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The Awakener!!!!

The Uranus transit of Taurus
The Awakener!!!!
7 years of Earth shaking unpredictability.

On May 15th 2018, at 16:16:40hrs BST, Uranus will leave the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries the Ram after 7years and make its ingress into the Fixed Earth sign Taurus the Bull for 7years.
The stewardship of "fiery" Mars as the lord of Aries over Uranus will be passed to the stewardship of Venus, the lord of Taurus.


Uranus taurus

Anu - Kumarbi - Teshub- Hittite Gods - were equated with the Greek Ouranos, Kumarbi attacked his father Anu and deprived him of his man-hood, which falling upon the Earth Goddess Ge, made her pregnant, from where we get the child Aphrodite.

This is a very similar story told by the Greeks, Ouranos we are told is the God of the Heavens and is married to Ge (Goddess of Earth) and is the so called father of the Titans. Ouranos is attacked by his son Kronos who severs his man-hood, which then falling into the sea creates a mass of foam (aphros).

This action initiates a consummation in the sea – from which the Nymph- Ourania or ‘Heavenly’ Aphrodite, known to us as Venus emerges and steps on to the Land at Paphos in Cyprus.

So the apparent story line of Uranus the Kingly Sky God is one of sudden severance by his son.

When we look at the discovery chart for Uranus by Sir William Herschel, 13 March 1781, we begin to understand this Hermetic Cipher. 

Saturn and Mars are co-joined in the Archer (Sagittarius) opposing Uranus in the Twins (Gemini) and the Sun completes a T-square in the Two Fishes (Pisces).

Saturn – Ignorance and rejection, Mars –Separation - severance and the Sun -The Leader. When we put this together we get Revolutionary (Gemini – brothers of Knowledge) violence aimed (Sagittarius- the Archer from a foreign land) at the Leader (Pisces – Serene philosophical judgments).

But this does not always have to turn into violence as Uranus is holding the Collective knowledge of the Heavens – Universal Love. (Brothers in Arms).



Fixed Earth sign Taurus the Bull



World Affairs 2024

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The Unnoticed!

Dec_2021 full moon

Astrology by its very nature is a model based on astronomy. No one astronomical/astrological occurrence stands alone. Multiplicity of life is governed by diversity.

Take for example this looming Full Moon 26°59' Gemini. This lunation contains innumerable astronomical correlations which reflect the numerous engagements of the heavens above.
These astronomical correspondences have parallel associations through astrological correlation.

We witness this through associated archetypes. Example; The ripe Gemini moon is very slow and outer bounds, the moons declination is +25°38',  +02° latitude and Mercury’s declination is outer bounds contra parallel at -25°19', -02° furthermore Mercury is conjunct NGC 6656, the fixed star Facies 8°Capricorn (nebula in the face of the Archer). In addition Mercury’s zodiacal longitude 278° or 8°30' Capricorn is also Jupiter’s South Node.

Venus is stationed and about to retrograde co-joined to Pluto and both have a correspondence to Mars via declination. Additionally Mars Antiscia is on Pluto, 25°Capricorn-Pluto’s Antiscia is on Mars 4°Sagittarus. Chiron is at 8°Aries, and Mars’ North Node is 8°Aries.

Saturn is 10°34' Aquarius applying its final square to 11° Uranus in Taurus. There are many more astronomical engagements that go unnoticed which constitute and reflect: ‘Multiplicity of life is governed by diversity’ expressed through events played out through the silent archetype.

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Gregory Clare


NCGR member-letter Midsummer, 2017

2020, The Fourth Way:

Forty Days & Forty Nights & the Aquarian March

By Gregory Clare - Australia


For many thousands of years, humankind has philosophised the nature of life and reality, its very existence. The history of astrology is tied to the evolution of humans and their development of consciousness. As we continue to evolve, the Aquarian Age and all its possible manifestations -artificial intelligence, living on other planets, the applications of quantum physics, etc. - will present new challenges.

