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Light My Fire

Uranus Ingress into The Ram/Aries on March 12th 2011, @ 0:49:30 Greenwich, UK, for 7 years

Uranus enters Aries

Anu - Kumarbi - Teshub- Hittite Gods - were equated with the Greek Ouranos, Kumarbi attacked his father Anu and deprived him of his man-hood, which falling upon the Earth Goddess Ge, made her pregnant, from where we get the child Aphrodite.

This is a very similar story told by the Greeks, Ouranos we are told is the God of the Heavens and is married to Ge (Goddess of Earth) and is the so called father of the Titans. Ouranos is attacked by his son Kronos who severs his man-hood, which then falling into the sea creates a mass of foam (aphros).

This action initiates a consummation in the sea – from which the Nymph- Ourania or ‘Heavenly’ Aphrodite, known to us as Venus emerges and steps on to the Land at Paphos in Cyprus.

So the apparent story line of Uranus the Kingly Sky God is one of sudden severance by his son.

When we look at the discovery chart for Uranus by Sir William Herschel, 13 March 1781, we begin to understand this Hermetic Cipher. 

Saturn and Mars are co-joined in the Archer (Sagittarius) opposing Uranus in the Twins (Gemini) and the Sun completes a T-square in the Two Fishes (Pisces).

Saturn – Ignorance and rejection, Mars –Separation - severance and the Sun -The Leader. When we put this together we get Revolutionary (Gemini – brothers of Knowledge) violence aimed (Sagittarius- the Archer from a foreign land) at the Leader (Pisces – Serene philosophical judgments).

But this does not always have to turn into violence as Uranus is holding the Collective knowledge of the Heavens – Universal Love. (Brothers in Arms).






Force & Brutality

The Greek God Ares

Known for Separation/Severance,

dissociation and Differentiation!


World Affairs - 2017

All rights reserved - Gregory Clare Posted - 15th April, 2017, at 1:49pm, Sydney, Australia.

Odd 'Times in the making' - Flash Point - The "lighting Rod"

Once again the history of conflict has form - North Korea;

US - General Douglas MacArthur, Soviet, Russian, Joseph Stalin, & China's  Mao Zedong. Accordingly history records the events, In the predawn hours of June 25, 1950, the North Koreans struck across the 38th parallel behind a thunderous artillery barrage. The Korean War had its immediate origins in the collapse of the Japanese empire at the end of World War II.

North Korea

On April 26th, 2017, there will be a New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus, the rising Ascendant for Washington is 12°26' Sagittarius - The US Independence Sibley  chart of July 4th, 1776, 5:10pm carries this rising degree!

Sunrise on May 4th, 2017, the transiting Virgo Moon will co-join the regressing 00°30' Virgo N. Node. At the same time transiting Mars reaches 8-9 degrees Gemini, which will see it conjunct the Sibley US natal Uranus. This Gemini degree has in the past shown 'Ominous signs'.

On the morning of 9th May, 2017, the transiting N. Node will conjunct the fixed star Regulus in the Sign of Virgo. In the following hours the Node will regress from the Virgo/Pisces axis  into Leo/Aquarius, and in doing so will conjunct Donald Trump's Ascendant.

 In the early hours of this same morning the transiting Moon enters Scorpio.

 Later around 10:16:30pm - 22:16hrs EDT, Washington, DC, the transiting N. Node will partile conjunct Trumps natal Ascendant. (Placidus house tri -section)  At the exact moment of this union the Placidus 9th house cusp of the transiting chart will be 29°55' Leo, with the Ascending 16 degrees Sagittarius rising, transiting Mars will be setting on the western pivot (Descendant) at 14 degrees Gemini.

Additionally Mars is also 'climbing', reaching its Earthly northern Geocentric bounds (23°23' declination) 5 days later. Yes, Trumps solar return Mars will be 'Outer-bounds'!!!  Outer touch will the perceived social consciousness'. More on this later!

This places transiting Mars partile conjunct the US Sibley (5:10pm) Descendant. Furthermore, transiting Mercury will be conjunct transiting Uranus at 25 degrees Aries. Transiting Mercury & Uranus will be in an applying trine to transiting RX Saturn rising. Additional transiting retrograde Jupiter be at 14°34' Libra. This places transiting Jupiter on the Sibley natal Saturn.

The Scorpion Moon will be at the USA Presidential 2017, Inauguration degree.
What does this all translate to? Wait there is more!

On May 10th the following day there is a Scorpion Full Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio.
 On April 13th, 2017, at 7:32pm EDT, Washington, DC, the US drop a bomb in Achin on the  Afghanistan -Pakistani border on an ISIS hideout -as aforementioned by my Face Book post 10th April 'Frankenstein Arise', the transiting Scorpio Moon was at 20 degrees Scorpio - coincidental, maybe?

However from past experience , it can be assumed that these correlated astronomical occurrence are pointing the way to some further unfolding narrative! As I suggest recently in my FB comment;
Political analysis on current transits is depended on the expression of the core aspect expressed. By that I mean the we have choice, how we express choice is somewhat governed by the association of the many factors at play. We can't just say that one factor alone manifest an outcome? Just as our own personal lives are expressed with many nuances', we have many 'Topic's running simultaneously, and each is influenced by the many factors (aspects) at play at the same time.
This can be seen in life -complexity. The transit-s in play at present have connections to many and varied other ongoing astrological signification, for example, as I posted recently, Saturn Station - and four planets retrograde, each has a differing role which contributes to the picture.

Having said that all indications of the above mention looming Lunation cycle and transits associated with the lunation are pointing to very unstable ground.

The Full Moon on May 10th set for Pyongyang, North Korea, has a 10 degrees Gemini ascendant &  Mars is rising with RX Saturn setting. The IC of the full moon chart is 17 degrees Leo, I have found this a very significant degree with regards to the US action in the past. Additionally the Full Moon chart Pyongyang, has the Scorpio Moon partile conjunct North Korea's natal Chiron.

Equall,y the New Moon chart set for Pyongyang has Neptune partile conjunct the IC. This is never a good look for a nation. And with 29°28' Scorpio rising and Mars very close to the descendant it kind of makes me very nervous about the looming Lunation cycle.

 Again if we look at the New Moon location for Beijing-China, Scorpio is rising and this is placing the new moon in China's natal 7th whole sign house with  transiting Neptune directly opposed to China's natal Saturn.

Admittedly there appears to be Astrological/Astronomical correlations' of what one would expect with the current Geo-Political dialog, however as mention there is a seemly large amount of correlating aspects that leaves one very uneasy to say the least.

All rights reserved Gregory Clare. 15th April, 2017, at 1:49pm, Sydney, Australia.


Posted April 3rd, 2017

Put Xi with Trump, who's shown his a Sun/Uranus - opposition Moon reactionary & we have a very unstable, unpredictable, impulsive precarious meeting of the World's most Powerful Leaders.

Xi & Trump

Saturn rising as it Stations in the USA

On April 6th, 2017 @ 0:06:14am, in the US Capital, Washington, DC, Saturn will Station retrograde @ 27°Sag47'. This very significant for the US, President Trump,  China & Russia.

On the April 6, 2017, China's President Xi will meet with President Trump in Florida for a two day summit. The chart for Florida also has Saturn rising.

So what is so significant, what many argue is the most important bilateral relationship in the world, and it comes amid heightened tensions in Asia.

Looking at the transit chart for the 6th April, as mentioned Saturn Stations rising, Jupiter the dispositor in Libra is retrograde & found in a T-square to Pluto & opposition to Sun applying to Uranus. Mars is in poor condition and is in a partile trine to Pluto. Mercury is slow and about to Station retrograde, Venus is slow & about to Station direct. Transiting Leo Moon is in an applying square to Mars & sextile retrograde Jupiter.

Add to this China's natal chart, Oct 1st, 1949, @ 10:13am, and the US, Sibley, July 4th, 1776, @ 5:10pm, and we can begin to understand what may come from this meeting & what the future partnership might unfold.

The first noticeable transit aspect with regards to the Saturn RX chart that meets the 'eye' is the transiting Leo Moon conjunct China's natal Pluto, 10th whole sign house.  And this is square transiting Mars, which is transiting China's 7th house. (Foreign Policy) And Trump's natal 10th, & Putin's natal RX Jupiter in the 7th house.

Moon /Pluto/Mars suggests very strong emotional resistance, struggle or sudden confrontation with one's emotional state. This is evident when looking at Xi natal, (1st June, 1953, possible 27° Gemini rising).

Both Xi & Trump are Gemini's, with Xi's Mercury/Mars on Trumps Sun, which places Xi's Mars on the US Sibley Mars. So I guess we can expect the heat to rise through the verbal exchange, can they both keep their emotions under control!! Mercury is the Lord of both Sun's. Xi may have real difficulty here as Trump's Mercury is found in his 12th whole house in Cancer.

Trump's Moon is remember in Sagittarius and dispositor, opposing Xi's Mars.
It appears Xi also struggles internally with grounding his idealistic and materialistic intentions, Xi has Saturn RX conjunct Neptune RX in Libra, not too far from the US natal Saturn.  Transiting Jupiter RX has just gone over Xi's natal Saturn/Neptune, suggesting this has become a  rather inflated issue. Additionally transiting Jupiter will Station direct on June 10th 2017, @ 13 Libra. On Putin's Sun, US Saturn square the US Sun, on China's Mercury, and on Trump's Chiron.

Xi's natal Moon/Chiron are receiving Pluto transits at present, which would suggest that Xi's internal emotions need some attention. Adding to this the presence of transiting Mars in poor condition in Taurus squaring Xi's natal Pluto & China's natal Pluto and we have a very volatile leader.

Put Xi with Trump, who's shown his a Sun/Uranus - opposition Moon reactionary & we have a very unstable, unpredictable, impulsive precarious meeting of the World's most Powerful Leaders.

All we need now is Putin to step into the fray& all 'Hell' could be unleashed# One look at Putin's chart and you can understand my concern, (Vladimir Putin, Oct 7th, 1952, St Petersburg) Putin's chart makes me very anxious when I see the current state of affairs and the upcoming transits.

