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Sarah Palin

By Gregory Clare ©

A Natal Rectification with acknowledgement to Chris Brennan for Blog-post - possible rectified Time.

Sarah Palin


US Paris treaty _ Sarah Paling


Sarah Palin Alaska Gov


Sarah Palin


If we accept Sarah’s reported birth Time, February 11th 1964, @ 18:00, LMT, Sandpoint, Idaho (reported by Marianne Love), then as competent Astrologers we should at the very least be able to rectify her chart with our preferred method and come up with a proficient synopsis. There are a multitude of facts and data out there in cyber space to sufficiently test this Time.

Let me just start with some basic concepts of Hellenistic delineation and prognostication.
Sarah’s Architect (Pre Natal Lunation), full Moon at 08˚04´, is in the Image of the Lion/Leo (One who roars). The Confine Lord known as the architect is Venus.

So given we accepted the Time of 6:00pm, Sarah has a nocturnal chart and as such the planets that are said to be in Sect are, Selene, Aphrodite and Ares. Sarah’s Venus is in the 8th whole sign house in the image of the Ram/Aries with Jupiter; The Abundance of others resources are available for her to make use of, but not without losses! Secretive research/analysing with others. (A brief depiction!)

This can be seen from the current and past press releases, she goes into bat for the large multinationals as is evident in the fact that she secured massive founding for Gravina Island Bridge in September 2007. Then she cancels the project, saying that Congress had "little interest in spending any more money" due to what she called "inaccurate portrayals of the projects. The Alaskan’s chose not to return the $442 million in federal transportation funds. (Wikipedia)

Venus is in the confines of Zeus. Now here's an interesting correlation, cast the pre natal lunation for January 28th 1964, @ 15:23 LMT, Sandpoint. The lunation MC is partile her natal Venus and the lunation Venus, is in the confines of Jupiter; both are in the place assigned to Kings/Queens/Leaders. Ok what does this mean? Well it’s providing us with vital information, which is allowing us to consider the ability of the Planets to corroborate and achieve their giving tasks.

There is a lot more that can be ascertained from the pre natal chart but for now let’s just stick with the fact that we have confirmed Venus’s role. It is worth mention that Mercury the hypothetical ascendant lord of the 6:00pm chart is in the pre natal lunation chart at Capricorn 13 degrees, in the confines of Jupiter aspecting both natal Jupiter and Venus.

Vettius Valens has this to say about the confines of 13 degrees of the Goat Horned One/Capricorn; “It brings vicissitudes of glory and infamy, wealth and poverty, largess and public ridicule.” Mercury’s very nature is to contest, Contestation.

If we use the 04˚07´ Virgo ascendant then the confine lord is Mercury, which Valens suggests bestows good looks! Sarah according to Wikipedia –“In 1984, Palin won the Miss Wasilla beauty pageant. She finished third in the Miss Alaska pageant, playing flute in the talent portion of the contest and receiving both the Miss Congeniality award and a college scholarship.”

According to the Liber Quintus, Firmicus Maternus, “Those who have the Ascendant in the Terms - (Confines -R. Schmidt) of Mercury will be made caretakers or governors of states, responsible administrators, or governors of the treasury.”

Mercury's position in the 6:00pm chart is at 01˚41´, in the image Water Pourer/Aquarius. This puts it in Aversion to the Virgin/Virgo ascendant, unable to see. This is so with all of the planets in the stellium in Aquarius. The confine lord of natal Mercury is Mercury and as stated it can’t provide steering to the ship.

So who does the commanding of Sarah’s vessel? From what I can see, nobody!

All the traditionally planets are in aversion to the ascendant! Mercury is the exalted lord, and along with any dispositors is in aversion as well.

So does Sarah’s ship sail aimlessly through the night?

The basic formation of the chart regardless of the giving time suggests a Bundle or Bucket shape if you include the Outer’s. Now with all of the traditional planets within the trine aspect, do we accept the handles of the Bucket?