The archetype of Aquarius, the Water Bearer can be defined as the pouring of knowledge and edification into the immeasurable cosmic and mystic waters of Pisces, the two fishes. It is described as scientific, progressive and hum anitarian.

In the Western tropical calendar, the year 2020 carries the numerological essence of Two. Since the year 2000 and the turning of the millennium, the removal of One/1from its dominating position as the marker of centuries, Two/2 has begun to infiltrate the collective psyche.

The number 2 carries the essence of the Soul -the Moon. The number is linked to mothering: Intuition, sensitivity, the feeling of unity, and the essence of change. A doubling of these qualities suggests an over-abundance of perception, opinion and wakefulness. Additionally, the two 2s, become 4, bringing the link back to Earth.

Water dissolves stone. The past and its impressions are washed from the Earth, to be recycled in the relentless continuous motion. The 2x2 correlation suggests Moon and Earth, and this may become an enlarged theme as we travel through the decade of the 2020’s. Feeling and sensitivity could grow into revolutionary movements, a conscious response driven by observation and necessity.

There are two descriptions of the qualities expressed by the number 4. Traditional expression correlates the to the nature of the planet Mars, expressed as forceful and divisive. Division occurs through force and conflict,and is generally resolved through cataclysmic action. Mountainous oceanic swells roll across the sea, pounding terrestrial islands and coastal lands. Inundation and deluge changes the landscape, forcing migration.

The other depiction of the number 4 is related to the nature of Uranus. Modern interpretation is of a pragmatic Uranian action. This suggests a sudden realisation leading to revolutionary evocative intellectual action, brought on by the gathering of distinct groups. These egalitarian groups have already begun to mobilise. The seed of change was sown in1999, famously foreseen by the enigmatic figure, Nostradamus.

Eclipse chasers have long known that whatever eclipse they have just observed, another will again occur with little variation 18 years and 11.32 days in the future. All they need to do is move approximately one third of the way around the world to the west and adjust their latitude by about 200 miles. Additionally, every 3rd eclipse (54years) of the series will return to the same longitude. Known as the Saros series, this is the rhythm of solar mechanics that made eclipses predictable events even in ancient times.

At any one time, an average of 38 Saros series are active, producing eclipses at regular intervals, on average 173 days apart. Accordingly, some series are advanced, some partially developed, and some new and unfolding. Saros series 145 fits into the new and unfolding classification. Saros 145 will produce 77 eclipses extending over a 1,300 year period.

This Saros series began on January 4th, 1639NS, 150 miles east of Nadym in Russia, and moves southward with each eclipse. Astrologically, it commenced at 13 degrees Capricorn, opposite the US Sibley Sun. An array of factors contribute to the forms of eclipses produce, and for this Saros series, 41 are total with only 1 annular eclipse. While the series started with eclipses of brief totality, by the 25thcentury the series will produce five 6-minute and three 7+ minute plus eclipses.

Looking back through time, Saros 145 has featured rather prominently regarding the US and mundane affairs. 1999, 1981, 1963, 1945, 1927, 1909, 1891, 1873, 1855, 1837, 1819, 1801, 1783, 1765 were all significant years inUS and world history and have etched unforgettable memories into the conscience of those who found themselves within its path. Eclipses, or special lunations, and their shadows cast, have set the agenda of human affairs since humanity first encountered them.

On August 11, 1999, numerologically expressed as (8+2+1= 11, (2)), the total solar eclipse Saros (145) 1 North, swept across the Atlantic ocean from just east of Long Island, NY, the eclipse path shadowing most of mainland Europe to the Bay of Bengal in India. An astrological configuration known as a Grand Square was created at this astronomically significant event. A dynamic collision of fixed energy, Air -Aquarius, Fire -Leo, Water -Scorpio, and Earth -Taurus struggled with each other. A planetary war erupted between Uranus, Sun/Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and in the violent aftermath the fuel was created for the seed to grow.

The Nostradamus Quatrain, C10; "The year 1999
and seven months, from the skies will come a great and frightening King, to resuscitate the great King of the 'Angoulmois', before after Mars to reign through happiness."That famous riddle has attracted the attention of many.