There is a lot going on here on the world stage and this looming Saturn retrograde period could prove very unstable. There are also many other factors (charts) that I could include however I think you get how I see the upcoming conditions. We can only hope that common sense prevails & the leaders counsel can do their work behind the scenes to contain any sudden destabilisation.

All rights reserved Gregory Clare -


Turkish constitutional referendum, April 16th, 2017.

Turkish constitutional referendum

Turkish constitutional referendum, April 16th, 2017.

A constitutional referendum will be held in Turkey on Sunday, 16 April 2017. Voters will vote on a set of 18 proposed amendments to the Constitution of Turkey.

The amendments include the introduction of an executive presidency that would replace the existing parliamentary system of government, the abolition of the Office of the Prime Minister.

On Saturday March 11th 2017, I gave a presentation at the Astrology Association of New South Wales (AANSW) on the ancient technique 'Profection'. In the lecture I suggested that it is important to assess the 'Condition' of the Year Lord. The condition of the year lord in the natal, profected year return & the solar return charts gives a flowing narrative to the many varied activities that are at play at any one 'Time'.

Here is a fine practical working example of this method. Making use of the 1923, Turkish Republic chart we find it is the 93rd profected year for the 1923 Turkish Republic chart.(Nic Campion. W-H, pg,321) This activates the 10th whole sign house and natal Mars as the year lord and also the other domicile ruled by Mars, the 5th house, Scorpio.

 In Mundane political astrology this 10th house is a representation of the ruling party.
The lord is Mars, natal Mars in the Republic chart is found in the natal 4th house, (the homeland & Opposition Parties)  and  Mars is in detriment - in the sign Libra, the dispositor of natal Mars is Venus.

 Natal Venus is in Scorpio in the 5th whole sign house, a place where Venus rejoices. The 5th house in mundane political astrology main association is the Senate (Passing of legislation - "statutory law") law which has been promulgated (or "enacted") by a legislature or other governing body or the process of making it) and Mars is the lord of this house.

 Venus  the ruler of the 4th house is in detriment as well, although there is a mutual reception between natal Mars & Venus. This exchange appears to show that the ruling party ( 10th sign) does deals with the 5th house to the detriment of the Homeland & Opposition Parties.

The Sun is a representation of the Leader, in this case President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and the Sun is in the 5th house in Scorpio, ruled by Mars.
So , this is a big 'Mars Year', and it is important to look at the 'Condition' of Mars in the transiting current Solar return & natal Mars Profection charts.

In the Solar return chart we find return Mars in an exalted domicile Capricorn, in the natal 7th house, (Foreign policy - Social consciousness - International disputes & War) and importantly also is, this is 10th sign from the 'Profected' Ascendant. (Derived or Turned House)  

This suggest an empowered ruling party, that will stop at nothing to get the actives representative of Mars and the 10th/7th house affairs.
Mars mundane rulerships are Military, Police, government forces (Capricorn) Army, to give a few examples.

However as Valens & Ptolemy suggest; at any one 'Time period' several signification can be at play, beneficial & malefic activities.

When looking at the 93rd Profected planetary positions we find Profected Mars moved to the natal Cancer Moon ruled Ascendant, and Profected Mars condition is said be in 'Fall' (Depression) and squaring the natal position of Mars in the 4th.

The profected Sun is moved to Leo, suggesting the Leader feels supreme, and it too is square  the natal  Scorpio Sun position as are all the Profected planets & points when a 'Pivot' is activated by Profection.

In the transiting solar return 2016 chart, we find the return Moon/Jupiter in Libra, 4th house,  conjunct natal Mars. A inflated emotional 'Mood' surrounds the Homeland, and whatever Mars symbolises , as I have pointed out above, ruling party, Leader & so on is magnified .

Additionally Profected natal Moon has advanced to the 10th natal domicile  Aries, (Profected Asc Year)  further inflaming the Mood, crowd, people & feeling.

In the chart posted you can find the Year 2016-17 marked and starting with Oct - 10th sign, & furthermore  the Month of April is marked, natal 4th house or the 7th Profected sign from the natal 10th.
Additionally the 16th day of April is marked - the natal 7th, or the Profected 10th sign, with solar return Mars in Capricorn.

Turkish constitutional referendum, April 16th, 2017, the transit chart has Mars at 26 degrees Taurus opposing natal Jupiter, the Planet of stability & Justice .

This is a very significant positioning, Mars is also partile conjunct the fixed star Algol, the alpha star of the Scorpion. A star of baleful temperament, the  Arabic - name,  al-ghul, is demon. Algol is a 'eclipsing binary system, which suggest extreme passions my be very apparent on the day. Together with transiting Moon conjunct RX Saturn, (who is in opposition to the Republic natal Moon) this will be a difficult day for the Turkish People and may divide the country even more. Those in exile will be highlighted with the Saturn/Moon in Sagittarius.

To summarise, the Turkish nation has been and is going through a 'Mars Time' (Dissociation & Differentiation) Lord period & this is very apparent when viewing the national news. Finally Profection is a wonderful tool when integrated into the modern astrological tool box.

All right reserved - Gregory Clare


March 4th 2017.

2017_mars trine saturn

Uranus in Aries -'The awakener" has been hovering  between the Exaltation of the Sun and  the Fall of Saturn for 2 years now. (18 - 22 degrees Aries)
Uranus first encounter with Mars at 00:00 Aries occurred on April 3rd, 2011, along with Moon, Sun, Jupiter & Mercury.

The Sun opposed Saturn @ 13 Aries exact on that day, Venus will station on March 4th, 2017 at the exact same degree. 13 degrees Aries,  a Cardinal Lunar Mansion! ' Hanza' or Hamsa to the East.

"The principle of Cosmic order polarises the all-too-human reliance on the social concept of law & order" Rudhyar.

Something very unusual (if you haven't noticed) has evolved since this astronomical/astrological meeting of most of the planets that orbit the central hub, the Sun. - And now Mars is once again back in Aries, having spend much of February, 2017 in its home Aries.

Over the next two days Mars is sharing its 'Ray' since meeting with Uranus with an  exchange of 'Confines',  Egyptian Bounds with Saturn, the Lord of Limitation, owing to 'A failure to Notice'.

This Fiery exchange is happening on a 'Cosmological' grand scale. It culminated on  the Solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, as the Sun rose and 'Hung' suspended in stillness on the North Pole.

 In case you're wondering what I mean, Pisces 29:49' degrees was the Solar Eclipse March 20, 2015, Sun/Aries Ingress (Vernal equinox) and it left the Earth at the geological North Pole at Aries 00:00  I suggested then that Gaia was being changed by the hand Human intervention.

The gates were opened on April , 25th, 2016, and now we are in the transitioning phase. The Galactic Centre is opening, light from the Past, Present & Future can be seen through the portal!

A archetypal unconscious collective is being expressed through Saturn @ 26 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn is about to Station retrograde on April  6, 2017, at 27 degrees Sagittarius. We have one last chance to 'See' beyond our immediate needs and look into the our Hearts.

As Dane Rudhyar suggest "The noble accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals". Look around and 'See' - what is the state of Human consequence upon the planet that supports Life as we know it.

A correspondence to this can be drawn from the - Just announced last week  NASA - Alpha Centaurus - Rigil Kentaurus, the Southern Pointer to the Crux, has many possible earth like planets.

In my upcoming conversation (lecture) on March 11th 2017, at AANSW, ,  titled 'Profection' I will open by suggesting “Everything we are comes from the Past” - Time & Space.




"Can it all be seen in the Star's" -10:05hrs AEDT, 14/12/16

Solar eclipse August 2017

On March 2nd, 2014, @ 12:20pm, Washington, DC, Saturn stationed retrograde @ 23 degrees Scorpio and the rising - Ascendant was 19 degrees Sagittarius.

 On the day before March 1st, 2014, Mars also stationed retrograde @ 27 degrees Libra @ 12:24pm, Washington. The rising degree was 19 Sagittarius. June 28th 2016, Mars stationed direct at 23 degrees Scorpio.

"On 6 March 2014, US president Barack Obama, invoking, inter alia, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act, signed an executive order that declared a national emergency and ordered sanctions, including travel bans and the freezing of their U.S. assets, against not-yet-specified individuals, later to be determined by the Secretary of the Treasury (in consultation with the Secretary of State) who had "asserted governmental authority in the Crimean region without the authorization of the Government of Ukraine" and whose actions were found, inter alia, to "undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine".

Why is this relevant now? President elected Trump has just appointed ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson as he's pick for Secretary of State.

Here's the thingy - with the full moon today at 22 degrees Gemini/Sun 22 Sagittarius, conjunct the 4th July 1776, US chart, Mars at 22 degrees Gemini, 7th house (Sibley). The house of Minister of Foreign Policy, International disputes and War.

So what I'm suggesting is that Sanctions imposed by the US and most of the West against Russia for its aggression in the Ukraine, may very well be tested if Tllerson is given the job. His election is subject to Senate approval. However here's a continuation of the thingy; Exxon will benefit greatly if the sanctions are lifted, and Tillerson is on the record suggesting the sanction be lifted. He spoke to Putin on this in a exchange during 2015-16.

Re- my Sun/Saturn post - Saturn is the planet of sanctions -restrictions', and as we look ahead 2017, there are some very real astronomical/astrological events that may see this happen.

Venus will station retrograde on March 4th, 2017, at 04:09 am Washington, DC, this Venus Event chart I feel may well begin the process of rescinding many of those sanctions and other potentially Fiery actions around the globe.

On February 6th,  2017, Jupiter will retrograde at 23 degrees Libra, which as pointed out, re- 9th, March 2016, Solar eclipse rising degree for Washington.

The rising degree 28 Scorpio, on 6th Feb 2017, is the station degree of Saturn direct  August, 1st, 2015.
All this astronomical activity & the cross synchronising gives a fair indication that the Air is unstable & what's under the ground is about to return to daylight. However it must be pointed out that 23 Libra is the current degree of the fixed star Spica.  

All may well be revealed by August 2017, a month that has the potential to alter the affairs of the globe.

 Lunar eclipse on  August 7th, 2017 at 14:10hrs Washington, has a very similar outlook to the 8th, November 2016,  sunrise US election chart.

