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Schappelle Corby

Schappelle Corby 11:53am 10th July 1977, Brisbane QLD. ©

October 8, 2004: Schapelle Corby had flown to Bali from Brisbane, via Sydney, with some friends and a family member.


Schappelle Corby Updated February 12, 2014.  ©Gregory Clare-

In 2005 I wrote an astrological article published in the FAA quarterly journal featuring Corby's astrological disposition and making use of specific Hellenistic techniques. This was followed up by another on her subsequent trial.

How do we now make sense astrologically of Schappelle release on probation.

The first indication of an astrological correlation comes from Corby's solar return. Corby was born on July 10, 1977. Her recorded birth time and location comes from family friend Nancy Dunn, @ 11:53am AEST -10hr, Brisbane, Australia.

If Corby's time is correct then her solar return should show some association link to her birth chart. From an uncomplicated view having the planet Jupiter moving through the sign Cancer and her tenth whole sign house of the horoscope would suggest some degree of beneficial gain. This would be noticeable owing to its transit through the house of public notoriety - fame. However making use of the nuances' which underpin Hellenistic astrology we can begin see some very interesting planetary configuration. The first clear indication comes from an aspect more associated with Arabic astrological techniques expressed as Cazimi (to be in the Heart of the Sun). This involves a planet co-joined to the Sun within 17 minutes of arc. This conjunction in classical terms is communicated as a planet having " A bodily conjunction" .

In Corby's 2013 solar return, return retrograde Mercury the ruler (Steward)of the natal twelfth house, the house of confinement/prison is exactly co-joined to the Sun. This a powerful statement suggesting that the houses Mercury rules, 9/12 will be given special awards by the Sun and it disposition, the exalted Moon, who in turn is ruled by Venus, who's disposer is Mercury. Natal Sun in Cancer is also in the confines (Terms, Bounds) of Mercury. This also adds to the power of Mercury, return Mercury is in its own Chariot with the Sun. A royal ride or seat with the King!

Viewing the 2013 return chart with her natal chart shows us more is going on here! Return Mars is 27 degrees Gemini transiting her 9th house and in an exact trine to her Libran ascendant. Mars rules her natal whole sign 2nd and 7th, which could indicate some form of agreement for monetary gain. However this will be not without difficulties as Corby's natal chart is of Diurnal Sect. Mars and Venus along with the Moon are considered to be contra to Sect. Meaning that she does not have use of these planets benific abilities. The power lays with others and this could be dangerous to the outcome of her agreements. On March the 2nd 2014, transiting Mars will Station RX on Corby's ascendant. So during this prolonged 79 day retrograde passage she may encounter some very troublesome  issues.

Schappelle is in her 36 Profected year according to Hellenistic annual Profected year lords. The year lord is Venus and the house is the 1st or Ascendant. So this all makes sense when we consider the above info and may also confirm her Birth Time.  The profected month lord (Feb. natal 8th house) is again Venus and the day lord position is the 12th house and lord is Mercury.

There is much more to say here but this is just a brief overview and when I have a free moment I will update this fully.

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