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Barack Obama's election campaign, 2012.

Updates as of June 30th 2011, you can follow the new runner in the Presidential run for the White House...check out... Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann formally announced her run for President at 9:14 am on June 27th 2011 in Waterloo, Iowa. C-/

by Gregory Clare © April 4th, 2011

Sorry, I have updated the time. Mercury retrograde, the Time source I am using is the upload and launch on Facebook. I just realised that the times displayed for me are in AEST, and I'm guessing that they are displayed to your current computer time.

Having said that, I will now re-examine what I believe is the corrected time zone.

At 20:13hr AEST or 10:13 UT, on Monday April 4th, 2011, Barack Obama launched his 2012 bid to retain the White House.

“Today, we are filing papers to launch the 2012 campaign.”

“The 2012 campaign is just getting started -- and it will only succeed if we work together. Help shape it from the very beginning by saying you're in.”


Well finally I’ve got over that dam! Mercury moment!! Ok the Time I have via-Facebook for the launch of Obama’s 2012 campaign is 10:13 UT. So next where do we set the chart, according to Patrick Watson, Chicago, Illinois? This where Obama’s campaign headquarters are, so he thinks that this where the, “The 2012 campaign is just getting started and it will only succeed if we work together. Help shape it from the very beginning by saying you're in.” was uploaded from.

Patrick also has a different Time, It seems he's using the You Tube data, the Time the video was uploaded via You Tube, while I’ll go along with this logic, and I’m not going along with it as the Moment of the Launch.

 I feel, and I might be wrong, but I think that the Time to use is the Facebook upload. My reason for this are as stated on Barack’s Facebook page;

 “This page is run by Obama for America, President Obama’s 2012 campaign. To visit the White House Facebook page go to”

 So for me according to the Time log on Facebook, AEST 20:13hr, so for UT Time subtract 10 hours and you get 10:13, subtract 5 hours for Chicago and you get 5:13 CDT. Australian Eastern Standard Time is 15hrs ahead of Chicago.

 Yes that would sound right, although you could also argue that Washington, the Capital might work, as this is where Barack is calling Home. The White House Washington DC is the official residency of the Obama’s. Now here’s the problem, Washington is 77˚W02´ and Chicago is 87˚W39´. So we have for Washington 27˚38´ Pisces rising and for Chicago 08˚57´.

 Now if this was a Natal chart we could work with that as the same Lord of the hour is in charge. However this is an Event chart, and as such I cast the chart using Regiomontanus, rather than Whole sign. I still delineate using Hellenistic logic but I have found that when using Event based charts the Trisection of Ecliptic rise, the House cusps, do matter and my preferred system for Mundane Events is Regiomontanus.

I have used this many times with more than good results, it works for me, it may not fit your thinking, and that’s fine. Just make certain you justify your logic!

Having committed myself to the above I do need to make a choice, so I’m going with Patrick’s logic and setting the chart for Chicago, but using Facebook log Time. I will do my best to comprehend the Horoscope!

As mentioned 08˚57´ of the Two Fishes, Pisces is rising. The confine lord of this degree is Venus, and she is co-joined to the hour maker, and exalted in her own confines. She gets to do what she likes, and for her that’s blissful uniting.

The Hour marker lord is Jupiter, in the confines of retrograde Mercury!

The chart is Nocturnal/Lunar based as the Sun is below the horizon, so the planets in Sect are Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury as the androgynous is rising after Helios. Venus can see her night house The Bull/Taurus, but can’t see the day house The Scales/Libra. Both of these houses will be greatly aided by Venus’s exalted condition. 

What makes this Time and location work for me is also backed up by my use of the 1783 Paris Treaty chart. I have presented and lectured using this chart for mundane forecasting of the US government and the nation with what I feel great results. This correlation I’m picking up on is the 9th house cusp in the Event chart, 29˚35´, in the image of the Scorpion, this is the exact degree of the 1783 Paris natal Moon.