The MC of the Lunar eclipse is 29 Leo, Trumps Ascendant degree.

Mercury will retrograde August, 12th, 2017, at 11 degrees Virgo, this is a very significant event chart.

When this chart is cast for Washington it reveals some of the very astronomical signification's I have mentioned. The MC/IC of the chart has 21 Sagittarius culminating, with Saturn retrograde at 21 Sagittarius. Mercury is setting on the western pivot, with Neptune rising. Venus is at 14 Cancer & transiting Sun at 20 Leo, is leaving Mars and about to join the North Node at 24 Leo.

 This event is then followed by a Total solar eclipse on August, 21st, 2017. Saros series 1 North or 145 astronomically numbered.

This total eclipse of 2minutes & 40seconds will crisscross North America from Lincoln City, Oregon through the upper Midwest and exit through South Carolina.

The feature of this electrifying breathtaking event where the Moon occultation of the Sun stretches across the USA is the culminating Leo energy, with Mars trine retrograde Saturn at 21 degrees Sagittarius. This Saturn will oppose the Sibley Mars.

 This is the pinnacle of all of this astronomical/astrological activity which started way back in 2014, and was given a major  fuel-up on March 19th 2015, with Saturn conjunct the MC of the Washington, Eclipse chart.
See my report second story down -

 And then refuelling occurred again on the March 19th, 2016, with Mars rising on the Aries ingress for Washington & the transiting Moon at 23 Leo.

On March 20th, 2017 @ 06:28:35hrs, Washington, DC, the Aries ingress will feature a partile conjunction of Moon & Saturn at 27 Sag in the 10th house. The MC/IC will be 19 degrees Sagittarius - Gemini & Neptune is rising over the 10:35 Pisces/Virgo degrees.

How will the globe deal with this Saturn/Mars energy fuelled by the extraordinary peculiar & mysterious Neptune, which all began  on February 2011, at 21:30:39hrs Washington, DC. This event thrust the world into unavoidable path of leadership upheaval.

These events are shaping our destiny and will take us on an unavoidable path which is looming in 2020. more on this later!!!

All rights reserved Gregory Clare.


Fire, Fire .......The games that Mercury plays.

Trump profected year chart 2016

On Dec 19, 2016, Mercury will Station retrograde @ 15 degrees Capricorn. This will test the President elect, Donald Trump.

Trump is a Gemini & is in his 70th Profected year - 11th house, Mercury is the Lord. While Mercury and the 11th house of prominent gains -2nd from the 10th (or 12th from the profected year) - have placed him a superior  position, it remains to be seen what will become of all this extra responsibility (Saturn) on his health - 6th natal house and his Ascendant - Leo - Sun ruled and dispositor Mercury.

Profected Mercury, Lord of the year 2016-17, is partile to his natal MC, at the same time transiting Mercury is co-joined to his profected Descendant.

When Trump got elected 8th November 2016, his sub lord for the month - Mars - whole sign - Scorpio natal 4th . the sub, sub - or Day lord - whole sign 11th house Gemini was Mercury, the year lord.

This same day lord and house appears again on the 19th Dec, Mercury Sation - The Profected Month Lord is Jupiter & 5th natal house.

However, when you take the house distribution from the natal 11th -, which becomes the 1st Profected house for the year, we see that the 4th natal becomes the 6th profected from the natal 11th. And the profected day house becomes Ascendant. So there appears to alot of focus on his health.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out, as this will give us information on how this President Elected will manage with the remaining RX Mercury Station throughout the years of his potential reign - period in office.

Mercury will retrograde in Taurus in April - his natal 10th or profected 12th,  In August it will RX in Virgo and station direct on his natal ASC, 29 Leo, moving into the Fire signs, for the remaining year & half.

All rights reserved Gregory Clare



Cycle of Time -

november 2016 syzygy - supermoon

On November 14/15, 2016, 2hrs before the line-up of Sun, Moon & Earth , Syzygy (super moon), the ripe full moon arrives at its perigee - closest approach to the earth since 1948.

What makes this so special is the degree of the super moon.

The supergiants of the solar system Jupiter & Saturn made their astronomical 20 year conjunction on May 29, 2000, at this very degree. The implication are many - flashing lights should alert humans to the nature of their behaviour.

Astronomy is preordained - Astrology is the understanding or study of the events that are ordained. When we make a conscious decision to consider this, we may make better informed choices.

'White dove flying over troubled waters' Rudhyar!

All rights reserved - Gregory Clare


Lunation 109 -Russia

All rights reserved - copyright Gregory Clare -August 5, 2016

Russia 2016

Russia is entering a difficult phase!

This upcoming Full Moon - Appulse lunar eclipse -109 and the following conjunction of Mars/Saturn on the 24, August, 2016, coupled with the retrograde Station of Mercury @ 29 Virgo, will see the focus on the Icy nation.

This Mercury retrograde station is very significant world wide. Why you ask? well cast your vision back to March 20, 2015, there was a Solar eclipse @ 29:27 Pisces. This eclipse totality was over Moscow.

The eclipse lasted 135 Minutes -which equates to 28 Months. Consequently any planet moving over the 29 Mutable degree will have an effect on the affairs of Russia. When a planet stations on this degree opposition to the eclipse degree than the effects will be felt negatively.

This will be very pronounced as both the Solar eclipse March 2015, and the Mercury retrograde station occur in the 10 whole sign house by transit. The MC of the Mercury Station, Scorpio 05 degrees will fall in the 12th whole sign house with Mars and Saturn rising in Sagittarius.

Additionally Jupiter the lord of the 2015, eclipse, will reach its opposition to the March 2015, eclipse 2 days later, this will be a very noteworthy conjunction to Mercury at 28 Virgo. This will certainty launch Russia into the spotlight.

On August 8, 2016, @ 7:30pm Moscow, Russia, Mars will begin its out -bounds passage of elusiveness (-23:26 degrees Southern declination) straddled  across the MC with Saturn Rx. This MC will be by whole sign located in the 12th house.

 Now at this same time Mercury the lord of the North Node will be in adherence to the Node. Both Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius will be in a hostile square aspect Mercury.

Additionally this will be witnessed by several dynamic fixed stars, ensuring this excursion of the planets will bring the affairs of the country into the Limelight.

Making use of the mutable pivots of the November 7, 1917, Winter Palace - Revolution chart, (Campion N.) some very noticeable correlation appear. Mercury is both the lord of the 10 house and the rising sign - Virgo, with Sagittarius ruling the 4th house.

All rights reserved -copyright Gregory Clare




Mars station - retrograde April 17, 2016 update - April 17, 2016.

All rights reserved - copyright Gregory Clare.

Passing the line of resistance - The diametric  line. Changing alliance. Diurnal to Nocturnal!!

Mars retrograde 2016

Mars is approaching the station! about to stop and seemly change direction, move backwards in our night sky. Astronomically this means that Earth has nearly caught up to Mars.

The last station was 697 days ago. On this current RX occurrence, Mars appears to trace a Z like pattern through the sky. Coming-up from below, rising, albeit in an unusual manner.

 On April 28, @ 18:33hrs UT, Greenwich, Mars be @ 00:00 celestial latitude, moving north. This means it will be at its South Node, crossing the ecliptic. And what makes this unusual is that Mercury will  also be stationed.

Over the next 72 days, Earth will pass by Mars. The direct neighbouring alignment occurs at Sun opposition Mars. This takes place on May 22nd, 2016 @ 11:09hrs UT, Greenwich UK. This is a very rare event with regards to the phase placement and transit retro- gradation.

 Leaders around the world will be encircled, weighed down.

The transiting moon at this moment will be besieged by RX Mars and RX Saturn, with a RX trine from stationed Mercury to RX Jupiter, who is RX square to Mars/Sun opposition/Moon/ Saturn, square and Mercury RX quincunx  Saturn RX.

Mars is released from its apparent awkward  transiting trajectory just before midnight UT, hrs, Greenwich on June 29th 2016, when it leaves this maligned condition to resume its proper purpose.

All rights reserved - Copyright
Gregory Clare _© ®

update - April 4, 2016.

On April 17, 2016,  Mars will station retrograde. One of many countries that will experience this  challenging 73 day retracing is China. The intensity driven force of Mars will be felt considerably, "Red China", is first and foremost, Mars "ordained".

Mars retrograde April 17 2016

Mars previous retrograde periods related to this cycle are; June 1971, June, 1986, and May 2001.

These periods have been pivotal in China's world relations and chiefly significant with regards to the economical restructuring of China. Based on my introduction of the "New China Horoscope" (2012, UAC ) and subsequent research of the astronomical & astrological events, Saturn ingress into Sagittarius and now Mars, we can expect to see "Hot variable changeable action".

 Mars retrogrades significant related cycles:   In June 1971, US lifted the trade embargo,

in Sept, 1971 Chinese Communist military leader Lin Biao dies in a plane crash in Mongolia after what appeared to be a failed coup to oust Mao. After his death, he was officially condemned as a traitor.

In Oct, 1971 China joined the UN.

 1986 the Communist leadership plan was to curtail excessive party interference in governmental and economic decision making, clean up the corruption.

In Dec, 2001, China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The admission of China to the WTO was preceded by a lengthy process of negotiations and required momentous changes to the Chinese economy. It represented China's multi-layered integration into the world economy.

 And recent 2015, signing  of the FTA and other  major deals throughout the globe will be under the spotlight.

As will be corruption attempt reforms by the new leader Xi Jinping.

This 73 day period will see Mars finally station on a very noteworthy degree with regards Xi Jinping.

Xi assumed the official office at 11:54am, on November 15, 2012, Beijing, China. The chart shows substantial correspondence to the up-coming events of this 73 day cycle.

Another area to watch is the PLA People’s Liberation Army, Mar's is lord of the new charts 6th,  whole sign house. Mars traditional rules military and the 6th is the mundane house of military.

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On the eve of the Earth/Sun equatorial marriage upon the horizon line, our forbears suggested to consider the state of the "Heavens above" for any signs or clues that may indicate the condition of the coming year ahead.

And also to study the closest lunation to this passage, Aries ingress of the central Light, Sun.

