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Eclipses Mundane Forecasting

by Gregory clare ©


In April 2010 I was asked to write an article on the year ahead (Australia 2011).  I wrote the article but missed the deadline for submission and as such uploaded it to my website on April, 11, 2010. In this article my synopsis was;

Hoist the storm sheets, batten down the hatches and maintain a careful watch, Australian’s are sailing into unchartered waters during 2011! The word is, be prepared, equipped and fitted out for challenging times are approaching!

Sudden and unprecedented change is headed for the shores of OZ during 2011.The last days of 2010 and the early part of 2011 will see the start of this frenzied period.

The full forecast is in the endnotes. or see Australian Forecast click here for Charts

While researching the article I noticed that there would be six eclipses during 2011, this is the maximum number of eclipses that may fall in any one calendar year. This often happens when the Moon’s Node regresses into the early degrees of Capricorn as the degrees coincide with the change of calendar year. There are four Solar and two lunar eclipses during 2011.

What effects would these eclipses have and why? Not all eclipses bring problematical events. Eclipses belong to families and these families were named in ancient times as the Saros series. The word Saros is assumed to have come from the Babylonian word Sar which is related to a time unit or cycle. However there may be another source from which the word arises; the Greek verb Sareion which means “to sweep clean". This is an interesting Hellenistic phrase and may need further exploring.

The Saros series or cycle which is running during 2011 is known as Saros series 13 North and South. The first of these solar eclipses occurred on January 4, 2011 at 13 degrees 38’ in the image of “The Goat Horned One” or Capricorn. The next will occur on June 1, 2011 and then on July 1, 2011. The Saros series 13 seems to bring with it unprecedented change which is linked to extreme events that appear to galvanise the nation and generate mateship particularly in Australian history.

Of interest also is that there appears to be at the same time a rise in the achievement of Women in Public Office or the advancement of Women’s equality. This is evident in 2011 with the introduction of Australia's first national Paid Parental Leave scheme which started on 1 January 2011. In 1902 The Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902, was introduced to allow women the right to vote. Again in March 1921, Edith Cowan was the first Women elected to Parliament. 

Who could forget in 1956 Barry Humphries and his introduction of the fictitious character Dame Edna Everedge. In 1975 the first Gay rights were established in South Australia and the introduction of the family Law Act. Finally in 1992 The High Court delivered the Mabo Decision and in 1993 the Greens stood for Parliament.

Coupled with these dates are the 1938 Empire Games, in 1939 Australia entered the Second World War and Victoria was devastated by the Black Friday bushfires. 1956 Australia hosted the Melbourne Olympics and we had the Great Floods of Brisbane and Northern NSW. In 1974 we had Cyclone Tracy and more great floods hit Brisbane and Northern NSW and who could forget the dismissal of the Whitlam Government!  The Victorian, Shepparton floods “The economic cost and personal trauma within the community caused by the 1974 and 1993 floods remind us of the need for a flood management system.” And finally the 15 percent Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced as the centerpiece of the Hewson Liberal campaign ‘Fightback’, the election that he couldn’t lose but was won by Paul Keating.

All of these events occurred during Saros 13 cycle. click here for Charts

The Saros 13 North sequence commenced on August 14, 1776 , Saros 13 South commenced on May 24, 803 OS. The Mundane birth chart for this Saros 13 North which originated from the North Pole is very interesting when relocated to Sydney. I have chosen Sydney to relocate the chart because I have had much success in forecasting mundane events from this location. I have published and shown that the proclamation of the Nation was read from Centennial Park and as such for whatever reason there is definitely a correspondence with regards to the mundane chart and Australia’s history.

The mundane chart I use for forecasting is the 1901 Federation Proclamation and one of the key signification links to this chart is the use of the Solar return. The 1901 chart Solar returns appear to echo the events of the year ahead with uncanny timing.

 One example of this can be seen in the Proclamation 2010 solar return. In a very brief synopsis the most outstanding feature of this chart is the Cancer Moon opposition Venus and retrograde Mars in Leo. When put in a bi wheel with the 1901 base chart a dynamic story emerges! In short, the return Venus is co-joined to natal Saturn/Sun.

