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Pauline Hanson


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Is Pauline Hanson a villain? Or is she the victim of political sabotage?


At 2:32pm AEST on 20 August, 2003 in a Brisbane Court, Pauline Hanson was found guilty of fraudulently registering the One Nation political party in Queensland. Pauline was given a 3 year custodial sentence which began at 10:06 am the following day.

Is Pauline Hanson a villain? Or is she the victim of political sabotage? What is it about her that arouses so much public emotion? In this article I will be combining the modern outer planets with Hellenistic structural techniques; using Whole Sign Houses {Houses}. I will be referring to the houses of the chart by the traditional word "place" as it is used in all ancient works. Placidus house cusps will be used to gauge planetary strengths.

Pauline Hanson's birth data: 15:10hrs AEST 27 May 1954, Brisbane. Source: Ed Tamplin.

With the MC at 22 56' Cancer in applying trine to the 26 48' Pisces Void of Course Moon, having just passed over Uranus in the sign of the Moon's rulership, it is safe to say that Pauline will attract plenty of controversial, emotional reaction from the public. So is she Victim or Martyr?

Mars and Saturn share the rulership of the chart and are both retrograde and in traditional Mutual Reception.

Let's begin with the Diurnal and Nocturnal rulers known as Planetary Sect. Pauline Hanson's natal chart is Diurnal therefore the planets that are in Sect are those of the Solar Sect i.e. the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury is not in Sect as it is rising after the Sun, and is Vespertine. The planets of the Lunar Sect, the Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury are out of Sect, thus acting contra to their benefic nature.

Fig 1, Natal Chart Pauline Hanson


The ancients used the word "place" to mean 'house'. If you're consulting old texts be aware that 'place' means 'house'. In this article I will use the word 'house' to avoid confusion.

Sect is a Hellenistic term ascribing strength to planets according to their chart positions. The chart is firstly divided in two; above the Horizon, known as Diurnal and below the Horizon, known as Nocturnal. Certain planets are recognised as being most comfortable in the Diurnal area of the chart and these planets are known as Solar Sect planets. Planets of the Lunar Sect are more comfortable in the Nocturnal area of the chart. The Solar Sect planets are the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury when it rises before the Sun.

The Lunar Sect planets are Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury when it sets after the Sun. If a Solar Sect planet also happens to be in the Diurnal segment of the chart (rising before the Sun) it is said to be Matutine. If a Solar Sect planet is in the Nocturnal Hemisphere (rising after the Sun) it is said to be Vespertine. The reverse is true of Lunar Sect planets. Planets in their own Sect will tend to act beneficially. Planets that are also Matutine will carry more power. Planets which are out of Sect will tend to be more negative.

Fig 2, Solar Return 2003

Fig 3, Lunar Return, May 2003

Fig 4, MSR : Modified Solar Return: Pauline Hanson

Modification 1: (Lunar Return Asc) The 2003 Solar Return Ascendant is replaced by the Lunar Return ascendant for the Solar Return month of May, 2003. The 2003 Solar Return chart now has a modified Ascendant. {See Figs 2. 3 and 4} The Ascendant of Pauline's Solar Return for 2003 (Fig 2) is now 18 52' Leo, {Fig 4} thus giving a whole sign Leo Ascendant and the chart turned accordingly. This chart I call a Modified Solar Return (MSR). As it happens, the ascendant of Pauline's Solar Return for 2003 is 19 49' Leo, {Fig 2} so in this particular example the MSR chart

(Fig 4) changes very little.

Modification 2: (PoF asc MSR) Using the technique of place derivation note the natal house where the Part of Fortune is found. {Fig 1). This becomes the first house in the MSR chart. In Pauline's chart the Part of Fortune is 25 Leo in Natal 10. So in Pauline's MSR chart call the 10th house the derived 1st. The place where the natal Part of Fortune is found then becomes the 1st house of all future MSR charts.

Why do this? The ascendant, Sun and Moon are used to calculate the Part of Fortune. Thus using this formula we can begin to understand how a Ternary or three fold relationship is formed. The Sun is active, masculine and rational; the Moon is passive, feminine, needy, emotional and changeable. The Moon also reflects our past. The ascendant is the physical body and receives and projects the direct environment. The relationship that is formed by the ternary is projected into the current outlook for the chart by making the position of the natal PoF the ascendant in the MSR. By the three fold relationship that is formed we can see the Whole.

