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Prince Charles - The Royal Family

Researched & developed by

Gregory Clare. January 2004

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Chris Turner


Since the reign of William 1st from 1066CE - 1087CE, all over the world people have been fascinated by the personal lives of the Kings and Queens of England.

There are many who are obsessed with events of royal family life. You only have to observe the headlines concerning the Royal Family in the past decade as a good example. The mystery and intrigue that has persistently surrounded the death of the Princess of Wales is a clear indication that this fascination is alive and healthy. The two sons from the marriage of Charles and Diana are sadly destined to suffer from this same phenomenon.

As we look toward the future it is an obvious statement to say that the Queen is not getting any younger. Soon there will have to be a changing of the guard. How much longer will the Queen reign? Will there be another King or Queen? Will Charles be the next in line? As the weather man asks himself when he's projecting the week's forecast, what are the weather patterns telling him and what will the conditions be like for the period immediately ahead? Is it going to be hot and dry or cold and dry or is going to be warm and moist or is it a combination of these? When you look to the past weather conditions for the monarchy you can get a sense of how hot or cold it was. There have definitely been some very stormy times in the lives of those literally born to a specific destiny.

Can we look for an astrological answer for why this colorful life and people's obsession with it has continued throughout history?

From an academic view point one would, I suppose, study the politics and affairs of a particular time. You could look at the Royal Family tree. With all of this information you could then try to put together a forecast for the coming years. From an astrological view point it's not much different. You could follow the Kings and Queens signatures through the years. For example the Queen has tropical 00 12´ Taurus Sun and Moon at 12º 07´ Leo . Prince Charles has tropical 22º 25´ Scorpio Sun and his Moon at 00º 26´ Taurus - here you immediately have a signature of 00º Taurus. Charles has 05° 23´ Leo as his Ascendant, another signature. So if we monitored the movements of these signatures we can compile a story. Not a complete one with just these signatures, but at least it's a good starting point. Now if we gather all the signatures from two birth charts and take the time to study them then using different systems we can project the "weather conditions" for the future.

"2005/2006! This looks to be the time."

From all the data I have gathered together on the Queen and Prince Charles there are definite signs of change. Prince Charles is at the centre of this change! King, marriage, or what?

By using a number of astrological systems, can we arrive at the same forecast and predict the same outcome? It was early 2000 while attending the Australian Council of Vedic Astrology monthly meeting that I became interested in Prince Charles's chart. I was interested to see if both the Dasa and Albiruni system of Firdaria could arrive at the same result. At this meeting, speaker Neil Morgan was discussing the peak periods of the Dasa and going through the charts of well-known people including Prince Charles. Neil gave the date of November 2005 as the peak of Prince Charles' 18 year 6th month Rahu Dasa . Armed with this information I began studying a chart that I would not normally look at twice. My early research had me immediately excited and in sharing some of my findings with colleagues who had also done some research into Charles' chart . I began to get the feeling that indeed the two systems could arrive at the same result.

Prince Charles. 14th November, 1948 at 21:14GMT+00 London, England. 51 N30´, 000 10´W.

A classicist by choice, in this analysis I will be using Whole Sign Houses, which I refer to by their correct name - Places . I will also use the Tropical Zodiac and the Placidus house system for information on planetary strengths. I will examine eclipses as well as combining Hellenistic techniques with Chaldean and Arabic methods. Into the mix I will also add Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions and I will include the modern outer planets.

I began my analysis of this chart by calculating the almuten on the Cross of Matter . I feel this gives an understanding of the inner workings of the chart. The planets that receive the most dignity for the Cross of Matter in Prince Charles' natal chart are Saturn and Mercury. So it could be said that Prince Charles has Saturn/Mercury driving his chart.

The next step is to analyse Saturn and Mercury using whole sign places. Saturn the ruler of time (age) is at 05 16´of the mutable earth sign, Virgo, in the 2nd place. Saturn also rules the 7th place (Aquarius) - the place of partnerships. Mercury the ruler of Virgo represents youth and duality. Prince Charles had a relationship with a younger partner and now has one with an older partner. It is said that Saturn delivers his fruits later in life.

Prince Charles has a nocturnal chart. The Sun in Scorpio is below the horizon and the Taurus Moon is in its exaltation above the horizon. Because the chart is nocturnal, Saturn as a Solar planet is out of sect . Natal Saturn forms a grand trine to Charles' whole sign angular 10th place Taurus North Node which is conjunct the exalted Taurus Moon. The Moon is the triplicity lord of earth in a nocturnal chart, forming a triad with Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is sextile the 4th place Scorpio South Node/Mercury conjunction. Mercury is the almuten lord of Charles' Saturn and is trine Jupiter.