The astrological correlation to Nostradamus’ riddle could possibly be found in the August 11th, 1999 total solar eclipse. 18 years,11 days, and 8 hours will have passed since the 1999 August solar eclipse, when on August 21st, 2017, Saros 145 will  sweep across the USA from Lincoln City on its central western coast to the central East Coast city of Charlestown.

On March 18th, 1999, Mars Stationed retrograde at 12° Scorpio 12'. This Station of Mars in his own sign coincided with the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo War. During his approximately three-month retrograde period, Mars moved backwards through the tropical zodiac sign of Scorpio into Libra. In doing so, the track Mars traced was through the 'Via Combusta', or 'Fiery Way', which traditionally lies between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio.

On the day of the August 11th1999 solar eclipse, Mars had moved to 16 Scorpio and had started to leave the 'Fiery Way'. In the Renaissance period in which Nostradamus lived, the 'Fiery Way' was thought to have been the source of Life and Death. It was considered the great gateway to the unknown, and was viewed with much trepidation.

When viewed from Earth’s Southern hemisphere, the beauty of the Via Combusta is breathtaking. The Southern constellation Scorpio lies at one end of the Milky Way. To the Australian Aboriginals it is known as the Dark Emu or Rainbow Serpent. Here in the Great Southern Land of Australia, innumerable names and stories are associated with the serpent, all of which communicate the significance and power of this being. It is viewed as a giver of life through its association with water, but it can be a destructive force if angered.

On May 28, 2000, nine months (or 270 degrees) after the August 1999 solar eclipse, the 20 year reoccurring alignment of Jupiter and Saturn at 22° Taurus 43' was accompanied by an Aries Moon and the 90 degree square of Uranus in Aquarius, signaling the beginning of the realisation of liberation.

Over the ensuing Jupiter/Saturn half cycle of 10 years, a solid fixed agenda was to slowly develop within a dramatic and unpredictable, hostile environment. This gigantic struggle was characterised by fear, greed, crises of faith, and strained employment and economics, all fuelled by the fear of loss of all that was important to us on every level. Is this the coming of the Age of Aquarius? What possible fortunes could be bestowed on our planet and its inhabitants bythese extremely rare events?

Adding to this narrative is the rare Mars/Saturn alignment at 00 degrees Aquarius in March of 2020, followed by the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the same degree in December. Additionally, Pluto will be preparing for its ingress into Aquarius. After the plutocratic power struggles while in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, one wonders how Pluto, along with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, will manifest the collective dynamism signified by Aquarius.

To expand our understanding of Aquarius, Greek mythology tells that an urn full of magical ambrosia belonging to the gods was spilled down on Earth, and those who witnessed it saw it as the flow of divine knowledge. However, Aquarius may not be quite as poetic as portrayed by some of the mythology. One of the Greek versions has Ganymede, the handsome adolescent slave, captured by the King of the gods, Zeus (Jupiter). Zeus is portrayed as swooping down in the form of an eagle and snatching Ganymede to take as his own. Ganymede becomes Zeus’ personal cupbearer.
As the story continues, the boy finds slavery unbearable, and he decides to pour out the wine, ambrosia, and water of the gods, refusing to remain as Zeus's cupbearer any longer.

The legend says that the water fell to Earth, causing inundating rains for forty days and forty nights, creating a massive flood that covered the entire world (although in modern times Aquarius is considered an Air sign, most ancient astrologers regarded it as a Water sign).

Traditionally Aquarius comes under the stewardship of Saturn, and as such a very different story emerges. Aquarius opposes Sun-ruled Leo, and is described as cold, windswept, and dark by temperament, fixed and rigid. Here ignorance hides under an icy sea awaiting the warmth of the Sun to break the tradition of winter.

The Urn of Minos, from which flowed the wrath of the 'navy', revenge from the 'wavy lines', the upright walking King-Man. The people of science and exploration are the exalted ones of the Cup of Knowledge. However, on the way to achieving this, the Black Pearl encounters pirates upon the wind sweep sea.