This three fold relationship is now converted into three ways of delineating or viewing the MSR chart, Firstly look at the planets and points in the natal chart to judge their condition. Then using the 10th place as the ascendant, rotate the chart so that it becomes the 1st.. Look to the Time Lord for the month (Fig 6) and judge the chart as you would an event chart. Finally look at the MSR as a transit chart.

Fig 6, MSR showing Time Lord

In Pauline's MSR the Lord for the month of August is the Sun. (Again as it happens, the Time Lord for the month of August is the same as the ruler of the ascendant. For both to be the same is a rare occurrence.) Refer to the condition of the Sun in the natal chart and also the Secondary progressed chart, the Solar Arc directed chart and any eclipses that are active, for if the Sun is hidden by an eclipse then it is greatly weakened. Pauline's natal Sun, while in Sect, is greatly weakened by being in the 8th Place.

Grand, noticeable, hot and dry is said to be the nature of the sign Leo.

Jupiter, the planet of friendship, makes a stand for justice and is contesting (in difficult aspect to) Venus and Mercury. Venus and Mercury in turn are contesting Neptune and Mars, which are opposing the MSR ascendant and Jupiter. When viewed as an event chart we can see that both Mars and Neptune are in the 7th place of contracts with others. Mars represents the thief and Neptune represents the deception in contracts. Mars and Neptune also show those with whom Pauline is dealing. Shady and dodgy would probably describe those with whom the person comes into contact when Mars in the natal chart rules the 1st Place, ascendant and the 6th place where we meet those who are openly plotting to challenge us on a regular basis. Pauline is seen as a fighter and there's no doubt of this, with natal Mars in Capricorn ruling the 1st and 6th places. (Fig 1) A strong will would also describe Mars in this context.

When you view the chart from the derived 10th Place Ascendant, Mars and Neptune are showing the event in the 10th place of public exposure. (MSR 7th). All of the planets involved in the contest are in angular places and fixed signs indicating a strong battle. If we look at the Moon in the sign of Aries, as representing Pauline's emotional state, we may well come to know how she is feeling. It is in the derived 12th place from the 10th place ascendant, trine retrograde Pluto and trine the event chart ascendant. In this trine aspect the Moon can be seen as representing the public mood and feeling.

As it is in touch with retrograde Pluto, ascendant and Jupiter, it ensures a grand, noticeable, hot and dry hostile fight for survival. This is further emphasised by the Moon also being the Lord of the event MSR 12th place. Another indication of current trends is the Part of Fortune in the MSR chart for 2003. It is in the 12th place at 4 19' Cancer, the same degree as Pauline's natal Venus. Venus rules Pauline's natal 12th place. The use of the MSR lets us peer into the three fold relationship by physically allowing us to apply the three techniques to the chart at the same time.

Using place derivation, the MSR 1st place (the place of the PoF ) becomes the first month of the MSR, which in this case is May. Thus the 2nd place will be June etc.. The Time Lord is the ruler of the sign on the place you are looking at.

Pauline Hanson (Part 2)

An Astrological Analysis using Modified Classical Techniques

You may wish to formularise your self with the Introduction. In the June Journal I introduced the reader to the use of the MSR and we dealt with the term house derivation and the use of time lords. In this article I will be carrying on the use of these techniques but using other methods to determine the prognosis. I will also be studying the affects of Eclipses and the use of Firdaria, which is another time lord system. There are those that are of the opinion that this is a medieval system and say it does not have its roots in Hellenistic Astrology. I will offer this to them and say , that this system is very much based on Sect, i.e., Diurnal and Nocturnal division of the chart which is the heart of Classical Techniques, as well the time lords.

The Method I will be using in the example of Profection does not use the Ascendant degree, I am using whole (place) house (zoidion) signs.

This next technique is called Profection. This is another Time Lord method also based on rotating the chart. The natal chart ascendant and its Lord (ruler), rule from birth through the first year of life. The 2nd place Lord then rules from the 1st to the 2nd birthday and so on around the chart. When 12 years are completed you then start the 12th year at the ascendant and advance another 12 years, repeating the same sequence. This rotation can also be applied to judging the month Lords. Simply start at the year you wish to judge. The place ruling the year then becomes the first month the derived 2nd place then becomes the 2nd month and so on. This can also be broken down to days, each place representing 2.5 days. Start from the month and rotate round until you have the required day.