The midpoint patterns here can be described as Moon/Node and Mercury/Node about which Reinhold Ebertin says "The desire to exchange thoughts or ideas with other people, a thought union with others, the bringing about of contacts, the process of getting acquainted with the female sex." . Mercury/South Node conjunctions can also be described as "Trickery". Mercury/South Node opposing Moon/North Node can bring about very emotional outbursts or emotionally fated unions. Add to this that the lord of Mercury in Scorpio is Mars! All of which suggest that the 10th - 4th house axis is very strong and any movement across this axis should be noticeable in the events of Charles' life..

Jupiter, being a Solar planet in a nocturnal chart is also out of sect. Jupiter is on the 22nd Cardinal Lunar station (mansion) of 29 53´Sagittarius. Natal Jupiter is in the 5th place, the place of Children.

Note: I would not usually do this as it is not in keeping with the Hellenistic text but the fact is even though natal Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius, I feel that it is so close to the Capricorn cusp, that it must be viewed as crossing it even though it is 7 minutes from the sign change 12 hours later. In Capricorn, Jupiter is in its Fall. 00° Capricorn is a Cardinal Lunar Station. Jupiter is also conjunct the 6th place cusp, the place of health and duties of which Saturn is ruler. Jupiter is also in opposition to retrograde Uranus. So while Jupiter appears strong there is a strong case to suggest otherwise.

Prince Charles' Midheaven is 13 16´ Aries, the degree of the second Cardinal Lunar Mansion. My observation of the Cardinal Lunar Mansions is that they activate the degree on the Midheaven to be more sensitive than usual.

In natal charts the Midheaven brings action into public view. The 10th place also plays a part in the career and is also seen as the place axis for the Mother. (I.e., 10th/4th = mother/father.)

Angular Pluto is in the natal 1st place in the sign of Leo and trines the natal Midheaven allowing the energy to flow freely to the 10th. Pluto is also sextile to the natal Venus/Neptune conjunction. Venus is in the sign of Libra and is lord of the 3rd, in its Dignity and it is in sect. (Venus is a nocturnal planet.) The almuten lord of the 3rd is Venus shared with Saturn. Delineating this aspect we could say that Pluto has helped the synthesis of the Neptune/Venus conjunction. Understanding the mystery of love and the deception of love are some of the phrases we could use to describe this energy, which is then delivered to the public by way of the Midheaven. All these aspects are adding more strength to the 4th/10th, MC/IC axis.

Prince Charles' natal Sun is 22 25´ Scorpio in the 4th place and this is conjunct the 5th Placidus house cusp. Mars, at 20° 57´ Sagittarius in the 5th place and in sect, is the lord of Charles' Scorpio Sun and Aries MC., which it also trines. When you calculate the almuten points, Mars and the Moon are the strongest planets in the chart. Jupiter is the almuten lord of Mars. Mars is the ruler of the Midheaven along with the Moon, which is in the 10th, whether using whole sign or Placidus cusps.

Eclipse Activity:

8 April 2005 will see the first of a series of eclipses affecting Charles' natal chart. This Solar eclipse falls on the exaltation degree of the Sun of 19° Aries. In the eclipse chart Jupiter will trine Mars, eclipse Jupiter will conjunct natal Neptune/Venus, while eclipse Mars/Neptune will oppose natal Pluto and the 1st/7th axis. The eclipse Saturn will form a T square to eclipse Sun/Moon and natal Neptune/Venus.

19° 42´ Aries is also the Arabic Part of Ancestry in Charles' chart.

Of interest is that on this same day Charles' Solar Arc directed Moon is 27° 44´ Gemini and his Secondary Progressed Uranus is retrograde 27° 41´ Gemini. In these progressed charts 3´ of arc is an acceptable orb. Moon/Uranus is described by Ebertin as "Emotional tensions, sudden manifestation of the sub-conscious forces.

On 24 April 2005, a Lunar Appulse eclipse at 04°18´ Scorpio will activate the 10th/4th axis. With this eclipse Chiron will square the eclipsing Luminaries which will be conjunct the nodal axis. Having a Lunar eclipse in a partile conjunction to the nodal axis is a major statement of the fate that may lie ahead. The Secondary Progressed Moon will be about to form an opposition to Charles' natal Sun. The 03° Scorpio eclipse Moon is at the Fall degree of the Moon. This means we have a Solar eclipse on the Exaltation degree of the Sun, followed immediately by the Moon in a Lunar eclipse on the Fall degree of the Moon. I would expect to see some major events around the dates of these two eclipses!