The Moon’s Nodes are eclipse triggers. When a new or full moon occurs within 18 degrees of the Nodes, an eclipse will occur. As I write this article the Nodes of the Moon have just regressed into Leo/Aquarius and will remain there for series of three eclipses. In the lead-up to 2020, and the great Aquarian conjunctions, the Nodes will pave the way forward.

On August 21st, 2017, Saros 145 will sweep across the entire USA. From the start to the finish is 173 minutes. By Progression each hour is said to be a year of time and each 5 minutes represents one month. This becomes then 2hrs and 53minutes or 28.41 months. Divide this by 4 to represent the 4 quadrants of the astrology chart.

Taking as our example a chart cast for Washington DC, the eclipse falls
in the ninth house at 28°52' Leo. This suggests that the main effects may manifest around April 2018.Ninth house mundane affairs will feature predominately over the coming months. Leo and the Sun in mundane affairs are said to represent the leaders. Leo is a hot and dry Fire sign, majestic or ostentatious, larger than life, with both negative and positive attributes. Interestingly, the first inauguration of a US President (G. Washington) occurred on the 30th April 1789, at 12:45pm, LMT, when 28:40 Leo was rising.

Twelfth house affairs have seemingly dominated the mundane affairs of the planet since the last Leo/Aquarius Saros 145,1999 eclipse. The August 11 1999 eclipse chart cast for Washington, DC has the eclipse falling in the 12th house. Furthermore, transiting eclipse Mars fell in the 12th house of the Sibley chart.

No one event stands alone: on July 26th 2017, a Sun/Mars conjunction in Leo will occur prior to the August 21, 2017eclipse, and the essence of the conjunction tied to the eclipse.

The chart for the May 28th, 2000 great conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter in
Washington, DC, places the planets across the MC of the chart, and, surprisingly, 28 degrees Leo rising. This is the exact degree of the looming August 21st, 2017 eclipse. Coincidental? Maybe. Or is this the dance of the 'Shadow Cast’?

Gregory Clare: - All rights reserved 10th April 2017.


Appearing in the Great Theater near you!!

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the crafty ‘Rat’

The Quality & Quantity of Life on the Blue planet Earth is ‘Shifting’!
“Air” and all of attributes’ associated within will be ushered to the ‘Stage’

How will you integrate these Fixed/Solid changes?

I’ve mentioned many times that no one astronomical/astrological occurrence stands alone, multiplicity of life is governed by diversity construct.

Astrology, by its very nature, is a model based on astronomy. If we accept that astronomy underpins astrology, then astrology is preordained by astronomy’s very order. And as such our collective and our own individual stories lie within this complex dance.

Astrology is hence Mathematical, Geometrical and Grammatical.
Organic Life here on the Blue planet we call home (for now) is complex and is a reflection of the multiplicities of the solar system and beyond.

As we move into the next decade of the 2020’s earth will bear witness to Mars conjunct Saturn (March 2020) in Aquarius at 00.00degrees, this adherence is known as the Freedom fighter – the revolutionary movement mobilised.

This will then be followed by Jupiter and Saturn, at 00 degrees on Dec 22, 2020 (Solstice). And once again the Mars/Saturn pattern will repeat on the 4th of April 2022, this time Mars will be at the bending of the Scorpio south node.

Finally Pluto will cross the ‘wavy lines’ at 00 Aquarius in 2023. This ingress also signals Pluto reaching the outer limits of declination –from 2024 through to 2026 Pluto will be on the outer bounds of planet Earth. Will we take personal responsibility for the action of the past which placed us here at the Gates of Hades?

The archetype of Aquarius, (Social engineering) an ‘Air’ sign- is the image of the ‘Water Bearer’ pouring knowledge, edification into the immeasurable cosmic mystic waters of Pisces, the ‘Two Fishes’. Aquarius is said to be scientific and humanitarian, some say ‘revolutionary’. Ancient authors add-‘betrayers of opinion and truth’.