The chart can be cast for the place you would like to examine - location specific. Looking at the USA, UK and making use of the now capital Washington DC, & London we find two difficult planets rising & culminating.

Aries ingress 2016
Upon the Archer - Sagittarius rising is the fiery planet Mars & the detached frosty Saturn. Both planets speeds are very slow with Saturn 5days from station RX and Mars 28 days from the same condition.

Mars & Saturn are receiving dexter square rays from the lord, Jupiter. Jupiter is co-joined to the North Node & its condition is weak by sign placement but very strong by angularity.

So what are we to make this inauspicious ominous rising?

The chart is deemed nocturnal as the Sun is below the Horizon, leaving the Moon as the Light Leader. The Moon is in the whole sign 9th place in the domicile of the Sun. A masculine sign and cadent falling house. The Moon is making no applying Ptolemaic aspect to the traditional planets. It is leaving the royal sign and its last aspect was to trine Saturn, and the first aspect will be to dexter square the rising Mars.

"All-in-all", this not a great looking sky? "Heavens Above" the storm clouds are rising. I suggest you pack & prepare  for the trudge of the  incoming encounter.

The lunar ripe moon on March 23rd, 2016, full moon eclipse chart also speaks loudly of uncertainties & difficulties culminating. Mars ruled and Saturn ruled activities stand to cover & blanket the coming quarter, as mutable conditions surround this bad moon rising appear very fluid.

London will see the bad boys from the sky above as the two cowboys of the cosmos are centred on the MC. The royal Moon is setting into the abyss. The Lunar eclipse assumes the Midnight position, suggestion a transformation is taking place.

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update 06, Feb, 2016

The Year of the Fire Monkey - Across China people are seemly seen to be  up-beat!

As the Lunar New Year approaches Chinese this week are  getting haircuts, buying new clothes. Forming long queues to withdraw snappy new dollar bills from the banks to tuck inside opulent red envelopes. The red dragon restaurants are busily preparing dumplings, said to be  lucky to eat because they look like gold ingots.

Emblematic luxurious gifts will be exchanged. And on the first day of the Lunar new Moon, the truly superstitious must avoid any activities that suggest loss, cleaning the house, sweeping the floor or washing their hair. These meaningless tasks are seen as inauspicious.

The Year of the Monkey -the  9th, Chinese Zodiac animal, suggest a mischievous, playful  cunning & crafty time ahead. The symbolically the fiery red colour associated with this year will drive the want of wealth. This is also a sub - associated year of the Fire -metal Monkey. Metal Monkey has an association with 'Wind'. Just how the wind will blow will be determined by your actions. Stay calm and still, the wind will pass you by. If however you find yourself acting larger than "life", you may find difficulty during the wind storm!!

UAC  2012, I presented a lecture 'China & 21st Century, , in the presentation, I introduced a new time for the 1st Oct 1949, China mundane horoscope. A feature of this chart using whole sign houses is the fact that since Saturn entered Sagittarius (2nd house), China's economy has slowed. A restructure is taking place. This year will be very interesting to watch as to whether China will indeed make structural changes to its internal economy. See below bi wheel; China's natal and the Lunar new year.

It is 66th Profected year for China - 1st Oct, 2015, saw the start of this profected year with the emphasize on the 7th house affairs. So just how China deals with others will be at the forefront.

Foreign policy, and international disputes will come under the spotlight as we make our way through the year. The social consciousness of the People may be challenged during this mutable challenging year ahead. Venus the natal ruler of the 7th is in the fixed sign Scorpio, seemly opposed to any negotiation, "my way or the highway"! The lunar new year chart has transiting Mars co-joined to the natal Venus.

This may suggest a moment of favourable thought, however Mars will soon enter Sagittarius, (March 2016). This Mars ingress may present another volatile and precarious time for the economy, and other " items" of value to the Peoples Republic. In April this year Mars will retrograde back to the Natal Ascendant, just how this plays out will be very interesting to watch???

A solar eclipse in March this year will feature strongly for China, I will speak more on this shortly!
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China Lunar New Year 2016 _year of the fire monkey

Saturn's journey through Sagittarius!!

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Saturn in Sagittarius

Astrology is a symbolic language, and an expression of archetypes, described as passive/subjective or active/objective. Growth comes through external experiences that cause us to examine our internal experience. Each epoch of Time brings new encounters to live through and these exposed external experiences then turn our attention inward.

The narrative which I'm expressing here is rather unconstructive & depressing. However it is through understanding this necessity that a constructive supportive awareness  can be valuable!
Saturn as a symbolic archetype has a correlation or expression of it's energy linked to; Fear, Ignorance - Lack of awareness, failure to notice. The result of this can be experienced through, a lack of status, which could lead to solitude, abandonment and dispossession.

Saturn will transit through Sagittarius for the next 2.25 years. Saturn's expression can be restrictive, whereas the archetype of Sagittarius is freedom of movement. A double body (mutable) image of a Centaur shooting an Arrow, depicts speed of flight.
So what will we notice from a mundane outward objective perspective, and what will this witnessing and outward experience bring internally?

The world stage has shown the narrative right now! Take the freedom seekers, refuges, migrants. Countries are busy building boundaries. Restricting movement of those who are seeking a Dream life. Running from repression! Religious judgement cast upon the arrow!

Publishing companies may face restriction, forcing constructive change. The freedom of speculating through dreams - hopes, the stock market may see a real flux until early November 2015.
From late November, Saturn will undergo the alchemical welding and re-emerge as a Solar Sect team participant. This period will last for 6 months. From June 2016, onwards, Saturn will decline in its co-operational obligations.
Summing-up, the emancipation search, riding the "Horse With No Name" through the hot-dry windy desert, sums up the journey of Saturn through Sagittarius! Don't hold the rein to tightly, losing the bond and be fair in casting judgement!

 "Horse with no Name" Written by Dewey Bunnell, ©1971
"On the first part of the journey
I was looking at all the life
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
There was sand and hills and rings
The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
And the sky with no clouds
The heat was hot and the ground was dry
But the air was full of sound

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
La, la ...

After two days in the desert sun
My skin began to turn red
After three days in the desert fun
I was looking at a river bed
And the story it told of a river that flowed
Made me sad to think it was dead

You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
La, la ...

After nine days I let the horse run free
'Cause the desert had turned to sea
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
There was sand and hills and rings
The ocean is a desert with its life underground
And a perfect disguise above
Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
But the humans will give no love

You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
La, la ..."


update July 17th, 2015

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Oh what a day, Oh what a night, the day of Venus and the hour of Venus

Venus retrograde

 - On July 25th, 2015, Venus the planet of Love, Unification, "to unite"! will station, stand still. And then start 40 days of retro- gradation.!!!!!

 The Station will be witnessed by the royal watcher of the North - The great triple star -Regulus, The Lion, Rex, Magh, The Mighty, the right thigh of this feared King of the Beast.

 At 00 degrees 46' Virgo (Confines of Mercury) and in parallel declination with Uranus, who is partile square Mars, this Venus,  40 days and 40 nights will challenge any Union that is not glued with the right bonding agent.

This upcoming present regrade, which happens mostly in the image of the Lion - Leo, will reflect back to times 8 years earlier and 8 years earlier, and again 8 years earlier. The Synodic cyclic nature of Venus is 8 -, which has a fascination of its own. You see, each 8 years, there is a mathematical numerological sequence that mostly remains unknown.

However if you Look, you will see - starting with the first 8, then 2x8 = 16, which is 7, and 24, which 6, and 32, which is 5, and so on. There is a lot to gain from this subtle expression of mathematical nuance.
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Taurus new moon 2015


China & the US, contestation over the South China Sea!

It's China's 65th, whole sign, Profected year - And making use of the new chart for China I presented at UAC in 2012, (The private Life of Chairman Mao, by Zhisui - Li - 1st October, 1949 -10:13am, Beijing, AWST) this chart is highlighting China's 6/10/1st houses.

The 65th Profected year falls in the 6th, whole sign house, Aries, with the Lord Mars in Leo, located in the natal tenth house, co-joined to Pluto.

China's labour force is hard at work, in the first half of 2015, China has  sand dredgers and concrete plants working overtime. It has turned a reef into a artificial island, about 3km long and up to 300 metres wide. Aptly named - Fiery Cross Reef. This reef in the middle of the South China Sea, was transformed overnight. And now satellite images taken in mid-May show it boasts an almost completed runway, three cement plants and a harbour.

China's controversial claim to the bulk of the South China Sea via its "nine-dash" line, is subject to a thorny web of territorial disputes involving the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. The South China sea is a key shipping corridor for trillions of dollars of trade – including more than half of Australia's merchandise trade. There is also an abundance of oil and natural gas underneath the sea which can be exploited. The areas in contestation are the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands.

Just recently Fiery Cross Reef  saw a tense encounter between a US spy plane and the Chinese navy.  The exchange was filmed by CNN, which was granted rare access by the US navy.

US,  Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific Fleet, claims China is creating a "Great Wall of Sand" , China is becoming more assertive with its actions in the South China Sea.

Australia is also been drawn into the conflict. Australia has a $150 billion trade relationship with China. This can be seen quite clearly within the context of the new 1st October, 1949 -10:13am AWST,  astrological chart. Since Saturn entered Sagittarius, China's economical growth has slowed, more on this later!

The coming Full Moon in Sagittarius and subsequent Sun ingress into Cancer - Cancer ingress, will strengthen the tension globally and in particular, escalate the contestation. Furthermore the coming retrograde of Venus in late July, should see a major amplification.

The transit chart for the full moon on June 3rd, 2015, Beijing, features a Yod, the finger of God, as it is sometimes called.

This transit chart located at the capital Beijing,  has the Sagittarius Moon conjunct the MC, and the featured Yod  has Mars/Mercury combust the Sun in Gemini, conjunct the IC, sextile to Jupiter in Leo in the 6th, with the apex of the Yod directed to Pluto in Capricorn in the 11th house.

When viewed as a bi-wheel with the new China natal chart a realistic picture emerges. I recently posted on my FB page, and on my website - (see below - )
that this lunation cycle, which featured the new moon on the fixed star Algol, would see a fiery expression of its action. When as mentioned this new moon is placed on a bi-wheel with the new China natal chart, the realisation of the tremendous manifestation is brought to bear!