The Solar eclipse of 3 October 2005 again highlights the Prince's natal chart with eclipse South Node conjunct natal Neptune, eclipse Neptune is trine natal Neptune. The eclipse North Node is conjunct the MC, eclipse Mars retrograde is opposition to natal Sun and eclipse Venus is conjunct natal Sun and opposition eclipse Mars. In the Secondary Progressed chart the progressed Moon is square the natal Part of Fortune, the progressed Mars is square natal South Node and progressed Mercury is square natal Mercury. With so much activation I can't help thinking that all this means the past resurfacing in some way. Possibly the questions that surrounded the death of Diana will once again be headlined.

17 October 2005 will again see Charles' chart linked to another Partial Lunar eclipse. The outer planetary movements will of course not have moved very much. Eclipse Mars is retrograding backwards and forwards over the Placidus 11th house cusp whilst being in opposition to Charles' natal Sun. Eclipse Mars is also quincunx to natal Mars. Venus, the lord of the 10th whole place and ruler of the 11th using Placidus houses, in the eclipse chart is trine Saturn and disposes Mars. The 10th in mundane charts is the seat of the King and the 11th, as the derived 2nd from the 10th, represents the Kings income. This indicates the strong possibility of hasty decisions which may be later regretted as they could affect the relationship with his mother and cause still more public upset.


Moving on now to Charles' Firdaria, Place Profection and the Lords . Of interest is also the 18 and a half year North Node cycles and Charles' 57th Solar Return together with the usual Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc directions. My intention is to try and outline some of the more interesting events. There are many events that take place over a lifetime and there is obviously no space to include them all. There are some gaps in some of the periods of the Firdaria - you may wish to fill them in yourself.

Charles childhood was ruled by the exalted Taurus Moon long period (9 years), with the sub lord periods lasting 1 year 3 months 12 days and 21 hrs. We start first with the Moon sub period during which time the Prince moved with his parents from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House.

"Prince Charles lived in Buckingham Palace, where he was born, until he was eight months old. His parents, Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh, then moved to Clarence House."

In February 1950 he entered the Saturn Firdaria sub period. The 10th place natal Moon was trine 2nd place Virgo Saturn the lord of which is Mercury. During this time his sister was born.

"Princess Anne - now The Princess Royal - was born on August 15 1950, and the Royal children had two nannies"

Here we see the duality of Mercury's influence.

In July 1951 he entered the Jupiter Firdaria sub period. The natal Moon this time is trine the Firdaria 5th place Jupiter. During this period Charles' mother became Queen and he became the Duke of Cornwall and heir to the throne.

"King George V1 died on February 6th 1952, and his elder daughter Princess Elizabeth became Queen. The three - year old Prince was now heir apparent. The prince's new status made him The Duke of Cornwell. He also automatically took the Scottish titles Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland&ldots;. Shortly after Easter 1952, The Prince attended his mother's Coronation at Westminster Abby. He sat between The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne and other members of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace."

Jupiter traditionally is associated with success or promotion, and the acquisition of wealth.

In September 1952 the Prince entered the Mars Firdaria sub period. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth was 2 June 1953.

On 6 January 1954 the Prince entered the Sun Firdaria sub period. The natal Moon was in opposition to the Firdaria Sun triggering the 10th/4th axis of the natal chart.

The Firdaria Venus sub period began 20 April 1955.

Finally on 2 August 1956 he entered the Mercury, sub period which ended on 14 November 1957. Charles started school 7 November 1956.

On 14 November 1957 he entered the 11 year Saturn Firdaria. Saturn is in the natal 2nd place and is trine the natal Moon in the 10th. The sub periods of this Firdaria lasts 1 year 6 months 25 days and 17hrs starting with a Saturn sub period followed by a Jupiter sub period and so on.

During the 11 year Saturn period the Prince attended to his education including the specialised education required by the Heir Apparent.

 In 1958 The Queen announced Prince Charles as the 21st Prince of Wales, the traditional title given to the reigning monarch's chosen heir.

On 13 July 1968, just a few months before the change from the Saturn to the Jupiter Firdaria, the North Node at 13 16´ Aries came to conjunct Charles' natal MC. Just a year later in the Jupiter sub period of the Jupiter firdaria, on 1 July 1969 Charles' status as Heir Apparent became official as he was invested as Prince of Wales with a lavish and traditional ceremony at Carnarvon in Wales .

The Prince entered the 12 year Jupiter Firdaria period on his birthday, 14 November1968. The Jupiter sub periods are 1 year 8 months 17 days and 3 hrs.