Plato suggest in the allegory of the Cave ‘shadows of illusion’. The warders or scientific manipulators standing on the planks above the prisoner keeping us shackled inside the world of illusions.  I suggest not unlike the current illusion of consumerism;

The Arch of the Preposterous-The great Mercurial illusion, bio data in the clouds. Power is now in the hands of Data collection. Amazon, Ali Baber, and so on, online giants, the great surveillance as we see inherent in China, collection and storage -storage is Saturn and collection is Moon and Data is Mercury.

Is science now replacing evolution by intelligent design?
Evolution of the future is not by the ‘Gods’ of the Sky’ but intelligent design by the ‘Gods’ of the ‘Clouds’ –Bio data –the most valuable resource on the planet.

What happens when your data is hacked?

To expand our understanding of Aquarius, Greek mythology suggest that an Urn full of magical ambrosia belonging to the Gods was spilled down on Earth, and those who witnessed it saw the scared fluid as the flow of divine knowledge. However, the culture astronomical distant archetype portrayal of Aquarius may not be quite as poetic some envisage. One Greek version has Ganymede, the handsome adolescent slave captured by the sovereign of the Gods Zeus-Jupiter.

Zeus is said to have swopped down from the sky in the form of an Eagle and snatched Ganymede to take as his own. Ganymede becomes Zeus’ personal cupbearer. As the story unfolds the boy finds slavery unbearable and he decides to pour out the scared fluid, ambrosia, the Gods eternal honey refusing to remain Zeus’ cupbearer any longer. The legend says that the Scared water fell to Earth, causing inundating rains for forty day and forty nights, creating a massive flood that covered the entire world. Aquarius in antiquity was spoken of as a water sign, although they expressed its quality as Air.

Traditionally Aquarius is under the stewardship of Saturn, and as such a very different story emerges from the modern correspondence with Uranus. Aquarius opposes the light of the Sun-ruled Leo, and is described as cold and windswept, dark by temperament, fixed and ridged. Heraclitus’s Fire of the Cosmos internal change, light projects shadows.

Here ignorance hides under an icy sea awaiting the warmth of the Sun to break the tradition of winter.

‘The Urn of Minos , from which flowed the wrath of the navy, revenge from the wavy lines; the upright walking king ‘Man’. The people of science and exploration are the exalted ones of the Cup of Knowledge’. However on the way to achieving this, the Black Peal encounters pirates upon the wind sweep sea.

It must be said that Saturn and Mars potential, the two bad guys, known as Malefic planets are greatly altered by their by conditions.
And as such how the future is shaped may well depend on their astronomical disposition; We as astrologers can at the very least do some work and look at these astronomical trends and asses the likely Temperament that may arise.

What can we expect? Living on other planets –AI-artificial intelligence!!!

® Gregory Clare

Please come and join us-All welcome
Wednesday February 5th, 2020-



Sometime close to or on the 25th June 2020, we will hear from Her Majesty QE11, this may be a big announcement, additionally the palace may  perhaps be drawn into a royal dilemma-secrets abound to overflow  as its written in the ‘Stars’



Astronomy of astrology or is it Astrology of astronomy!

Gathering Crowds

The Sun ripened eclipsed Moon, Gemini –Sagittarius, with dash of watery Mars.
The Zodiacal images or signs as most know them are of ‘Stellar’ substance, the ‘Solar’ slaves- solar system objects are given stewardship-refuge over these unique images.

We witness ‘Archetypes’ of Stellar, Solar and Lunar essence seep into and permeate throughout human actives over the eons of ‘Time’, cycles of relentless eternity, the Good the Bad and the Ugly! Dynamics’ that seem destined to repeat; two planetary archetypes of the ‘Good’ and two of the ‘Bad’ and one which has a bet both ways contesting- two unite and two divided. Cultures of all diversities throughout ‘Time’ have provided stories and plays of these narratives.

