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Schappelle Corby's Trial and Verdict

Schappelle Corby 11:53am 10th July 1977, Brisbane QLD. ©

October 8, 2004: Schappelle Corby is arrested at Denpasar Airport after Customs officers found 4.1 kilograms of marijuana in her bodyboard bag.

Schappelle Corby's Trial and Verdict. 11:38:40 UVT-8:00, Denpasar, Indonesia.

Written & Researched by Gregory Clare ©


The Verdict handed down on Friday 27th May 2005, in the Denpasar Court by the Indonesian Justice system, watched by many Australians, was judged by the media to be harsh! What can the Event chart tells us about that day in court and the on going repercussions if any? In any event chart there's always things to learn. Not detracting from the pain of those associated with the trial there's an opportunity for us to advance our understanding of the event chart.

As an event chart the lord of the first and the lord of the seventh are the contestants, this is slightly different when we are inquiring into a criminal trial. The lord of the Tenth and the lord of the 4th are as important as the first and seventh.

Note: Event and Horary charts are normally cast using the House system of Regiomontanus:

Schappelle's Trail

In analysing this chart we can start like we would with every Astrological analysis. The Ascendant is the first place to look. The Crown or prosecutors are found from the Lord of the first and the first is said to describe the environment or place: Leo is rising and is a fixed sign, as are all of the Angles. Leo is: (Hot & Dry). The Sun being the ruler of the Leo, located in the 10th, in the double body human sign of Gemini: (Hot & Moist) as described by "Al-Biruni" (1029AD).

So, the first statement we can make is; the environment or setting where this trial was conducted was: (Hot & Moist); a good observation of the court room? The Sun in the 10th is well placed or accidentally dignified; so the Crown is seen as strong, we could say that the prosecutors are equally divided being in a double-body sign (Gemini) but as the dispositor Mercury, is in a fixed sign, showing solidarity.

The triplicity lords of Leo, Fire by day, (Diurnal chart) are Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, the Sun again is showing strength by the way of an applying trine to retrograde Jupiter (Triplicity Lords) . So, we are now confirming the strength of the Ascendant and its lord.

Note: The Antiscia of the Sun is 24.03' Cancer; which is conjunct Saturn. Hence Saturn's Antiscia is 5.57' Gemini (which is the Sun's degree in the event chart).

Next we will look to the Seventh and its lords, as this shows the defendant or opposition.

The lord of the 7th is Saturn, and yes,for all those New-Age enlightened people, Uranus is conjunct the 7th House Cusp (in Pisces), although the text from the last two thousand years did so without this cosmic guru! We can gain some knowledge from his presence and yes Neptune is on the Descendant. So Saturn is in the 12th house, cadent or in one of the falling houses the 12th to the 6th, or in the turned 6th, from the 7th, also a falling house. Saturn is in Cancer, which is its detriment. Saturn is a slow moving planet, hence when in a sign that is ruled by a fast moving planet it is contra to its moment.

The Descendant Triplicity lords of Aquarius; (Dry & Moist) Air by day is Saturn, Mercury and Mars.

 As mentioned Saturn's state is not good, whilst Mercury in the 10th is accidentally dignified it has separated from a Sextile to Saturn. Mercury is curtailed as it is Conjunct the fixed star Algol. 'Brady's Fixed Stars' describes this as "Female passion and intensity, and also hysterical in the true sense of the word."

The term lord of Mercury is Mars.

Saturn is about to receive an opposition from the Moon, also this aspect is a Mutual reception; the moon has separated from a sextile to Mars and now will oppose Saturn. This is not a 'good look' for one wishing to win the contest. The moon is also bringing together the Nodes to form a Grand Cross; this can be described as a turning point or fated union.

Saturn is trine the 8th and the 4th house cusp, Mars is going into the 8th and is about to trine Saturn. The Moon can be described as the public and representing the mood or feeling on that day, as mentioned Saturn is in the Moon's sign and the Moon in Saturn's sign, so the mutual loss or separation is strong. The fact that Saturn is in the 12th house, and this house is an indication of imprisonment, is testimony to the judgment,as well as reinforcing the Moon in the 12th from the house representing the defended in the 7th.

