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Schappelle Corby

Schappelle Corby 11:53am 10th July 1977, Brisbane QLD. ©

October 8, 2004: Schapelle Corby had flown to Bali from Brisbane, via Sydney, with some friends and a family member.


In Schappelle's natal chart Saturn is the lord of the year and Lord of the fourth house and fifth, and is the 28th year Lord. Natal Saturn is in detriment in the derived 8th from the Profected fourth, or 7th from the fifth natal house.The Sun is the Lord of Saturn and the Moon disposit's the Sun.

The Moon is ruled by Venus and Venus is peregrine (having no rulership in Gemini), Mercury disposit's Venus. Mercury is Anaretic, having no rulership and being at such a late degree has no power. Mercury is Lord of the 9th and the 12th place. Jupiter is in detriment and also Mars.

The only planet that has any power is the Sun on the MC and the Moon is in her exaltation, but she is greatly weaken by being in the 8th.

The first aspect the Moon makes is an inconjunct to Pluto and then a square to Saturn and then a sextile to the Sun, the Moon then conjuncts Mars. So there appears to be no support in the chart for any planets.

"The MSR can be interpreted several ways!"First as an event chart:"Next, reading the first house from the where you find the natal part of Fortune; in this case that's the 11th house. So the 11th becomes the 1st."Finally each month and day has a house also."The Ruler of the Event chart is Mars, cadent in the 6th conjunct the Node; square the Sun cadent in the 9th, opposition Jupiter in the 12th."'Ebertin's description of the negative associations of Mars/Node: Biological Correspondence: "the activity of the astral body - A disturbance of the great life rhythms: precocity, disturbance during the climacteric years, eunuchism and eunuch like behaviour: Quarrels and disputes within communities, organisations and association, an interruption of associations."The Ruler of the MSR 1st and year lord is Mercury, which is partile conjunct Venus.

Mercury and Venus are in the MSR 12th, opposition Neptune and Chiron in the MSR 6th, Venus rules the event chart 12th."Ebertin's description of Mercury/Venus: Authors or writers, artists, salesmen of beauty-articles or objects."MSR Saturn is at an Anaretic degree, having no power. MSR Saturn is also conjunct natal Mercury."Natal Mercury rules the natal 12th and 9th and as stated is the MSR year lord. Saturn is the 2005 natal chart profected ASC year lord."Ebertin's description of Mercury/Saturn: Biological Correspondence; the blocking of the nervous system, pain conducting nerves.

The functional relationship of the nervous system to the organs of speech and hearing. Hard times during infancy and adolescence, a difficult and laborious rise in life, estrangements, frequent separations.*September 2005 will be a very difficult time for Schappelle, indeed her physical and metal health is at risk!

Researching Schappelle's chart you will find that she has had many eclipse's fall on her chart over the last two years.

Using whole sign house/place, Total Lunar SS 5 North, 16th May 2003, natal Mars/opposition eclipse Moon, 8th /2nd. Natal Mercury/ partile square eclipse Venus, both planets at Anaretic degree. Natal Saturn/ opposition eclipse Mars/Neptune. Natal Sun/partile opposition eclipse Chiron, natal Pluto/inconjunct eclipse Mercury.

Eclipse Mercury is lord of natal Venus, 9th house, the Moon is lord of natal Mercury. I would safely say that this action would have greatly destabilised the native.Having a mutable sign rising for the eclipse ascendant and a total lunar eclipse, these effects would have been lasting.Solar partial eclipse 14th Oct 2004, natal Pluto/ partile conjunct eclipse Mars, Natal Asc/ eclipse Mercury partile conjunct. Venus the lord of eclipse is in the 12th in fall square natal Neptune.Sun/Moon Eclipse on node axes.

Eclipse Asc/part fortune/Neptune opposition to natal Saturn/part fortune.Fixed sign rising for eclipse suggesting long lasting effects.28th Oct 2004, Total lunar eclipse partile conjunct natal Chiron/Moon, natal node axes partile conjunct eclipse Mars, eclipse Mars in detriment, eclipse lord Venus is at an Anaretic degree and in fall.

I might add that 9th April 2005, 3rd Oct 2005, are also trigging her chart.I make my observation on the eclipse charts, having dealt with many eclipses personally and professional over the years.

An eclipse is a special New Moon or Full Moon, the coming together of the Earth, Moon and Sun. A fated sequence or cycle, unavoidable destiny, so the frozen snap shot or picture and all its contents must be, I feel joined to an evolving cycle of time.

Therefore any planet or point by partile aspect is link to this Karmic journey.

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