The gathering of diverse Facts- Mercury lord of (Gemini) and the Justices law and Judgments- Jupiter over the facts as shot by the Archer pulling on the Bow is a dichotomy. Fragmented, Double Bodied and Mutable multiplicity is on display as we stand on the threshold of this ripened Moon.
Jupiter lord of both Pisces and Sagittarius is struggling to ‘Rise’ depressed (Fall) retrograde and downcast moving backwards into the Striking rays of a bewildered and perplexed Mars who as a guest of Jupiter in Pisces is suffering from the landlords depressed state. Jupiter is a guest in the image allotted to Saturn-‘The Goat Horned One’, who is traversing in a backward motion also.

As the Earth moves along its celestial titled orbit towards its ‘Standstill’ Cancer Solstices the looming eclipses of Solar and Lunar darkening there is much more to this narrative at play!

The solar king (our Sun the Star) who produces the choices gives life by light to all, including earths orbiting regulator the Moon. The Moon collects and as such is a repository and reflects or mirrors these impressions waxing and waning. The Moon is Past-memory, Present-distribution and Future-cyclic. The Moon governs ‘Water’ and it’s through the movement of water over ‘Time’ the ‘Future is shaped. Water (Moon) wears down stone (Saturn) and these two diverse ‘Forms’ encompass and bookend the planetary visual planetary movement-Chaldean Order or Seven Zones.

Mercury is a guest in the Lunar domicile of Cancer and is slowing and moving in its shadow path, stationing retrograde in two weeks time at 14 degrees Cancer a degree of much significant to many nations around the globe. Mercury’s station is just prior to the Saros 137 annular solar eclipse at 00 degrees Cancer, which is the northern solstice. The only planet not retrograde at this time is Mars; however Mars will feature a month later as he will also station retrograde.

The ever shifting orbital dance ordered and structured by our central hub controller the Sun rolls on in spiraling cyclic motion carrying Geo-Gaia with it and our lives are somewhat a reflection of this motion-‘Time’
All rights reserved
Gregory Clare


Saturn ingress 2020

The buzz word this week is ‘Social isolation’, social Jupiter, who is very depressed (Fall) is meet by an excited Mars (exalted), who knocks head-on into Pluto, this excitement may become excessive.
Additionally if it feels like you’re sitting on the precipice then you might be right. Social isolation ‘Saturn” is on the sea cliff-29°25´Capricorn.
Remember December 22, 2017, Cardinal Capricorn Solstice, well Saturn ingress was conjunct the Sun, so some 2.5 years later now Saturn makes his first appearance into the ‘Cup Bearer’ Air sign Aquarius on March 22.

This is a special ‘Event’ the chart for Mundane Collective world affairs set for the ‘Prime Meridian’ Greenwich, UK, is something very inauspicious to say the least!

Saturn is rising on its ingress; being carried away in diurnal motion is Jupiter, Mars and Pluto into the house of the inauspicious spirits’. Mercury in depression (Fall) is on the march again in Pisces with the transiting Moon carrying his/her light to Neptune.

The Dragon I spoke off months ago has been awoken-Mars joins Saturn on March 31st as the Cancer Moon passes the Dragon Head, Rahu and the Lot of Spirit is found mingling in the Dragons cave - Ketu




World Affairs - 2018

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A month of Judgment awaits, the Scales weigh heavy!!! -The transiting Sun (leader) squares Saturn (authority).  Additionally - Indiscretions & improprieties of the  past reappear this coming month as Venus falls from the evening sky towards combustion.

Venus is revisiting the past in two ways -She is away from home in the far distant underground murky waters of the Scorpion, where transgressions meet moral judgement - The 'Fiery Way' and is also heading 'South' travelling afar nearing her maximum southern latitude and about to 'Station' retrograde in remoteness co-joined to the tail  star of Hydra -'Hydrae' the super giant .

The constellation of the Serpent has many heads as Heracles testified, slaying the 'Serpent was no easy task - as the serpent has many heads. Venus will enter the furnace and meet with the Sun on October 26th 2018.

A day of reckoning awaits - At the exact time she is in the 'Heart of Truth' (Sun) the transiting Taurus Moon is conjunct the double star 'Demon' Algol, opposing Jupiter, as Mars the lord of the Scorpion falls opposition to the August Eclipse 18 Leo-Aquarius. It would be advisable to carry a 'Coin' to pay the Ferryman, who awaits his next clients!!!!