This new chart has 24 degrees Taurus, on the Descendant, the setting point. So this lunation cycle which culminates on June 3rd, began with a inauspicious- ominous event! The lunation fell directly on China's 7th house cusp. The 7th in mundane astrology in is a representation of - Ministry of Foreign policy, social consciousness, support or opposition for foreign policy, international disputes and War.

The full moon falls across China's 2/8 axis's. The second has a correspondence to national wealth, and the eighth is national debt, privy councils and things hidden.

The full moon as mentioned features a Yod, involving Mercury/Sun/Mars/Jupiter, with the apex falling on Pluto. Transiting Jupiter is moving through China's 10th house, and is co-joined to their natal Mars/Pluto conjunction. This transit of Jupiter through the 10th is emphasising the public image of the forceful nature of this natal Mars/Pluto conjunction. The Iron fist is being clinched!

Coupled with this is the fact that this is a Mars ruled year for China. The 6th profected house and its ruler Mars, are the major Time lords until October 2015, Venus then takes over. The 6th house is the ministry for defence, armed forces and working class. Is it any wonder we are hearing and witnessing the Red fired clinched iron fist. Adding to this is the contestable nature of retrograde Mercury, co-joined and hidden behind transiting Sun/Mars.
This Mercury/Mars co-joining, which has been at play for several weeks now,  is seen as (Mars) a loss of reputation, disreputable behaviour and (Mercury) accusation and lawsuits.

So how will all this turn out? Well this is a big question to answer! We need now to examine the US and Australian charts. The chart I make use of for Australian mundane governmental affairs is the Gwen Stoney, Australian Federation,  1st, January, 1901, 13:35am, Sydney chart. And for the US I make use of the little used, but highly accurate, 3rd, September 1783, Paris Treaty, 10:21am, UT, relocated, Washington, DC, chart. ( Campion.N. World Horroscopes)

The Stoney chart has Sagittarius as the ninth whole sign, corresponding to foreign affairs and commercial trade. The house of disputes and war, the seventh is Libra, and the lord is Venus, who is placed in the natal ninth. Mars the mundane symbol for war is in Virgo in the natal 6th. Transiting Mars is moving through the natal whole sign 3rd, opposing the natal stellium in the 9th. This full moon will highlight these houses. But as for the future and our relationship with China and the US, this is a much more complex question to answer.

For the US this coming full moon will fall in their 10/4th axis's, using the Paris Treaty chart. More of a concern with the US is the up-coming Cancer ingress. More on this later, but it spells troubling times ahead!

When each of the nations are viewed through a bi-wheel with each other, a interrelationship nature appears. With Australia's Sagittarius packed 9th house falling in China's 2nd, and in reverse China's 2nd falling in Australia's, ninth. And adding to this wealth of trade is Australia's natal exalted Taurus 2nd house Moon, (Commercial commodity trade) falling on China's 7th house axis's. China's natal 9th house of Cancer falls in Australia's 4th, (is it any wonder China is on its way to own a vast share in Australia's Land).

Following the same logic making use of the US and China a similar pattern emerges, with the US 9th, whole sign Taurus falling in China's 7th and China's natal Mars/Pluto in Leo, falling in the US 12th. A very intriguing picture emerges when studied from this viewpoint. I will have a lot more to say on this in the coming weeks. For now it is aptly  appropriate to say that tension will only build as the Earth's limited resources are put under increasing pressure by a ever expanding China and a equally defiant superpower and superior equipped US Air force.

Full Moon, June 2/3rd, 2015

China full moon June 2015

There is a New Moon coming @ 26 degrees Taurus.  This union will take place in the presence of fixed star Algol...!! This takes place in the constellation of Perseus - The Prince, Ras al-Ghul, the head of the demon -the Gorgon's Head.
 To the Chinese, Tseih She - mound of corpses.

The star according to B. Brady (Fixed Stars) has a paran of laying hidden from about April 15th, until May 26th. The Star Heliacally rises at 5 degrees Gemini around May 26th, at latitude 30 degrees South. From 49 degrees South, the star never rises, North it has permanent curtailed passage. Described by most authors as Wild and Raw feminie energy.

This translates to - any country which lays within 20 degrees of the equator will have Algol heliacally rising with the new moon. Quite a inauspicious- ominous event.

The lord of this new moon, Venus is herself in a compromised position. Aphrodite is extremely out of bounds at 25 degrees 42' North. The Goddess is not attached to the earthly realm.

Equally Mercury who is stationing retrograde, is also out of bounds. Furthermore as Mars rises, hidden under the beams of the Sun, Algol rises with him, in opposition to retrograde Saturn.

The architect of this calamity is a burnt-fired Mars, in the house of the contestation master of tricky, stationed Mercury.
Interesting times are ahead -literally speaking, hot stagnated air condensed by a unrefined nature. Add to this rotting & decaying air, Mars is also square Neptune.

And what comes to mind is as follows courtesy of Neil Young, "My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)"
My my, hey hey
Rock and roll is here to stay
It's better to burn out
Than to fade away
My my, hey hey.

Out of the blue
and into the black
They give you this,
but you pay for that
And once you're gone,
you can never come back
When you're out of the blue
and into the black.

The king is gone
but he's not forgotten
This is the story
of a Johnny Rotten
It's better to burn out
than it is to rust
The king is gone
but he's not forgotten.

Hey hey, my my
Rock and roll can never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye.
Hey hey, my my.



The Lunar eclipse April 4, 2015, promises much excitement.

The solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, marked the commencement of the astronomical & astrological new year.

As mentioned on my previous posting,  

Lunar eclipse April 4 2015 london
This lunation is a auspicious moment and coincides with the vernal equinox, the Sun is caught hanging over the Gateway to Life. The Sun at this instant is hovering over the horizon, as the atmosphere bends and refracts at the weight of such a grand splendour. Light tries so hard to appear, almost as if it is a rebirth.

So what's all this translate to in astrological language? The tangible & non-tangible, comes to mind.

Furthermore this eclipse lunation cycle -(new moon/full moon) is uniquely special,  the positions of the Lights correspond to the first & second lunar stations. (00:00 Aries -13 Aries) The Moon's daily travel is 13 degrees of mean motion. The 8 cardinal tropical lunar mansions are exceptionally sensitive, and when lunation's fall within close proximity, expect enlarged mundane collective outward expression of the energy!

The Hindu's make use of the moon's actual motion 13 degrees 20', and subsequently use the 27 sidereal  lunar mansions, commonly referred to as the "Nakshatras". The first, of the nature of Mars and named Ashwini - Fast and Swift, however Ketu is allotted the rulership. The second Bharani,  nature of Venus.

The Lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015 has the Moon @ 14 degrees 24', Libra, on the threshold to the Fiery- way  - via-combusta. Venus is the lord of the lunar eclipse, and Jupiter is the architect, having stewardship of the confines -terms/bounds.

How this event unfolds will of course depend on location and natal placement, with regards to planetary placements for nations & nativities.

In general with Venus as lord in her own domicile, one would assume good tidings.  However there are some interesting features to consider. Venus does not aspect her masculine domicile Libra from Taurus, suggesting, Saturn as exalted ruler must attend to the affairs. Saturn is retrograde, shooting arrows behind, or striking with a ray. Conditions with reference to injustices from past karma needs to be settled, payment is due!

Mars is positioned at the Moon's exaltation, accentuating the feminine principle, so Sect allotment will play a major role in determining solar or lunar distribution. Hence, chart casting, global-local  location is central to any prognostication.

Other considerations are Mercury/South Node, in Aries. This aspect can manifest in strange rationality, with the dispositor Mars in Taurus, past unconventional behaviours will be highlighted.

This unconventional theme is reinforced with the Sun co-joined to Uranus. Women's affairs seem destine to awaken the collective. This narrative will be a major mirror through which the collective - reflective Light is shone. The Sun/Uranus co-joining is located on the fixed star Alpheratz.

Alpha (α) Andromeda, is a  member of the royal star family. The lead star Alpheratz, is a double star and sits on the facial neck of the constellation of Andromeda. It signifies the hair falling across the Chained Woman's head.  Andromeda was freed by Perseus, metaphorically riding the wing horse, Pegasus. Perseus fell in love with Alpheratz, married her and returned the princess to the constellation Pegasus. Perseus father, Poseidon, was the instigator of the of the confinement, and ironically it was he's son who sets her free.

One final note worth considering is the Royal Family - Prince William, Duke of Cambridge & Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. These two young heirs will no doubt feature in this lunation, as will the Princes father, Prince Charles. Their charts will be activated, as will the UK 1801 natal chart.

The lunar eclipse cast for London is very unique and distinctive. The event will see the eclipse Sun/Uranus fall on the MC and subsequent eclipse Moon, set on the IC.

Furthermore with the royal 6 degree Leo rising, expect to see Grand expressions of enthralment. Prince Charles's natal Neptune will receive the eclipse Moon partile. William and Kate natal's will also see direct partile engagement.


The ripe whole moon (Full Moon) on March 5th, 2015 - Moscow. The chart indications are very revolutionary, militant & far-reaching, but short lived. But also conflicting & contradictory!

Moscow _ Full Moon_March 5 2015


The setting pivot has Venus/Fortune/Uranus/Mars/South Node, as a stellium straddling the diminished light.
The 7th sign is  Aries 14 degrees, flagging instability. Changeable, unpredictable , turbulent & stormy, full of lighting and thunder.

The confine lord is Mercury, contestation will be evident, transiting Mercury is @ 19 Aquarius, with no aspect, confines entering Mars stewardship. Valens says; diseased & wicked.

Mars is of Sect (lunar)  in his diurnal domicile, co-joined to Ketu -the southern serpent. Mars/south node - can be seen as taking no responsibility for ones actions. Loss of reputation and lawsuits or accusations associated with lawsuits.

The setting pivot is allied to the national/social evolution of consciousness and as such can be viewed by international counties as belligerent, with the above mention planetary placements.
Venus is also in the confines of Mercury, of Sect, but a long way from home. Hence unable to provide any moderating beneficial assistants.

