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The New Moon in each of the Zodical signs.

Once every year there is a New Moon in each of the 12 zodiac signs. On this page you will find a brief, but complete description of the New Moon in each of the Signs. This can also be used to describe the Moon as it goes through the 12 signs each Month. You may also gain an insight into your own Moon sign. The Phases of the Moon will alter the energy, with the waxing Moon the energy is more confronting, the waning more subtle.  

Have you ever noticed how your mood and the collective mood changes every couple of days, well if you remember to pay attention to the Moon, you will soon become aware of this fluctuation.

The New Moon in Aries is a good time to start a new project, you may find yourself thinking about a new idea. You may go on a new adventure.The Aries Moon is a good time to get the tools out, you'll be amazed at how fast you get the job done. Work on the motor vehicle, change the oil, tune up the car, wash the car. Be careful on the road, as driver's usually take more risk's. If your attempting to put anything new together make sure you read the instructions before you throw them away in haste! Swift, hard and determined, forceful, loud and aggressive is the nature of the Aries Moon. People will be pushy, thinking of themselves, Haste and pace, first in line. Don't plant those seedlings in the garden with an Aries Moon as they will shrivel up with the dryness. Don't go fishing as you may get frustrated and end up with a hook in you head?

The New Moon in Taurus is a great time to look for the clothes you have always wanted. Real fashion items can be found, colorful and bright, the best labels. You will have great success finding beautiful objects. It's a good time for honest money transactions. Visit the beauty shops and pamper yourself. Take that person you've admired out to a lush restaurant. The night will be sensual and tender if you go slowly; don't be pushy or rough because you might spend the night alone. Tend to the roses and beautifully perfumed flowers, buy your love one flowers and may be a sexy night piece. Put on the romantic music and sit back and relax, time is on your side. What ever you do spend the time slowly as the Taurus Moon moves steadily and never gives up.

The New Moon in Gemini is a great time to visit your brothers and sisters and have a chat. On the go! is the word for the Gemini Moon. You may have great success in finding the information you are looking for, visit the library, buy a book. The New Moon in Gemini is a good time to catch up on writing letters. Go to the barbers or hairdresser as their hands will work wonders. Beware though as you might change your mind! With the New Moon in Gemini if you have several things to get started then this is the time. Seek out any new knowledge you have been after. It's a good time to weed the garden as you will find lots of thing to do. Go to the local park with the children and try flying a Kite, you'll be amazed at how high it will go and how much you learn. Don't go fishing as you'll move all day chasing the next best thing, your mate will probably drive you mad with his or her ideas. People will generally know everything with the Gemini New Moon.

The New Moon in Cancer is a great time to invite the family over for dinner, cook up a banquet, with the smell of food and the family around; it will win you brownie points, especially with Mum. Ok get out those seedling and start planting, put fresh compost on those vegies and they will take off, soon you'll have the best garden in the neighbourhood. Pack the esky full of food fill up the Thermos, get the bait out of the fridge, because now's a great time to head off to that Favourite fishing spot. It will be a busy time on the water. Take a rain jacket though because it might rain. It's also a good time to go bush walking or camping with the kids or loved ones. Look out for the Moody ones, just give them a great big hug and tell them you love them, just the way they are. Or fill their bellies with food and wine.

The New Moon in Leo is time to be creative, launch any new live stage plays, create your own play or movie, go to the Movies, have a day at the art Gallery. Lavish Praise on your children's sporting and artistic accomplishments. Go to the main sporting stadium in town, watch the best competition in you choosing sport. Horse racing is a great place to go, but hold onto your money and only bet on the best looking ones. Take the kids to the amusement park. Loud, colourful and noisy, fun and laughter, just do things that make you happy. Don't buy anything unless you have to, as you will pay a high price. Get out the gold jewellery and ware those bright and noticeable gowns. Except all invitation to the ball or dance as your sure to have fun. Tell that spunk how good they are and how good they look. Watch for any upsets as any action taken while the Moon is in Leo will have a loud noticeable ending. Don't cut the grass because it won't grow. The same with your hair. Don't tend to the garden unless you're cleaning up, even that will turn into a big thing. Dry and barren is the sign of Leo.

The New moon in Virgo is a great time to do the book keeping, pay the bills. Tend to the domestic pets, wash and groom them. Go to the doctor and get your health checked. Try natural medicine and herbs to find that cure to those nagging health problems. Start that weight loss program, but don't go over board. Tidy up those messy places you've put off, like cleaning the cupboard, organising and cleaning the book self. Out in the garden trim all those over hanging branches, do that paving you were putting off. Construct that pet house you were going to build. Don't get into any debates as your sure to get prickly, you may end up saying, I told you so! It's always a great time to do some physical excise to keep the mind busy, or occupied. Tend to any repairs and organising of the tool kit, prepare for the coming month. Help with the care of the sick and elderly persons, just be a good helper to all, offer your services to those in need.The new Moon in Libra is the time to start new partnerships, sure up any joint partnerships.