All rights reserved Gregory Clare


All rights reserved - Gregory Clare

2018 world events

by Deng Xiaoping  @ 12:32pm Beijing, China,

Beijing, China - February 25th, 2018, 6:00pm (CNN)"China's Communist Party (CCP) has proposed amending the country's constitution to allow President Xi Jinping to serve a third term in office.

State-run news agency Xinhua said the Party will remove the provision that the President and Vice President "shall serve no more than two consecutive terms" from the constitution of the People's Republic of China.

The proposed amendment will have to be ratified by China's rubber-stamp parliament -- the National People's Congress (NPC) -- in March.

When it goes into effect, Xi will be free to serve indefinitely as China's head of state, the strongest indication yet he is intending to maintain power at the top beyond the two 5-year terms served by his predecessors for the past 20 years."

Posted is the chart late Neville Lang (Solar Fire) & myself (Gregory Clare) co-collaborated on -

The chart is set for when China's modern day economic Open Door Policy was announced by Deng Xiaoping  @ 12:32pm Beijing, China, on December  22nd 1978. Copyright - Gregory Clare/Neville Lang.

China's National People’s Congress: approximately -3:45pm on Sunday March 11th 2018, China’s legislature gave approval to sweeping changes to the constitutional amendments with 2,958 votes in favour, only two against, and three abstentions, formally removing term limits to enable Xi Jinping to stay as president beyond 2023.

Below attached is a Tri wheel featuring China natal -10:13am 1st Oct 1949, presented at UAC 2012 -Gregory Clare - Deng Xiaoping @ 12:32pm Beijing, China, on December 22nd 1978. Copyright - Gregory Clare/Neville Lang. Transit chart for Proposed amendments - 6:00pm Beijing - 25th Feb, 2018.

China 2018
More come -

world affairs 2018

Posted - 15th April, 2017, at 1:49pm, Sydney, Australia.

Odd 'Times in the making' - Flash Point - The "lighting Rod"

Once again the history of conflict has form - North Korea;

US - General Douglas MacArthur, Soviet, Russian, Joseph Stalin, & China's  Mao Zedong. Accordingly history records the events, In the predawn hours of June 25, 1950, the North Koreans struck across the 38th parallel behind a thunderous artillery barrage. The Korean War had its immediate origins in the collapse of the Japanese empire at the end of World War II.

North Korea

On April 26th, 2017, there will be a New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus, the rising Ascendant for Washington is 12°26' Sagittarius - The US Independence Sibley  chart of July 4th, 1776, 5:10pm carries this rising degree!

Sunrise on May 4th, 2017, the transiting Virgo Moon will co-join the regressing 00°30' Virgo N. Node. At the same time transiting Mars reaches 8-9 degrees Gemini, which will see it conjunct the Sibley US natal Uranus. This Gemini degree has in the past shown 'Ominous signs'.

On the morning of 9th May, 2017, the transiting N. Node will conjunct the fixed star Regulus in the Sign of Virgo. In the following hours the Node will regress from the Virgo/Pisces axis  into Leo/Aquarius, and in doing so will conjunct Donald Trump's Ascendant.

 In the early hours of this same morning the transiting Moon enters Scorpio.

 Later around 10:16:30pm - 22:16hrs EDT, Washington, DC, the transiting N. Node will partile conjunct Trumps natal Ascendant. (Placidus house tri -section)  At the exact moment of this union the Placidus 9th house cusp of the transiting chart will be 29°55' Leo, with the Ascending 16 degrees Sagittarius rising, transiting Mars will be setting on the western pivot (Descendant) at 14 degrees Gemini.

Additionally Mars is also 'climbing', reaching its Earthly northern Geocentric bounds (23°23' declination) 5 days later. Yes, Trumps solar return Mars will be 'Outer-bounds'!!!  Outer touch will the perceived social consciousness'. More on this later!

