Researched & Written by Gregory Clare © May 20th 2010