In 2003 Pauline Hanson was 49. Therefore the Time Lord is the ruler of the natal 2nd place which is Jupiter. Pauline's Jupiter is exalted at 0 39' Cancer in the 9th place. Mars is the Term Lord of 0 - 6 Cancer. Mars is also the Lord of the natal ascendant shared with Saturn which is conjunct the ascendant. Mars also shares Triplicity rulership of the ascendant (1st Decanate Scorpio) with Venus (The Diurnal Triplicity Lord of Water). The Term Lord of the 3 Scorpio Ascendant is Mars. Mars and Saturn are also in traditional mutual reception suggesting that with the constant hostile attacks, separation and division will continue providing an ever changing environment.

The intention seems to be to create balanced structural dependence on others. The retrograde 3rd place natal Mars/Saturn relationship suggests that she needs to fully comprehend what is happening. Frequent meetings with government authority male figures are indicated with 3rd place Mars in the sign of Capricorn aspecting Saturn. Both the Government's and Pauline's strong views and will are challenged by erratic emotional behaviour from Pauline's Pisces Moon. The Moon has a special relationship with the 3rd place. The Temple of the Moon or the Temple of the Mind are names often given to the 3rd place.

Let's now rotate the chart to judge the month Lord of August. If the natal 2nd place is the current year, it will begin in May. Thus the natal Pisces 5th place will describe the month of August. Jupiter is the Lord of Pisces. From here count 21 days using 2.5 days per place. The 21st day is the 1st place cusp. Mars is the Lord of Scorpio. By using this method and the MSR as outlined above we can get some real insight into the yearly, monthly and daily activities of a person. Note that August is a Pisces month reflecting Pauline's natal Moon in Pisces.

Fig 7, Pauline - Profected Chart

Let's now look at eclipses that may also have bearing on what is happening in Pauline's life. The Solar eclipse (Fig 8) on 21 June 2001, at 21:55hrs, lasting 4minutes 56seconds at 0 Cancer, is conjunct natal Jupiter. This is the 8th Lunar Station which is known as a Critical Degree. The Cardinal Lunar Stations or critical degrees are very malefic when switched on. This Saros 3 North Eclipse will have a lingering influence on the planets and points in the natal chart.

The natal chart is overlaid by the eclipse chart. This is the first of a series of eclipse charts that will have bearing on the events to follow in Pauline Hanson's life. It is my observation that eclipses are often the triggers that bring a person into the public eye. In Pauline's chart the eclipse conjuncts natal Jupiter, which will diminish any of Jupiter's beneficial qualities. There are plenty of other signs in this eclipse chart of the events to come.

Fig 8 Solar Eclipse 21 June 2001 Fig 9, Lunar Eclipse 6 July 2001 Fig 10, Lunar Eclipse 30 Dec 2002 Fig 11 Lunar Eclipse 26 May 2002

The Lunar Eclipse of 6 July, 2001 at 01:04hrs, at 13 Capricorn (Fig 9)falling across Pauline's natal Nodal axis and is the 23rd Cardinal Lunar Station. These Solar and Lunar eclipses triggered many major world events at that time such as September 11th, 2001, in the USA chart. The critical Cardinal degrees of Cancer and Capricorn are very malefic degrees when active.

On the 30th December, 2001, the Lunar Eclipse at 8 48' Cancer (Fig 10) opposes Pauline's natal Mars at 8 Capricorn. The Lunar Eclipse on 26th May, 2002 at 5 04' Sagittarius (Fig.11), opposes her Sun. Before we examine the charts it is worth mentioning that the Part of Imprisonment in Pauline Hanson's natal chart {Fig 1} is 15 28' Gemini. Pauline's Antiscia for the Sun is 24 37' Cancer.

There are quite a few natal planets and points being aspected by the December 30th, 2001 Lunar Eclipse {Fig 10}. The eclipse Moon opposes natal Mars, eclipse Uranus opposes natal Pluto and is inconjunct the natal MC. The eclipse Vertex, is trine to natal Venus and the eclipse Mars is trine the natal South Node. All of these aspects are of course adding weight to the destabilizing of Pauline's life. The eclipse Sun and Venus are conjunct natal Mars, and opposing the eclipse Jupiter and Moon. This can be described as an emotional power struggle against those in authority.