The Architect of the ripe moon 14 degree Virgo is Venus -lordship of Mercury. So again a sense of indifference and inaction accompanies this Full Moon. However the presence of an applying trine to transiting Pluto, does suggest - covert controlling influences. This is also transposed to the ruling government, as Cancer is the 10th sign and MC. _ Moon stewardship.

Confine assistant is retrograde Jupiter in Leo, signifying the state of the leader. And the judicial Jupiter in the confines of Mercury will insure this contestation sentiment stays -Mercury is  in Aquarius - fixed air sign, suggesting - articulated judicious opinion.

The Aries stellium is square Pluto, a hot choleric paradigm is pronounced - cold melancholic communicational  attitude. Loss and grief, but no unsure response on whom to blame.

Schmidt. R. "The Astrological Record of the Early Sages" P.113.


Indonesia's independence began on 17th August, 1945. A chart for the approximate time of 10:00am is referenced from - World Horoscopes -Campion. N. There is  also the official Dutch granting of independence -December , 27th 1949. ib. Both charts are reliant. I prefer to make us of the 1945 chart.

The 1945 chart annual profected year lord and house - it is the 69th PF year and the 10th whole sign. The sign is Cancer and lord is natal Sagittarius Moon, which is placed in the 3rd whole sign house.
Indonesia is made up of many island and it's people come from many varied cultures.
The Moon makes no Ptolemaic aspect to Cancer, its home. In its home are two guest - natal Saturn and Venus along with the North node.

So who looks after the affairs of the government. As the 10th is the mundane house of the government!
Well next in line is the exalted lord - Jupiter. Natal Jupiter is placed in the 12th house, Virgo - diametrically opposed to one of it domiciles.

So, Jupiter is not in a prime position to look after the affairs or its guests. It has difficulties of its own. Far away from home and in a declining (cadent) house, Jupiter has a real problem as acting steward to the affairs. This may be one reasons why Indonesia has governmental issues. The other is the placement of natal Saturn.
Saturn is also in a sign diametrically opposed to its one of its domiciles.

Mixed messages are coming from the placements of Saturn and Venus. Saturn is about ignorance,  isolation & rejection. Whereas Venus is about unification, reconciliation & correctness.

So Jupiter who has stewardship over its guest has a real struggle stabilising any affairs pertaining to the administration of  government.  

I made some reference to Australia's chart this year with mention of the 9th house.

The 9th house of foreign affairs & culture beliefs for Indonesia is a difficult one. Mercury is the lord, he does have an aspect to it, so he can act as chief administrator of the affairs pertaining to the house of Gemini. However his condition is also deficient. Natal Mercury is in his exalted domicile, but is curtailed with his retrograde state & he is contra to Sect. (rising after the Sun -solar chart)

The placement of Uranus/Mars in his domicile is of real concern also! An ever changing dynamic explosive duo, a very airy volatile combination. The natal moon makes its first Ptolemaic aspect in opposition to Mars. No wonder foreign counties Feel it's a real strain when dealing with the government.

So mixed messages, cardinal (changeable) communication are the norm for this counties government.
So what about this impending quandary involving two Australian citizens? I did point out in the article with links above that March would be a difficult time for the Abbott government.

Well turns out that this will also be a very vigorous tense & volatile time for Indonesia, if one accepts the 1945 natal chart!

There is a looming total solar eclipse is @ 29 degrees Pisces. This will oppose Indonesia's natal Jupiter. Adding to this is the fact that transiting Mars will be co-joined to their natal descendant. This transiting Mars is separating from transiting Uranus and both are squaring natal Saturn. Furthermore transiting Jupiter is retrograding  over natal Pluto in Leo & transiting Pluto is opposing natal Saturn on their IC. Transiting Saturn stations & turns retrograde 1 degree from their natal Moon on March 14th 2015. This RX station finds Saturn rising and Jupiter RX on the MC , using Jakarta for the transit.

All is not good as far as diplomatic diplomacy is concerned. This could be a real - TEST FOR BOTH NATIONS LEADERSHIP!

The secondary progressed chart & the solar arc are of a real concern. Solar arc  places Mars/Uranus in Leo 24 degrees. This placement is conjoined to the natal Sun @ 23 Leo. The Sun is leader -President. Secondary progressed chart has Mars/Saturn @ 24 Cancer in their natal 10th.

A very tricky tightrope, walking the thin line!!!

Indonesia independence 1945



Julian Assange Fate & Fortune awaits!!!

Julian is in his 43rd profected year (July, 2014 until July, 2015) - 8th house, with his natal Scorpion Moon as Lord. Julian has a Solar chart, (The Sun above the horizon) so natal Moon is contra to Sect.

His natal Moon is in depression, commonly called Fall. Its placement is curtailed in the 12th, but does trine the 8th, so it can act as steward - supervisor of affairs pertaining to the 8th. More importantly there will be an eclipse on his Lot of Fortune in March 2015.

Julian's Lot of Fortune is in Pisces in the 4th house - Lord is Jupiter, natal Jupiter is in the 12th house, it makes a trine to fortune, but is deficient in contact as it is retrograding without completion.
However his natal RX Jupiter did station direct in February, 1992. His Secondary progressed chart now shows Jupiter direct @ 27 Scorpio 19'. This secondary progressed Jupiter is now beginning to contact his natal Fortune. This aspect is not accomplished until 2034.

Julian's, natal Lot of Fortune, as mentioned is in the 4th house in Pisces. His Fortune is subject to what is referred to as Zodiacal releasing. This condition shows as of 31st December, 2005, his Fortune Lord is natal Mercury, as Steward of Gemini. His Fortune remains in Gemini under Mercury's stewardship until 2025. The zodiacal releasing secondary lord is Jupiter until Oct 2015, as the 2nd level lord of Sagittarius. This is the sign of his natal ascendant.

So how's his natal Mercury you may ask? Can it provide his natal fortune with the keys to get out of the 12th house!!! where he is Now!!

Julian has a interesting natal Mercury placed in Cancer in the 8th house, it is contra to Sect. Mercury is rising after the Sun, however it is placed in the dynamic condition of Phasis, which suggest a strong Mercurial Mind.
Natal Mercury is lord of Julian's natal 10th whole sign house Virgo. This Mercury is receiving a retrograde trine from natal Jupiter. This is a great aspect for covert operations - Mercury reporting on Jupiter/Scorpio affairs -8th/12th- 10th house. Unfortunately his natal secondary progressed Mercury in Virgo -10th House -Stationed in February 2012. And in February 2013 began a 22 year retrograde cycle.

As pointed out by Jennie this coming full moon will activate Julian's natal nodal axis's. The question asked is - what will this activate in his life??? The chart for the full moon shows transiting Jupiter retrograde on his MC -9th whole sign house, with lunation Moon on his natal south node and transiting lunation Sun on his natal north node. This does suggest a turning point in his life - but what??? Transiting Vertex (VX) is co-joined to his natal Uranus in the natal 11th - the house of Gains and of assistance of friends.

Could he receive sudden and unexpected help???

On March 20th 2015, on the eve of the Vernal Equinox a solar eclipse will occur @ 29 Pisces. This eclipse finds the transiting north node falling on his natal Uranus. So again his natal Uranus is activated. This chart features a grand trine involving Julian's natal Moon, transiting Neptune/Mercury and his natal Sun. These aspects engage in his 12th/4th/8th houses. These are covert house of confinement. Suggesting some action brought to bear on his confinement. The eclipse is Saros cycle is 17 South, which, Brady. B., says has sudden success. The most intriguing aspect is one that would take a long time to explain, see;
( ) In brief the birth chart of this eclipse series, May 933os, has eclipse Saturn @ 19 degrees Aquarius. This is the degree (if correct data is applied) of Julian's natal IC, which is co-joined to natal Mars.

Another piece of the puzzle is Saturn the planet of confinement - transiting Saturn 2015. On March 15th, 2015, Saturn will Station RX at 4 degrees Sagittarius. It's not the retrograde station that is of primary concern here but the station retrograde directed  that seems important. On August 1st 2015, retrograde Saturn will station direct @ 28 Scorpio, co-joined to his natal Jupiter and trine his natal Lot of Fortune.

The Station chart also finds transiting Fortune & Mars @ 24 Cancer, co-joined to his natal Mercury. Now this aspect is troubling to say the least. However I need to back up here a of July 3rd 2015, Julian Profected year lord will change to natal Sun. However his natal Sun is in the 8th house...Hmmm??. Julian's natal Sun is lord of the 9th house and as such is the planet which will determine his fate for the 44th year.

Julian's Solar return chart for 2014-15, has solar return Jupiter @ 27 Cancer, which is in exact trine to his natal Jupiter. Also of notice is Solar return Fortune, co-joined to his natal north node. And return Ascendant  co-joined to his natal Chiron.

Julian's solar retune for 2015-16, is his 44th profected year and has return Saturn @ 29 Scorpio.
The 2014-15, profected month lords for February and March are natal Saturn!!The month of February has (if you cast the chart from his birth place Townsville) return MC/Pluto occupying the house.

Looking at the 4th February 2015, full moon lunation chart, you can't help wondering what is going on here? Transiting lunation Uranus is conjunct his natal Chiron in the 5th house of Children & Sex! The 5th is a Fortune house per say - brings good luck. This year's 2014-15 Solar retune chart for Townsville has the ascendant on his natal Chiron. And the lunation Leo Moon will trine these aspects.

One more notable chart to mention is; 25th of July 2015, transiting Venus will retrograde @ 00; degrees Virgo. This is also the degree of the fixed star Regulus, Venus will travel backwards through Leo, (as it does every 8years). This chart is another intriguing piece to the puzzle of Assange.

The consideration by some might be whether to apply relocation here or not to all these charts. My position is to take the birth place, Townsville.

So looking at the Venus retrograde 2015 chart, one can't begin to wonder if the original case which brought Julian into this confinement will be reactivated. And if so the outcome may not be beneficial. Cast from his birth place it has the transiting Scorpio Moon @ the Bends!!! to his natal Nodes. Venus is upon the 10th house in depression (Fall), which seems suggest women's affairs will be raised.