Moving on: The 10th house and its lords; the 10th is seen as representing the judge or judicial system.

As noted the MC is at the degree of the fixed star Algol, this is can be seen as a description of how the three presiding judges may have felt about the case on the day. The lord of the 10th is Venus in Gemini, hence three judges. Venus also is the lord of Jupiter the natural indicator of justice. Venus is accidentally dignified also by way of the 10th. Venus has no rulership in Gemini; Venus has just separated from a sextile to Mars. Venus is conjunct the fixed star Bellatrix; ( Bernadette Brady 'says success by facing one's shadow').

The Triplicity lords of Air by day are stated above. Venus is in the term degrees of Mars. Venus and Mars are the Triplicity lords of Water by day, and Mars is in the Terms of Mercury, which is the dispositor of Venus. Now, with all this on-going reception, we also have Mars and Venus, lords of the Nodes, being the Day of Venus and the Hour of Mars.

So, your asking what's this all adding up to? Well, let's start with the how the Judges may Interpret the 'Truth: The truth for them comes by the way of the 3rd and 9th, (hidden truth 12th from the 10th) and (3rd from 10th, which is the 12th! ), also the 5th which is the 9th from the 10th which has Pluto conjunct the cusp.

Why the 3-9 axis? Well, the Sun has its joy in the natural 9th and the Moon is the reflection of the Sun having its joy in the natural 3rd. So, for man the Cosmic or Higher truth is in the 9th and the reality is here on Earth in the 3rd. The Verdict is then delivered by the way of the 4th. The fourth is ruled by Mars, and yes, I hear you say Pluto, which has Venus opposing. The lord of Mars is Jupiter and Jupiter is ruling the 8th and the 5th. With Jupiter ruling the 8th, Mars and the other planets associated with Scorpio Pluto, ruling the 4th, Saturn in the 12th, are we ever going to get the truth?

The 2nd is seen as the substance or 'food' of the Crown and with Jupiter in Libra posited in the 2nd we may assume that they feel they are making a judgment that is right and proper or, balanced as Libra demands. But with Jupiter retrograde, with some hesitation the defendant may feel like a victim of injustice as Pisces is the sign on the 8th (2nd from the 7th). Jupiter the lord (in 2nd) is opposing and Neptune the other planet associated with Pisces is conjunct the Descendant, making the defendant feel confused as well as victimised.

The fixed signs that rule the angles are telling us that this is a major contest and that the Verdict will remain for some time. I say some time, but not forever; why? Because Scorpio,although a fixed sign, must by the way of Osmosis,come to the light.

There are other signs here to be read from this chart; the 8th house cups, or the 2nd from the 7th is receiving a trine from Saturn, Pluto is partile squaring. Pluto is also squaring the 2nd house cups, which is the defendants 8th and Saturn is sextile this cups. This can be a sign of the defendant escaping the death penalty, also with Jupiter in the 8th from the 7th, relieving the pressure. But in time, if the situation does not improve, Saturn will move to the 2nd or the 8th from the 7th. The Moon is also applying to the 2nd and 8th respectively and will trine and sextile these cups. But before this happens the Moon will partile square the Nodes, which are in the 2nd and 8th.

The defendant is represented by Saturn and the Moon. Saturn will move into Leo in July 2005 and remain there in another of its detriments (Leo) for two and a half years and this is not what we would like to see if we were hoping for freedom! Saturn will cross the Ascendant on 18th of September 2006; this may be the time of some more action for the defendant (7th from the 7th), which is where we go to court. Other possibilities are the Moon by Secondary progression, it will move to partile opposition Saturn on the 7th of August 2005 and this may be a dangerous time for the defendant! Then, on the 21st of March 2006 the Progressed Moon will move to partile conjunct Chiron and exactly twelve months later, on the 22nd of March 2007, the Progressed Moon will conjunct Neptune.

As stated in my introduction, this chart has given us a great chance to watch the wheels of time in motion and I say this with all due respect to those involved. Finally, I'd like to mention the 'hidden enemies' in this chart. The Judges have received threats and parcels from unknown people and this covert action can be ascribed astrologically to the 12th and 6th the 9th and 3rd along with the 4th and 5th, as these are the hidden houses associated with the chart.

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