Now if that's not enough, as mentioned, on May 26th, 2002, the Lunar Eclipse at 05 04' Sagittarius (Fig. 11) opposed Pauline's natal Sun. In this chart Jupiter is again highlighted, which first made its mark in the June 21st, 2001 chart (Fig 8) and is now indicative of up-coming events. The partile conjunction with the natal South Node occurring on a Lunar eclipse gives us insight into the kind of confrontation that awaits Pauline. I would like to say that is all, but look at the eclipse Saturn, 1 from the Part of Imprisonment and conjunct the eclipse North Node opposition eclipse Pluto/South Node. Yet another aspect worth looking at, is the eclipse Chiron conjunct natal Mars, opposition eclipse Venus.

Before we move on to examine the planetary strengths using Placidus house cusps and the progressed chart, there is an aspect that is of interest to me, involving Saturn. This aspect is the position of Saturn in the eclipse chart of 30th December, 2001. (Fig.10) Saturn's degree of 9 Gemini in this chart is the same degree in the 6th July, 2001 chart. (Fig. 9) The Solar eclipse of 31s May , 2003 (Fig. 12) is also at 9 Gemini. The transit chart for the commencement of Pauline's sentence, on 21 August , 2003, at 10:00hrs (Fig 13), the Moon will be 9 Gemini. Saturn and the Moon can be described as emotional confrontation with authority resulting in separation and isolation. Saturn is also conjunct the Ascendant in the Natal chart.

Fig 12, Solar Eclipse 31 May 2003 Fig. 13, Natal, Sec. prog and Transits, 21 Aug 2003

In the 31st May, 2003, Solar Eclipse chart (Fig 12) Mars, ruler of the natal chart is opposition to natal Pluto. The eclipse Mars is also aspecting natal Neptune in the 12th place. Natal Neptune is trine natal Mercury in the 8th place, which is also being aspected by the eclipse Mars.

In contemporary astrology the 8th house is described as connections with other people's money. In the transit chart for the commencement of Pauline's prison sentence, using the Placidus house system we can see Mercury, the ruler of the 8th house is conjunct the 12th house cusp, the house of imprisonment. It is square natal Mercury. The progressed Moon is conjunct the natal Nodal axis.

I would now like to refer back to the MSR chart of 2003 (Fig 5). As I have show Profection may also be applied to the MSR. I hope that I have demonstrated that this tool is a very useful aid in delineating the future trends of a natal chart. When used in conjunction with modern techniques it can help arrive at a more complete forecast. The Lord for the start of the 2003 MSR {Fig 5} is Venus, ruler of the 12th place in the whole sign natal chart.

The condition of Venus in the MSR and the fact that it rules the 12th place in the natal chart suggests that this will be a test of Pauline's soul, with the ever vigilant Saturn poised on the 12th place cusp in the MSR. Looking at the coming months the indications are of delays and struggles for clarity. In September, Mercury the Lord of the month in the MSR, is retrograde for 20 days. Venus is the ruler of October and is conjunct Mercury. In the MSR they are both in a tight square aspect to Jupiter, the ascendant, Mars and Neptune.

The traditional aspects of transiting Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter and Venus, should not be overlooked either. Jupiter represents Justice and is Lord of Pauline's natal 2nd place and natal Moon. Venus rules money and is Lord of the natal 7th and 12th. The 12th is where we don't find out about those who are secretly plotting against us until it is too late. The Lord of Karma dare not be challenged when in the 12th. It beckons to be seen. Will Jupiter be able to save Pauline, poised as he is on the angle in contest with Neptune and Mars in the MSR chart? The help may come from transiting Jupiter's ingress into Virgo in late August 2003, at which time it will sextile its own natal position.

Pauline Hanson- MSR

Fig. 5. Finally let's have a look at the Firdaria {Fig 14} which is yet another Time Lord system. Pauline is in the Saturn Firdaria and the Mercury sub period once again reflecting the information found in the MSR. The Moon sub period will begin on 31 October, 2003, finishing on 26 May, 2005, when she starts her Jupiter long period ruler. So in 2005 the situation may improve for Pauline Hanson but a long two years awaits with more struggles indicated. It will be interesting to see how the events of the next two years unfold.

Fig. 14, Pauline Hanson's Firdaria Report

Dated: August 26th, 2003 Gregory Clare

The Comments on this Page are not to be taken to mean any harm or injury to any person or place. They are written solely as entertainment.

 © Gregory Clare Thanking Chris Turner for her help and support in putting this article together.