Julian Assange

China - Australia

New declaration of intent signed by Trade ministers from China and Australia on November 17th, 2014. This new deal is it for real - and will it benefit Australia or is this one-way traffic? The deal looks good for China. What about Australia? attached charts will reveal the true story?

FTA -deal with China

Natal charts of China & Australia


to see the latest on Ebloa go to Uranus in Aries

Lunation cycle - eclipse season awaits!!! Dynamic releasing of lunar enclosure!!

The lunation cycle pits the erratic irregular & variable wonders of the celestial sphere, Moon/Uranus /South node - opposing the constant solar horizontal equilibrium, with a splatter of undomesticated Mars and a swelling amplification from Jupiter,  will ensure the encounter goes unnoticed.

The architect of this full moon is none- other than mischief - Mercury, who is stationed on the looming solar eclipse degree.

Sudden & imposing materialization of a fiery and excessive forceful action may take us by surprise this coming lunar eclipse- whole (full) Moon. The US , China & UK,  have charts that  will encounter this release of  emotional charged dynamic  energy more so than others.

The US may see this action manifest through monetary matters and those pertaining to the homeland. Overseas affairs will also feature in this  vigorous energetic  unleashing of solar/lunar force.  China may encounter this through  covert military actions. The UK though national headlines, MC, or governmental affairs.

 The people or crowds will speak loudly as this powerful surge of fiery spiritually charged moment spreads across the globe.


The Royal Family will be of public interest and attention.

The Royal Family

Taking a look so far I've uncovered some interesting stats; William is in his 32nd Profected year - 9th Leo -whole sign house - Lord is Sun placed in Cancer in the 8th whole sign house..
His Solar Arc directed Sun Moon have moved into Leo. His Solar directed Leo Moon is exactly conjunct his Father -Charles -05 Leo Ascendant. Now this may only mean more children but.....Williams direct MC/Jupiter have moved to conjunct his natal Uranus in Sagittarius, suggesting a sudden and unexpected Jupiter in Scorpio 00 degrees moment (eclipse) .

Adding to this is the 32nd profected month Lord is his natal Jupiter. Using whole sigh houses Williams natal MC and Jupiter move to the 12 whole sign house. This house is ruled traditionally by Mars.

What makes this very difficult to talk about because of ethical reasons is that the Solar eclipse on October 23rd 2014, will see Eclipse -Sun/Moon/Venus fall on his Jupiter and transiting eclipse Mars is co-joined to his natal ascendant. Transiting eclipse retrograde Mercury/North node are regressing on his natal Saturn. Natal Mars rules his 12th and 5th whole sign houses.

The Lunar eclipse on October 8th 2014, see the lunar moon diametrically oppose exactly his natal Saturn. So the lunation has transiting Sun on Saturn -11th whole sign/5th whole sign. The architect or confine lord of this whole (full) moon is Mercury. Remember Mercury stationed on his MC.


China on the Move

The Dragon is still on the move!! South America - Brazil, Africa - Sudan - Darfur - Kenya -Uganda - Zambia - Nigeria.

On Sunday May 11, 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signed off on the mega Mombasa-Nairobi railway rebuilding project.

The signing was done at 9:50am at the Nairobi State House. The signing was witnessed by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta , Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, and South Sudan's President Salva Kiir,  as well as representatives from Tanzania, Burundi and African Development Bank.

The deal is said to be worth 3.6 billion US dollars. Just how this new deal will play out will be fascinating to watch. What is China's real business? We may ask! And how adequate will the rail network be!

In 2012 at the United Astrology Conference (UAC), held in New Orleans, I presented for the first time documented material that suggested a new time for the republic of China.

The new evidence came from the memoirs of Dr. Zhisui Li.

Li was Mao's personal physician and in his book titled - The Private Life Of Chairman Mao, Li states that at 10:00am on October 1st, 1949, he joined Mao on the podium to announce the new republic. I since went on to view the speech and subsequently rectified the time to 10:13am, Beijing -08:00hrs.

Using this latest trade deal signed recently in Nairobi we should see some correlation to this new chart time. When solar Arc, is applied it sets a very positive correspondence to the natal. Below are several charts showing these correlations.

Also below is the biggest every trade deal done with China -The Gorgon Project. Signed on Tuesday August 18th 2009, in Beijing, China.


China signs off on a mega deal with Kenya


Solar arc

Gorgon Project and China





In writing this article I would to like acknowledge and give reverence to the families of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 – and the 239 people onboard. From an astrological prospective how can we identify with this Event. First posted on March 14th 2014 © see below....-

Updated 28th April 2014 ©

Adding to this latest information is the possible coordinates...34S26'47" 87E17'40"

This information is based on “Astro*Carto*Graphy®”.

Possible discovery.... window of opportunity,, we will hear (Mercury) news??

Update March 27th 2014 ©


The event has been portrayed by media coverage rife with rumours, unclear reports, confusing ambiguous information and a general lack of transparency . The government wiliness to release the known information is creating uncertainty and doubt.

missing flight MH370

The facts confirmed thus so far as we can determine is the planes departure time; 00:41hrs local time, March 8, Kuala Lumpur, airport; The data reporting system was shut down at 1.07 am and the transponder was turned off at 1.21 am just after the pilot signed off to Malaysian air traffic controllers with 'All right, good night,' and before the Boeing 777 it seems changed course and turned west.

Turning the focus to the departure chart and viewing it as an event may give some clues to the mystifying perplexity of the flight.

The chart Sect of light is nocturnal as the sun is below the horizon. Planets of sect are Moon, Mars and Venus. Planets contra to sect are Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury is not of sect due to it rising before the sun.

The Ascendant degree rising is 07 Sagittarius 47', and the significator is exalted Jupiter, contra to sect in the water sign Cancer, located in the eighth house . Jupiter's position is said to be in aversion as it is unable to see the ascendant. The dispositor of Jupiter is the Moon, located on the descendant in the seventh house in the air sign Gemini. Mercury deposits the Moon and Saturn deposits Mercury, Mars deposits Saturn and Venus disposes Mars and returns to Saturn. So what's this all mean, it's the hierarchy of order. (A series in which each planet is graded or ranked.) This chain of command gives us information as to the unfolding story. The narrative is set from the chain of command.

The significator Jupiter also shares with the Moon in two ways as the Moon is also the natural significator for lost objects. The location of Jupiter in the eighth house is not a good position. The eighth is associated with loss and death and others resources. Equally this house can show transformation or hope of exchange with regards to circumstances. What it does show is a complete braking apart and none -return to the way it was. Jupiter's astro compass direction is west, south west, with the Moon west. Mercury is located north, north east and Saturn is south, south east. Is it any wonder the confusion surrounding the location of the flight.

Adding to this perplexity is the fact that Neptune is co-joined to the IC of the chart. The IC of the chart located in the fourth whole sign house, is north directionally and is said to show the outcome of the matter. Neptune shares an association with the water sign Pisces and Jupiter is the traditional ruler. The fourth gives further information as to the location of the object missing and provides other information with regards to the condition surrounding the object (cloudy, murky dark water).

The natural significator of flight (air) is Mercury and it is in the air sign of Aquarius located in the third house. Mercury's directional position is as stated above, the original flight path course to MH370's destination, Beijing. The dispositor of Mercury is Saturn and its state is deemed malefic owing to its dignity placement in the twelfth house and retrograde status. This is reinforced by the fact that it is the ruler of the second house, the object lost. It may also show the identity of the hidden enemy. The twelfth has an association with exile and with the dispositor of Saturn, Mars retrograde falling short of co-joining the North Node provides additional information as to the story. Mercury is moving to partile square Saturn and trine retrograde Mars possibly indicating the tense state surrounding the situation. Another association of Mercury is passports.

The last known contact chart; 01:07hrs, using Regiomontanus house tri section gives an eighth house cusp of 10 degrees 36' Cancer, Jupiter is exactly conjunct the cusp reinforcing the loss or disappearance. Chiron the planet associated with our own personal struggles and grief is now co-joined to the IC. The last reported official tracking transponder signal was 01:21hrs. This chart gives some clue to who might of turned off the tracking transponder. The Sun is co-joined to the IC and square the ascendant and descendant. The Sun shows the commander or chief pilot, and is the ruler of the ninth house. The ninth is associated with overseas foreign travel and our philosophical ideology.

Finally in this brief analysis two other considerations of correlation can be added; the last Ptolemaic aspect made by the Moon; On Friday March 7, 2014, at 12:45pm Kuala Lumpur, the Moon trine Venus in Aquarius at one degree. This aspect also shows Neptune exactly co-joined to the MC. Later that night at 21:12pm the transiting Moon squared Neptune. This chart shows several very tell-tale signs of correlation with Pluto co-joined to the IC. The next traditional aspect the Moon made following the departure is a square to the Sun. This chart shows the Moon co-joined to the ninth house cusp and fortune on the MC and Mars rising.

One last observation on the departure chart is the Lot of fortune is placed in Virgo tenth house  and the Moon is in the twelfth house from the significator, with fortune found in the fourth from the Moon.




Thinking Back Locking Foward

There are several intriguing aspect happening here. The first is very noticeable. Venus at the bends....square the nodes of which she is the lord of one and Mars is exalted reception with her. The Sun is on the setting pivot about to change the chart Sect...Diurnal - a couple of seconds Fortune and spirit will exchange there positions...Fortune goes the 29 Cancer....this is a e great example of the complexities found within the Cosmos!!

So what's it mean in our lives......where on the threshold

Well all planetary aspects do repeat...but yes this is special...we stand at the pivot....will we the question??? and if history is anything to go On!!!....the Hellenistic Choice...Sun...and what will we choose to collect...

The Moon's node is the point where past and future meet...where the moon crosses the ecliptic and is a Time vortex...where we stand at the crossroads....the Babylonian's and the Egyptians left many allegorical monuments and drawing depicting this very idea.



Gregory Clare December 1st 2013, ©

China 2013

Sagittarius New Moon December 3, 2013, Beijing, China.