The Moon is a representation of the People, a crowd, the Mass’s along with a multitude of other significations. This Event chart is telling us that the 9th house affairs are important to the people. Now Mars is the lord of the 9th and is in his Warrior State, The Ram/Aries, co-joined to Uranus, moving towards an Adherence with Jupiter, but RX Mercury intervenes.

So on or around April 19, 2012, we should see if this is so? What to expect, well Mars/Mercury can be described as, improprieties of Speech which may result in Accusations and Lawsuits. What’s needed is Negotiation skills. Mercury’s very nature is to contest, contestation, and destabilisation and Mars’s nature is to separate, separation.

Although Mars is in Sect, which is suggesting he will slay he’s opponents that get in his way. Ok Mars also rules the 2nd, so both 9/2 house affairs will be his first hurdle to overcome.
Barack’s opponents are signified by the 7th lord, which is RX Mercury, Hmm! Now Mercury is in Adherence to Selene.

Is this suggesting a battle of words with a Female opponent? A true warrior, as Mercury and Selene are in the confines of Mars! The Moon rules the 5th, which is the Senate amongst many other meanings. Selene also has rulership over the 6th, national healthcare and the military.

So these are some of the themes you can expect Barack to encounter on his 20 month campaign, yes I can hear you say, well you don’t need to be Albert Einstein too see that! Well folks I’m only telling it how it is!

Over the coming month I will try to regularly update my synopsis, so please stay turned as I listen to the Nations Heartbeat.


(!/barack obama)






White House

Below is the USA Paris Treaty Chart; September 3, 1783:I use this chart for forecasting the Fortunes of the Nation.This chart represents the formal Government as it was the final signing and granting of Independence to the USA from the English ending the American Revolutionary War between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America, which had rebelled against British rule.

Paris treaty 1783



Saturn enters Libra; Judgment Day

(Scales of Justice) Posted Septmber 2009

Saturn will spend the next two and a half years as Assessor of the Image of the Scales.

Shani (Hindi) or (Kronos) Greek, as he is known will stand in judgment over Hades (Pluto) in the sign of the Goat Horn One (Capricorn).

So what will that mean I hear you ask?

Governments and leaders throughout the World who have debts (Karma) to repay to the Ferry Men, will be ask to step forward and will be held accountable! Time to pay Up!

Traditionally Saturn stands Straight in the Scales;

Here the Lord of Karma has Power to serve, make good his deeds. Aphrodite (Venus) the Goddess of the Scales is helping Shani as he enters Her Image.
There will be a "Time" (Saturn) when Uranus, Saturn's father joins Hades, this will be seen as acceleration of the Judgment!
A three way struggle! Or Tug of War!

A Cardinal Moment in Time! So stay turned and I will update you as the "Time" comes closer! Partnerships entered into during his stay in Libra should do well. Industrious, Loyal and a strong sense of duty are some of the energy's available during His visit in the Scales.

From 2009 posting no chart for the MSR.

When reading this chart use the 10th place (house of Natal Lot of Fortune) as the ASC and starting month Sept 2009 and proceed as you would reading a derived chart).

You may also read this as an Event chart with the normal Mundane Natal ASC place. That's the beauty of the MSR. © Gregory Clare.

This can be applied to (Mercury) communication and Government (Saturn) as Mercury rules the Natal 10th and 1st.

Another noticeable aspect is transiting MSR Mars in the Natal 11th or (derived) 2nd (MSR) Diametrically (opposition) opposed to natal Saturn in the natal 5th, the 5th is the Senate and the natal 11th is the Stock market.

(MSR or Transiting return chart) Mercury is in a partile T-square to MSR Mars and natal Saturn. Mars/Saturn/Mercury Ebertin express as "Harmful or destructive energy, Thoughtlessness".

It seems that the US Senate may became very hostile to any plans of monetary expansion.  Another standout is (Transiting) MSR Moon 6th house (house of Pubic Health and Defence) square natal Moon.

The Moon is expressing the Mood of the Public, all does not seem well here. The emotional state of the nation is at odds with it's self.

This is the base chart used in conjunction with the MSR (Modified Solar Return) 2000 ©, which you will find below.