The Sun indicates leadership and Venus is feminine.  It is also opposed to the 2010 return Moon, a significator of the public mood or sentiment. The other indicator I have mentioned is the 2010 solar return retrograde Mars and it is square the 1901 natal Moon. One of the primary tools I use for forecasts is the Hellenistic method of whole sign houses. So when we assess this bi wheel we see the probable areas of action, the 10th which is Government, the 4th which is opposition, the 11th which is the Lower house and the 5th which the Upper house of Parliament.

Coupled with this is the fact that the 4th also represents mines and wealth in the ground (buried treasure). The 2nd house is our money and movable wealth and this house contains the natal exalted Taurus Moon which squares the proclamation 2010 solar return retrograde Mars in the 5th house of the Senate.

Who remembers the key events of 2010? Mining Tax and a first time woman Prime Minister! Mars is also the mundane ruler of iron ore and metal. The natal 4th house is ruled by the Cancer Moon and the natal exalted Moon is ruled by Venus, which is in the 9th house. We also had our first Saint. Venus is also the 12th house exalted ruler of Pisces.

The other key significator is the eclipses and with proficient timing the 18 year, 11days and 8hrs Saros 13 series appears to be a remarkable predictor of mundane events here in Australia. Why that is, I feel, is due to the original birth chart of the Saros series 13 North in particular. So let’s look at this relocated eclipse natal chart of 1776 and explore the findings of my research so far. As with all research it’s always ongoing and evolving.

The first noticeable correspondence is the 01 degree Aquarian Ascendant. The 1901proclamation chart carries a 02 degree Aquarian MC, so here we have arguably the most sensitive angles in the horoscope interchanging their positions. This 01-03 Aquarian degree can be found throughout many noteworthy events in our history.

If we look at the 1901 proclamation solar return chart for 2011, again we can see the 02 degree Aquarian Ascendant and something very peculiar occurring. The 2011 return looks very similar in many ways to the 1776 eclipse chart. Same Ascendant, MC and one of the key significators, Saturn, close to the MC at 16-17 degrees of Libra. You will find this Saturn in many of the other major event transit charts too. The position of exalted Saturn will usually be in the same position, square or opposition to the original 1776 position. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn.

The modern ruler Uranus, if you use it, does say something in all the charts as well. The challenging position of Mars also appears regularly. It is not surprising to see the two Malefics dominating the chart. Other key significations are the solid or fixed signs around 20-22 degrees. These degrees feature regularly in major events. The 1901proclamation chart does have the all important exalted Taurus Moon at 20 degrees. The Moon presents another area for research, as the Moon and its nodes are chiefly responsible for the eclipses in the first place. There are many more corresponding aspects, far too many for me to go through here. Hopefully, in the coming months or years I will be able to present these to you.

click here for Charts

Let me just give you another short brief example which should showcase this extraordinary cyclic association. On December 14, 1974 at 03:24:44hrs AEDT in Sydney there was an eclipse. This eclipse was Saros series 13 north. As mentioned above the key feature was Saturn and the Saturn position in this chart is 17 degrees Cancer, opposition to the 1776 position. Of note is the Chiron return and the exact trine degree of the Sun to the 1776 chart. Also the 1974 eclipse South node co-joins to 1776 Uranus which squares the rulers of the 1974 eclipse chart, the Sun and Jupiter. There are many more correlations to be found such as the Eye of Cyclone Tracy crossing over Darwin at 00:00hrs ACST, on December 25, 1974. You will find many more interesting associations to the Saros 13 series as well to the 1901 proclamation chart.

The January 4, 2011 Saros 13 North eclipse has Saturn at the original position of the 1776 chart. In fact Saturn is about to station at this very degree on Australia day 2011. The January 4, 2011 eclipse Mars is also very near its opposition to the 1776 chart and as pointed out earlier, in the 1901 proclamation 2011 return Mars is at its opposition.

Saros series 13 South relocated to Sydney began on May 24, 803 OS. This eclipse series also carries many corresponding aspects to both the 1901 proclamation chart as well as the 1901 proclamation 2011 solar return. The Saros 13 South has Venus/Vertex opposition 1901proclamation Sun/Saturn, again from the 10th house to the 4th house. Saros 13 South Chiron/South node/IC is co-joined to the 1901 natal Moon and Saros 13 South Sun/Moon/Jupiter is opposing the Sagittarius Stellium in the 9th house.