If we do then Uranus and Pluto are the release points and as such must give something back in return! Both planets are at the so called Midpoints of the Bucket. So giving there sensitivity we should be able to look back through major events in Sarah life and ascertain whether there are any correlation to them.

Before we go there I would like to stick to the traditional delineation, Venus, Moon and Mars are said to be in Sect. Mercury as it is rising before the Sun is said to be contra to Sect. But this is not as straight forward as it seems. Does Mercury act as a spear-bearer, rising with the Moon? The Moon is in the confines of Mercury, and is rising before Helios and this is a nocturnal chart.

This raises a very interesting concept, which I will leave for now! Mars is in Sect and is at 23˚29´ Aquarius, and is co-joined to both Sun and Saturn. Mars can see both of his places, the 8th and the 3rd, and the Sun can also see his place the 12th. Mars is in his own confines, so he can do as he likes, and is not burnt, or so called combust- under-beams. Why you ask? Because he is protected by his Chariot!

This allows the Nocturnal Malefic to slay all that stands to be divided. This action allows the malefic to act as a so called Warrior for Sarah, and in some Sect way acts as a benefic. Mars is also in his Joy in the 6th which greatly sharpens the blade of the sword! Also according to Firmicus, with the Moon as Nocturnal Sect Lord in the same image and moving towards an Adherence with Mars bestows great things.

The same applies to Saturn as he too is also protected from Helios by his own Chariot, although he is contra to Sect, but in his own Home. Now Mercury is in a partile, sextile to Venus, Mercury as the lord of the 10th can see this place by trine and also act for Venus in the Affairs of the ninth along with Selene, as she is the exalted lord of the Bull. Both Jupiter, as the exalted lord of Cancer and Venus can act on behalf of Selene. Venus can only see her day place, although she is diametrically opposed to it.

The 5th place should also give us some info, Sarah has 4 children. Capricorn is the image on the 5th, house cusp and the lord is Saturn. Saturn is unable to see this place, so who administers the affairs of this place? Mars as exalted lord, no he cannot see it. Venus and Jupiter become the mangers of the affairs of the 5th as they can both see the house. So even though the outlook for children from first glance is not good, but with the aid of the two benefices, and especially Venus as she is in the confines of Jupiter, which Valens say is ‘prolific’, the job gets done.

Now onto some moments in Sarah’s life,

“On August 29, 1988, she eloped with her high school sweetheart Todd Palin, sparing her parents the expense of a big wedding. After the marriage, she helped in her husband's commercial fishing business.” (Wikipedia) The general significator for legal marriage is Selene. The Moon can’t see the 7th place Pisces, but can see its ruler Jupiter. The Moon is co-joined in a stellium to the Sun/Mars and Saturn, which do signify male partners. The exalted Lord of Pisces is Venus and the ruler is Jupiter, who can’t see the 7th either.

This is the dilemma facing this chart. Given the shape of the chart it’s a difficult task for some of the houses to be under any administration.

The 1988 Solar return see’s Venus in a synodic return with a stellium of planets in Sagittarius, including a partile trine from the return Moon. Mercury is the 24th Year lord and is in the 1st, which is the 24th place. Jupiter is the Month lord of the 7th place Pisces. The day lord is the Moon and the 11th place, return Moon as I mentioned is in the 4th in the Archer partile trine Venus. Return Jupiter is in a exact sextile to natal Saturn and trine to all the Sagittarius return planets in the 4th.The transit chart has Sun in the 1st co-joined to her proposed ascendant and natal Uranus, with transiting Venus in the 11th.