The New Moon in Libra is also a good time to make that commitment to your partner; Marriage is one of those unions you could consider. This is the time foster academic and intellectual dialog with those of interest to you. Generally it's hard to come to any firm dissension on justices issues. Moral and ethical judgments can be debated with the Libyan Moon. Music and literature can feature well with the Libra Moon. People will generally be positive with their comments on your looks, know one wants to rock the statues quo. Kind and considerate, intellectually well spoken, is the mood when the Moon is in Libra. Do watch though for the law breakers at this time, as people wrestle with their ethics.

The New Moon in Scorpio is time to explore your innerself, medical research and investigations are great at this time. It's also the time we ponder life's many puzzling problems. Investments into large companies can be undertaken with the Scorpio Moon. Sex and other hidden subjects will rise to the forefront with the Scorpio Moon. It's not the time to start any covert operations, but you will notice this issue being discussed. It's the time when others may prey on the weak and faille, take advantage of others. It is a great time to care and comfort the terminally ill, show them kindness. The composting of all waste is great when the Moon is in Scorpio. Fix the drains that are blocked, dig deep into the earth, turn the soil, find those lost creatures. Don't get on the wrong side of any one with the Scorpio Moon, as they won't forget in a hurry. Watch for scams involving money, don't lend any money as you my not see it again. You may find some friendships will come to an end under the Scorpio Moon. Beware of drugs and other hidden pharmaceuticals. Going fishing is great under the Scorpio Moon, head of to that secrete spot and know one will ever find it, you'll catch heaps and every one will ask you, where did you catch them?

The New Moon in Sagittarius is time to travel. Take a trip to that special place of wonder and awe. Find you're calling, the heart is telling you something very philosophical and spiritual with the Sagittarius Moon. It's a great time to go on that overseas journey, visit foreign lands. People will be generous in their giving with this Moon, so it's a good time to raise money for that charity you care about. Morel judgments will be the focus of many a conversation, laws and beliefs will be questioned. In general people will over state the situation and turn things into bigger issues than they are. Those going to parties will be amazed at the atmosphere, hey big spender or big drinker, people will tell you tales of far of places and spice them up just a tad. Don't do any gardening, except raking the falling leaves as your seedlings will fry, with the dry wind. It's not a bad time to have a legal judgment looked at, as you will receive good ethical advise.

The New Moon in Capricorn is the time to undertake that job you've put of for so long. Find those antiques in the dudgeon and bring them back to life. Restoring old wares is great with the Capricorn Moon. It's a good time to get the sewing machine out and start working on those cloths that need repairing, making your children new uniforms for school. It's a good time to do business with the government, secure those contracts. People's feelings will be some what colder than usual, as there is not much attention paid to the old and faille under a Capricorn Moon. It's a good time to prepare those resumes for any work interviews you may have coming up. It's a great time to start laying the foundation for any construction you are thinking about. Things built under the Capricorn Moon are built to last. You may find people from the past contacting you or you may bump into people from the past, especially old school friends or work buddies.

The New Moon in Aquarius is the time to start new science projects. This is a great time to study for your exams, especially science. It's a good time to join humanitarian organizations, green groups. It's a good time to fight for the environment, go and fight for that passion you have. Its great time to join an Astrology group, hold any unusual event. If you are part of a trade union, than now is the time to hold rallies, putting forth your concerns. Human rights come to the stage during the Aquarius Moon, many issues to deal with discrimination are usually discussed with this Moon. Gay rights and the issue that they wrestle with may be at the forefront. Shopping for an usual items is also good value with the Moon in Aquarius, you may find that strange and different objects you have been searching for. People in general will be odd and the conversations will be of a very different tone. You may find that we have some great break through, especially to do with science and also this is the time to launch any new invention.

The New Moon in Pisces is a great time to write the novel you've always thought of writing. Idea's come in strange ways with the Pisces Moon, make shore you have a pen, if you're out and about or lying in bed. Caring for the disadvantaged is one of the good deeds you could undertake with the Pisces Moon. Going down to the local Red Cross or wheels on meals would be a great experience. You may find people telling you little falsies with the Pisces Moon, like the truth is hard to find. People may become interested in all sorts of religions, be careful not to be taken in buy those preying on the weak. It's a great time to plant seedlings in the garden, construct a monument or water feature, generally rearrange the living area's that give you pleasure and solitude. You may find victims of crime coming out during the Pisces Moon. Be careful of fraud and make sure you check and recheck all the details of any contract you sign, try to avoid signing anything with the Moon in Pisces. Jails and prisoners may be in the news; also the mentally disturbed may come to the forefront. Its a great time to spend time alone, go for that bush walk, but do tell someone where your going, because people often get lost and very seldom found on a Pisces New Moon. Fishing is great on the Pisces New Moon, but the weather may be a little damp.