The transits to the Prince's chart for 1 July '69 include retrograde Neptune at 26° 17´ Scorpio having just stationed on natal Chiron. Transiting Jupiter at 28° 17´ Virgo sextile natal Chiron and square natal Jupiter; transiting Pluto is sextile natal Sun, transiting Saturn at 06° 48´ Taurus in opposition to natal Mercury and trine natal Saturn, retrograde Mars is 2° Sagittarius and about to station direct. At midday transiting Moon is 02° 38´ Aquarius square the natal nodal axis. Transiting 3rd place Uranus at 00 08' Libra is quincunx the 10th place natal North Node/Moon conjunction.

These transits form the basis of the Investiture chart, thus the zodiacal positions of these planets should feature in any future events which could affect Charles' role as King.

The Secondary Progressed chart for the investiture has the Sun in the 5th whole sign place at 13 18´Sagittarius, trine the natal MC. Secondary progressed MC is 04° 08´ Taurus and conjunct natal North Node. Progressed Mars is 06° 33´ Capricorn sextile natal Mercury. Mars is the dispositor of Mercury. Progressed Jupiter is 04° 19´ Capricorn sextile natal South Node and trine the natal North Node.

13° 31´ Sagittarius, is the Part of Sudden Advancement.

The Solar Arc directed chart for the Investiture is also very interesting. The Sun of course is at the same degree as in the Secondary Progressions at 13 18´ Sagittarius. The SA Moon is 21° 18´ Taurus, and is coming to an opposition to the natal Sun. SA Mercury is 27 50´ Scorpio and is 23 minutes from a conjunction with Chiron. The directed MC is conjunct the North Node of the natal chart and is therefore in opposition to the natal South Node at 4 Scorpio. SA Jupiter at 20 45´ Capricorn is interesting when we compare it to the directed chart for 14 November 2005 in which the SA Sun is 20° 20´ Capricorn.

The progressed Sun position for Charles' 57th birthday on 14 November 2005 shows no sign of the aspect that was activated when Prince Charles was invested, which I would have expected to see if he were to become King. The aspect that does show up in the Secondary Progressed chart is the Moon at 28 45´ Taurus trine transiting Chiron at 28 47´ Capricorn, which is sextile natal Chiron at 28 13´ Scorpio. Thus the progressed Moon is opposing natal Chiron. Secondary Progressed Mars at 04 49´ Aquarius is square the natal Mercury/S Node conjunction. Progressed Mercury has just squared natal Mercury. The Moon and Chiron have the aspects, not the Sun.

This leads me to think that it is the Sun and to some degree Jupiter, as it was the lord of the progressed Sun in the investiture chart that symbolises the throne in Charles's chart. The Moon/Chiron aspects suggest that a deep feminine element from the past is manifesting and the Gibbous Lunar phase will bring it to public attention bringing an emotional situation to conclusion. The fixed earth natal Moon probably represents the Queen whilst Chiron of course represents the wound between Charles and his mother.

 In the Solar Arc chart for 14 November, 2005 there are several interesting aspects. Firstly as already mentioned, the SA Sun at 20 20´ Capricorn, which is at the same degree as the SA Jupiter at Charles' investiture as Prince of Wales. This aspect is also trine the SA Moon at the time of the Investiture. SA Venus is sextile natal Neptune and SA Mercury forms a sextile to natal South Node. The SA Jupiter is conjunct the natal Part of Fortune, so certainly there are indications of Charles' ascending the throne, but the nature of the aspects indicates that if so, it will be fraught with problems. What is obvious is that this is indeed a very active time in the Prince's life. The Rahu peak period mentioned earlier appears to be correct.

Prince Charles will start his 13 year long Mercury Firdaria period on 14 November 2005. This will be a busy time for him, but will it deliver a new wife and the title of "King"? 4th place natal Mercury is in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Mars and the Moon are the triplicity lords of water in the nocturnal chart and Mars is the lord of Scorpio and the Aries MC.

On 9 January 2004 transiting Mars passed over the MC and on 13 January the British Government launched an investigation into Princess Diana's death . Mars will again pass over the MC on 2 July 2005 and this should clarify a great deal, perhaps by the revelation of the results from the investigation. This may set the scene for the subsequent 2005 Solar Return. 7th place transiting Neptune at 14 55´ Aquarius trines the natal 3rd place Venus/Neptune conjunction in the sign of Libra. Neptune is known as the planet of illusion, deception and beauty. It has a reputation for being diffuse in the way it operates.

Looking at the place profection chart for Charles, he is now entering his 57th year. The lord of the 57th place profected Ascendant is Venus and it is in the 10th place. Mars is the lord of the natal MC and the dispositor of natal Mercury. Transiting Mars on the day of the Prince's 57th birthday is retrograde 12° 32´ Taurus square the Queen's natal Moon. Remember Mars was also retrograde on the day of his investiture.