See chart below

In 2012, at UAC (United Astrology Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana) I presented a new Time (chart: October 1, 1949) for China, which details were kindly published in the December  2012/13 edition of TMA (The Mountain Astrologer). Commenting on this chart from a Mundane astrological view follows;

China’s ruling Communist Party held its Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee on November 9-12 , 2013,in Beijing. The Third Chinese Plenary Session was opened by the newly elected Chinese leader President Xi Jinping. (China's new Premier is Li Keqiang)

The first  CPC Central Committee Plenary Session was held on December 11, 1978 two years after Mao's death. This was seen as an Opening-Up of China. These Sessions generally focus on economics, however this conference also focused on many other social issues which was very exceptional considering China's past development and governmental structure!

From an astrological prospective the planetary correlations' are very interesting!! Making use of the new chart ( Li Zhisui) it appears that Saturn is making its presence known. Using the whole sign house system, Saturn is transiting through China's first house, although it will not cross the Ascendant until November 2014. However it will Station (23° 19' Scorpio) retrograde extremely close to the new rising Time (24° 47' Scorpio) on March 1, 2014.

Saturn's position in the December 2013, new moon lunation chart is 17°21' Scorpio and making a direct partile square to natal Pluto/Mars (Leo) in the 10th Mundane whole sign house. The 10th house Pluto/Mars natal aspect in the fixed sign of Leo can be seen as a Forced-Control and at times brutal ruling Power.

The sign (Image, Lion) Leo is ruled by the Sun, which in China's natal chart is in the Mundane 12th house in the sign of Libra @ 07°34'. This natal Sun (Leader) has been undergoing a transformation, as transiting Uranus (Aries 8°) is making several pass's directly opposing this natal position.

The new chart as mentioned places the Sun in the 12th, which makes sense when we consider the past history of Chinas' first leader Mao Tse-Tung. This current Uranus/Sun oppositions should arouse the inner or core subconscious to promote a revolution thought process.

Furthermore when we take the chart as a whole transiting Jupiter (Cancer) is moving through the natal 9th house and is directly opposing natal Jupiter (Capricorn) in the 3rd mundane house. Jupiter rules the natal 2nd and also co/rules (Neptune/Jupiter-Pisces) the natal 5th house.

So philosophical and factual thoughts directed towards new and innovative reform of the old structures, which includes the 5th house affairs (Children, birth rate, school system and education in general) can be assumed to make the headlines.  Announced at the Third Plenary Session is, China will loosen its decades old one-child population policy, allowing couples to have two children if one of them is an only child.

The latest or current headlines spell this out further, with natal Uranus (Cancer) placed in the natal 9th house and transiting Uranus moving through the natal 6th (Mundane; defence, armed forces, civil service) house. China's defence ministry announced recently a new "East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone" that covers the airspace of uninhabited islands.

These Island's called Diaoyu by the Chinese and Senkaku by the Japanese are at the centre in the dispute with Japan. Many more correlation can be sighted from the coming new Moon lunation and as mentioned it will be very interesting to observe the way in which the new leadership deals with the many issues pending China's fate.
Gregory Clare ©

China December 2013

Understanding the dynamics of world politics is not an easy task and never has been. We humans have a long history littered with our power exchanges. As day equals night, black and white, it seems the merry go-round shifts like the Sun bringing more light or less. A constant that moves from one to the other, more light or more darkness, with a slight break occasionally, not unlike the Balancing scales of time. The pendulum swinging to and fro and some say we have evolved!

With regards to the present Middle Eastern conflicts, which involve not just Syria, but many Arab countries (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan as well as Israel and Afghanistan and include the interest of Russia and China and what the US may or may not decide to do.

The Astrological indicators which set each individual conflict alight can be traced through many different cycles. The first of the current conflicts arising from the Tunisian uprising which began around December 18th 2010, and now deemed ; The Arab Spring!
Looking at what brought about this may be done differently by each person. For me this lies partly with the outer planetary combination, but mostly the connecting lunation cycles and Sun Ingress into the cardinals. (I posted on my website
 On September 9th 2009 as Saturn entered Libra; Governments and leaders throughout the World who have debts (Karma) to repay to the Ferry Men, will be asked to step forward and will be held accountable! Time to pay Up! )
Let’s look at the Libra and Capricorn Ingress and lunations closest to this Arab Spring and roll from there! The Libra Ingress 2010, cast from Tunisia.

Sun- Depression/Slow- co-joined to Saturn, Leaders genetic failure to notice (ignorance, burden, inhibition and separation, rejection, victimisation and exclusion). Square Pluto- Nodes, Capricorn/Cancer - 8 degrees -Cardinal configuration, with North Node co-joined to the Fixed Star Facies. Gibbous Phase - Sun Moon - relationship; critical, self-empowering, evaluating approach to religious zeal or clarification of individual goals takes place.

Mars 6 degrees co-joined to Venus 9, in Scorpio, sextile Pluto/N.Node trine S.Node. Pathological extremes, passion fixated through powerful urgings resonating from the deep past brought to the present. Venus slow and beginning to Station RX.
Chiron co-joined to Neptune 26 degrees Aquarius, (confines/bounds of Saturn) A longing for sympathic reasoning, urgings for compassionate stability, dissolution and separation brought about from ignorance or false hope.

Moon/RX Jupiter 28 degrees (dignified) co-joined to RX Uranus in Pisces, (confines of Mars, co-joined to the Fixed star Scheat). Emotional optimism, impulsive aspiration for moral and empathic acknowledgment, a sense of atonement for repression of past sorrows! Drowning in incredulousness uncertainty.

On the 5th December 2010, a new moon formed at 13 degrees Sagittarius. This is the closest lunation to the official up swealing which took place on December 18th 2010. The confine/bound lord of this lunation is Venus. Venus in this chart is at 2 degrees Scorpio, trine S. Node, sextile to N.Node/Mercury/Pluto, falling upon the setting point, Descendant. Overwhelming restlessness and a deep desire to bind with likeminded community to forcefully bring about destabilisation and contestation, making use of Mass bounded gathering. Sun/Moon/Mars co-joining in the Archer, firing of creative impulsive optimism driven by antagonism directed towards foreign interests.
During the waxing phase of this lunation Mercury stations at 5 degrees of Capricorn. This station is one of the most powerful positions and is a Key is the unfolding destiny of the Arab Spring.

On December 10th eight days prior to the uprising on the 18th, Mercury was co-joined to a stellium of planets in Saturn ruled Capricorn. Mars was the driving force to this union of N. Node/Pluto/Mercury, with transiting Aquarius Moon co-joined to Neptune/Chiron, trine Saturn in Libra; the exact moment of this Retrograde Station took place with the stellium poised up the Midheaven and all the angles of the chart at 00:00 degrees Cardinal.

The MC was 00:00 Capricorn which was sitting upon Mercury’s Ascending Node and Jupiter’s Descending Node was at 7degrees of Capricorn perched upon the Fixed Star Facies. The new moon mentioned above fell upon Uranus’s descending Node. All of these corresponding actions were a sure sign of a Fated meeting brought to bear upon the consciousness of the people and can best be described as; A stationary demonstration of brutal and violent repressed desire to break free from an oppressed way of life, driven by an emotional past subjugated and demoralised exploited community, brought by ruling totalitarianism and dictatorship.

The sunrise chart on the morning of December 18th, shows the Sun at 26 degrees Sagittarius moved to an exact square to Uranus/Jupiter and Saturn was suspended on the MC. Mercury was on the brink of 00:00 degrees Capricorn retrograde, balanced upon his ascending Node. The full moon on 21st falls at 29 degrees Sagittarius, with Mercury retrograde at 26 degrees of Sagittarius completing the lunation cycle and showing the uniqueness of the planetary correspondence.

The following day sees the Capricorn ingress of the Sun and the Moon entered Cancer and opposed all of the positions of the stellium insuring and maximising the emotion uprising, with a T-square forming between Moon/ Mars /Pluto and Saturn. The Following two lunation see the Sun/Moon and Mars form a combust relationship that would roll around the region reinforcing the fire that started with the Libra ingress in 2010. The following month and years corresponded to a Cardinal reinforcement of these actions as Uranus moved into Aries and reigniting the flames of freedom.

Reviewing the opening remakes and the present confronting situation and what may become of this most recent political play on human life. With the current Saturn/Node configuration sextile to Pluto, who is in the finishing and final phase of his Cardinal Square with Uranus we can expect that the talk of the US going it alone is not far from what the planetary configuration is suggesting. Saturn/N.Node co-joining speaks of isolation and inhibition to form unions with likeminded communities. If we include the Pluto sextile square Uranus with get unwillingness by others to act in great difficulties and the suffering brought upon who wish to be liberated.
The upcoming Libra ingress on September 22nd set for the US capitol Washington DC, suggest a difficult road ahead. Transiting moon co-joined to South Node in Taurus placed in the 4th house, opposing Saturn/N.Node/Venus in Scorpio set upon the MC, with Mars placed in the 7th house in Leo forming a T-square. Not much different from what I have described in the above paragraphs, but with the emotional inhibitions link to the past isolation that may reignite. The only positive looking forward is that now that Jupiter has the Cardinal sign of Cancer, its exaltation home, free from Mars, it may act more as a judicial optimistic guiding light. Up until Mars departure from Cancer Jupiter had to share its exalted position with a rather debilitated emotionally expansive destructive power.

The worrying part is the rising degree set for Washington of 8 degrees Aquarius, which speaks of Plutonic undertones and has links to nuclear affairs. When Mars or the Moon activated 19/20 degrees of Leo we may some definitive action on behalf of the President, with regards warfare.

Following the Libra ingress the next lunation new moon will test the resolve of leaders around the world. This lunation falls in direct opposition to Uranus square Pluto, with Mercury/N.Node/Saturn in Scorpio. This could pose great difficulties to any mention of talks that may wish bring about conclusion and ways ahead.

All these planetary correspondence are bringing us to the highlight of the calendar year, which is the solar eclipse on November 3rd 2013. This eclipse in the fixed water sign of Scorpio will include RX Mercury/N.Node/Sun/Moon/Saturn and an exact sextile from Mars in Virgo, as well it will fall upon the fixed stars of the Acrux. Any effects of this eclipse will more than likely manifest early than this date due to the Mercury station on October 21st at 18 degrees Scorpio, making a direct link to previous fixed planetary action linking to the fixed signs.
Gregory Clare 2nd September 2013, ©