Sarah first child Track was born in 1989. The 25th profected year Lord is Venus, and the place is the 2nd and the sign Libra. Venus the ruler is in Aquarius, this not a good sign for child bearing, but she is in her own confines and in dialog with natal Venus and Jupiter as well as the return Moon. Return Saturn is the exalted lord of Libra the 25th profected place and is in the 5th co-joined to the Rahu, North Node, along with Uranus, Neptune and Mercury who are all in trine to the ascendant and quartile to the 25th place. Track was born on April 20, so using profection, let’s see where we get? The 4th place, Sagittarius is the month of April and Jupiter is the lord. Return Jupiter is partile to the MC. The 20th Day is the 11th place and Selene is the Lord.

1990 is the birth year of Bristol Palin, the profected year lord is Mars and the place is the 3rd. This time the Solar return has a stellium of planets in the 5th, and exalted return Mars, the year lord is co-joined to Rahu. The return Moon is in the 1st in a partile trine to the year lord Mars. Mars is in the confines of Jupiter and return Jupiter is exalted in the 11th in Cancer. Bristol birthday is October 18, 1990. The month lord is Selene, the 11th place Cancer. The day lord is Jupiter, the 4th place.

Sarah Palin took office as the elected Mayor of Wasilla on October 14, 1996. The profected year lord is Venus and the 9th place. The solar return for 1996 has return Venus in a Synodic return and Mercury/Neptune are in the 5th, and they are exactly trine the MC. This is interesting correlation, as mentioned the year she eloped was a Venus return.

So the Venus Synodic Cycle might be an important future indicator for Sarah.

The return Sun is co-joined to the return MC and natal Mars. Mars is the dispositor of the year lord Venus. Return Jupiter is co-joined to natal Rahu in the natal 5th. The October lord is Saturn and the 5th place, Saturn is in the confines of Mars. The day lord is Saturn and the 6th place and this where we find the Solar return MC.

Just so happens that 2012 will be another 8 year Venus synodic return.

Let’s now look at the up-coming year 2012. Ok this solar return should determine whether 04 Virgo is Sarah’s ascendant. Return Jupiter/Asc are at 04 of Taurus making an exact trine to the proposed natal ascendant. Return Venus/Uranus are co-joined to natal Venus. Return Mercury is co-joined to natal Saturn and the return Moon is at the Bends, quartile to the natal nodes. This is a big statement by the cosmos!

Return MC/Pluto are in the 5th partile trine to the natal Pluto. Return Chiron is exactly conjunct her Descendant. Lastly return retrograde Mars is in the 1st co-joined to natal Lot Fortune and the return Lot is square the natal Lot in Sagittarius in the 4th. This is one dozy of a return!

2012 is Sarah's 48th profected return and the year lord is Mercury and the place is the Ascendant. The US votes on November 3rd every four years. So let’s see where we end up? November is the 10th place and Gemini is the image and Mercury is the month Lord. The Day is the Leo and the 12th place, Sun is the day lord.

Finally the transiting chart for November 3rd 2012 presuming Sarah is in the running!

This chart is very interesting for Sarah, the transiting South Node/Ketu is partile to the natal MC, and there is a grand trine involving the transiting Cancer Moon, Saturn, and Neptune/Chiron. Transiting Jupiter is in Sarah’s 10th, but is retrograde. Transiting Mercury the Year lord is at the early degrees Sagittarius trine Sarah natal Venus. Transiting Mars in Sagittarius is trine her Jupiter. These were some of the return position that showed up in the dates mentioned above.

One last remark these transiting aspects on the November 3rd 2012 set off not only the Sibling Chart but also the chart I use for Mundane forecasting for the USA, The Paris Treaty 1783.

This chart I have shown many times governs the US Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament and the Governments, and fortunes of the Nation. To hear some of what I have said about the USA and the Paris Treaty chart you can go to the IAA website for the lecture; Hell hath no Fury like Money Scorned.

Sarah Palin's natal chart + 2012 Solar return + transit Nove 3rd 2012

To read more suggestions on Sarah's possible Ascendant you can go to Chris Brennan’s blog site.

1783 US Paris Treaty + Sarah Palin's Natal Chart + Nov 3rd US Voting Day