It gets more intriguing when we compare the Saros 13 South eclipse to the 1901 proclamation 2011 solar return. Like its cousin the 13 south has quite a few uncanny correlations to be found. Saros 13 south Ascendant is co-joined to the 1901, 2011 return Neptune/Chiron conjunction and Saros 13 south’s MC and North node are co-joined to the 2011 Venus/Moon conjunction. The 2011 return chart Mars is partile trine the Saros 13 south Chiron/South node and the return Venus/Vertex is opposition to Saros 13 south Sun/Mars/Pluto. You will see very similar results when looking at past events.

I acknowledge there are many ways to tell a story as there are many technical methods available to astrologer to assess charts. However the Secondary progression and Solar Arc directed charts also support this research. How eclipses or any other relevant charts from the remote past could possibly carry any form of connection to current charts never ceases to amaze me! But there is no doubt that connecting these charts  does indeed give as good a forecast result as one can hope for!

One final chart I looked at is the chart of the Toowoomba floods. With all due respect to those affected by the events that unfolded in Toowoomba, QLD on Monday January 10, 2011, @ 14:33 hrs AEST, this event chart has 22 degrees Taurus rising and Chiron/Neptune exactly on the MC. When placed over the 1901 proclamation chart the Event Uranus/Jupiter/Moon falls in the natal 12th house and they tightly square the 1901 positions of the Sagittarius Stellium in the 9th house.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that the Fixed Star Scheat located in constellation Pegasi at 29 degrees Pisces features very prominently and should not be over looked. Vivian E, Robson links this Star with extreme misfortune and drowning.

In summing up, if my findings do indeed carry any weight then Mundane astrological forecasting can assist in planning for future events. After all if natal genealogical astrology can aid in the development of individuals and help to address areas in life where we struggle at times, then surely Mundane forecasting can assist in helping us to be prepared for major political and geo physical events.  As the weather man says when giving his forecast, take an umbrella with you today, it looks like rain.

Reference and acknowledgments

Astrological Forecast Australia 2011
Gregory Clare © 11-04-2010

Hoist the storm sheets, batten down the hatches and maintain a careful watch, Australian’s are sailing into unchartered waters during 2011! The word is be prepared, equipped and fitted out for challenging times are approaching!

Sudden and unprecedented change is headed for the shores of OZ during 2011.The last days of 2010 and the early part of 2011 will see the start of this frenzied period. 

This period is coupled with an ambitious desire to force change and is being spearheaded by the Nation’s leaders! The indications are that a vigorous and determine approach to bring about noble and gallant deeds will be evident and while this forceful activity will be welcomed by some, there will be others who see this as no more than fanciful ideals.

Periods of what may seem to be predestined inescapable events will be noticeable throughout 2011. January and February will be particularly intense as we watch various dramas unfold!

March is showing signs of revolutionary thought in the minds of those who are technically minded. Break throughs and inventive ideas will flourish; unfortunately those ideas may need to be re-examined during April. From late March onwards there could be some difficult and emotional experiences, loss and grief may feature in the collective psyche. Events from the past will feature prominently although these may be of a clandestine nature. We may need to embrace the idea of empathy and compassion and rise to the occasion.

Early April could be a volatile and excitable period with those engaged in vigorous activity, wanting to get it done Now!  This could lead to violent outbursts which may be considered as hostile action. Thank goodness that the empathy and compassion I mentioned above will be instilled into the collective psyche.

The Month of May will be filled with passion and a seemingly blissful atmosphere up until the middle of the month when this angelic feeling or sensation will come to a peak. Try to remain calm and composed for the remainder of the month as hasty action may result in disappointment and some form of severance.

In early June passion will again be running high with feminie issues in the forefront of the collective psyche. Once again the middle of the month will be a noticeable time with events featuring prominently that could be connected to the past and be of a surreptitious nature.

Early July promise to be a pivotal moment in the Government arena again featuring feminine issues or female person of importance taking centre stage. Yet again the middle of the month will see a culmination of the actions commenced early in the month, this time an extraordinary set of events may unfold and these events could shock us to our very core.


This will continue throughout August with a mystified public. The Senate and House of Representatives coming to forefront, it could also involve foreign action.

Late September promises more emotional expression in the Government arena. This seemly continuous perpetual action looks to be with us right up until the end of 2011 with the end of November and early December bringing the action filled year to an end.

Events of 2011 have some correspondence to events of the past and as such will be remembered.

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