The Modified Solar Return

There is yet another timing technique used by Hellenistic astrologers, in particular by Vettius Valens. I call this technique the Modified Solar Return or MSR.

On Charles' birthday in 2005 the MSR Moon/Part of Fortune conjunction squares the natal Ascendant. This Moon/Part of fortune conjunction is also being opposed by transiting Jupiter which is conjunct the natal South Node/Mercury conjunction.

In Charles' MSR the natal 7th place is the MSR first house or derived ascendant. We can also make use of place Profection by using the 7th as the MSR 1st, natal Saturn then occupies the MSR 4th; Jupiter Sun and natal ascendant occupy the 7th with Neptune in the 10th. As an event chart the MSR also makes a statement. This chart exacerbates the theme already found that Charles' 58th year will be monumental for both he and his family. If more confirmation is needed, Retrograde Mars is square Saturn, opposition Neptune. This T- Square is in fixed signs indicating a powerful challenge.

The Part of Fortune is being opposed by transiting Jupiter, which is conjunct natal Mercury/South Node. The MSR Part of Fortune is also conjunct natal Moon/North Node. Saturn is trine retrograde Mercury and MSR Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Antares which Bernadette Brady describes as fame/opportunity . Remember Mercury is the long period lord for 13 years. This is hardly a propitious start to the 13 year Mercury Firdaria. Venus in Capricorn may represent an older woman or a cold woman. Venus is the year lord in both the MSR and the profected chart, and lord of the first month. Venus is also receiving a trine from transiting retrograde Mars. The MSR Venus opposes the natal Vertex and is conjunct the fixed start Facies. Brady describes Facies as hardships/difficulties

All of these charts are arriving at the same conclusion. 2005/2006 will be a time of enormous upheaval for the Prince of Wales.

Arabic Parts: Another technique to examine to give even more insight is the relationship of Arabic parts in the natal chart. I will only touch on the relevant ones here as there are far too many to go into in this article. The Part of Private Enemies is 04 57´ of Libra opposing the Part of Sons at 04 50´ Aries. I will leave that to you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions! The Part of Love is very interesting. At 29 21´ Gemini, it is conjunct natal Uranus at 29 Gemini and opposite natal Jupiter. Disruptive politically expedient relationships perhaps? In the 14 November 2005 Solar Arc directed chart the SA Moon at 28 20´ Gemini is conjunct natal Uranus. Ebertin describes Moon/Uranus as "Emotional tensions. Sudden manifestation of the sub-conscious forces". In the Secondary Progressed chart Uranus is 27 39´Gemini, which is conjunct the natal Part of Treachery 27° 06´ Gemini and conjunct the SA Moon. This aspect is also trine the natal Part of Fortune at 27 23´Aquarius, which in turn is conjunct the late Princess Diana's South Node at 28 11´ Aquarius. The Secondary Progressed Moon at 28° 45´ Taurus, is partile square the late Princess' South Node.

The Ingress: On 20 March 2005 at 12:23 UT, the Sun makes its annual Vernal ingress. In this ingress chart set for London Mercury will station turning retrograde at 14° 05´ Aries opposing the ingress retrograde Jupiter at 15°45´ Libra which is conjunct natal Venus/Neptune. This places ingress Mercury on Charles' natal MC. Once again Charles' MC/IC axis will be strongly triggered. In the ingress chart retrograde Saturn is in the 12th quincunx Charles' Mars, and in a separating trine from natal Sun. Ingress Mars at 29° 50´ Capricorn is exactly opposing the ingress Moon and the ingress ascendant is trine natal Chiron. The ingress Venus is on its exaltation degree forming a grand trine with the ingress Moon/ASC and natal Chiron. Perhaps most importantly the ingress Moon will square his natal Moon highlighting that this may be the time that the Queen makes some decisions about the future of her son, and that public feeling is running high once again - and not in a positive way.

Perhaps the 27 February 2005 Firdaria for the Queen has the final say. The long period lord is the Moon and Mars is the sub lord until 11 June 2006. Moon/Mars is described by Ebertin as "Excitement, impulsiveness, expression of intense emotion. (Actions which are directed by the unconscious)" As noted earlier, Moon/Mars may also describe the mother/son relationship. There is much more to this story told in the charts of the Queen, Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles and the Princes Harry and Edward. In this article I have tried to focus on Prince Charles to show specifically how using several timing methods concurrently can give a very clear and accurate picture of the events in his life.