This places transiting Mars partile conjunct the US Sibley (5:10pm) Descendant. Furthermore, transiting Mercury will be conjunct transiting Uranus at 25 degrees Aries. Transiting Mercury & Uranus will be in an applying trine to transiting RX Saturn rising. Additional transiting retrograde Jupiter be at 14°34' Libra. This places transiting Jupiter on the Sibley natal Saturn.

The Scorpion Moon will be at the USA Presidential 2017, Inauguration degree.
What does this all translate to? Wait there is more!

On May 10th the following day there is a Scorpion Full Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio.
 On April 13th, 2017, at 7:32pm EDT, Washington, DC, the US drop a bomb in Achin on the  Afghanistan -Pakistani border on an ISIS hideout -as aforementioned by my Face Book post 10th April 'Frankenstein Arise', the transiting Scorpio Moon was at 20 degrees Scorpio - coincidental, maybe?

However from past experience , it can be assumed that these correlated astronomical occurrence are pointing the way to some further unfolding narrative! As I suggest recently in my FB comment;
Political analysis on current transits is depended on the expression of the core aspect expressed. By that I mean the we have choice, how we express choice is somewhat governed by the association of the many factors at play. We can't just say that one factor alone manifest an outcome? Just as our own personal lives are expressed with many nuances', we have many 'Topic's running simultaneously, and each is influenced by the many factors (aspects) at play at the same time.
This can be seen in life -complexity. The transit-s in play at present have connections to many and varied other ongoing astrological signification, for example, as I posted recently, Saturn Station - and four planets retrograde, each has a differing role which contributes to the picture.

Having said that all indications of the above mention looming Lunation cycle and transits associated with the lunation are pointing to very unstable ground.

The Full Moon on May 10th set for Pyongyang, North Korea, has a 10 degrees Gemini ascendant &  Mars is rising with RX Saturn setting. The IC of the full moon chart is 17 degrees Leo, I have found this a very significant degree with regards to the US action in the past. Additionally the Full Moon chart Pyongyang, has the Scorpio Moon partile conjunct North Korea's natal Chiron.

Equall,y the New Moon chart set for Pyongyang has Neptune partile conjunct the IC. This is never a good look for a nation. And with 29°28' Scorpio rising and Mars very close to the descendant it kind of makes me very nervous about the looming Lunation cycle.

 Again if we look at the New Moon location for Beijing-China, Scorpio is rising and this is placing the new moon in China's natal 7th whole sign house with  transiting Neptune directly opposed to China's natal Saturn.

Admittedly there appears to be Astrological/Astronomical correlations' of what one would expect with the current Geo-Political dialog, however as mention there is a seemly large amount of correlating aspects that leaves one very uneasy to say the least.

All rights reserved Gregory Clare. 15th April, 2017, at 1:49pm, Sydney, Australia.


Posted April 3rd, 2017

Put Xi with Trump, who's shown his a Sun/Uranus - opposition Moon reactionary & we have a very unstable, unpredictable, impulsive precarious meeting of the World's most Powerful Leaders.

Xi & Trump

Saturn rising as it Stations in the USA

On April 6th, 2017 @ 0:06:14am, in the US Capital, Washington, DC, Saturn will Station retrograde @ 27°Sag47'. This very significant for the US, President Trump,  China & Russia.

On the April 6, 2017, China's President Xi will meet with President Trump in Florida for a two day summit. The chart for Florida also has Saturn rising.

So what is so significant, what many argue is the most important bilateral relationship in the world, and it comes amid heightened tensions in Asia.

Looking at the transit chart for the 6th April, as mentioned Saturn Stations rising, Jupiter the dispositor in Libra is retrograde & found in a T-square to Pluto & opposition to Sun applying to Uranus. Mars is in poor condition and is in a partile trine to Pluto. Mercury is slow and about to Station retrograde, Venus is slow & about to Station direct. Transiting Leo Moon is in an applying square to Mars & sextile retrograde Jupiter.

Add to this China's natal chart, Oct 1st, 1949, @ 10:13am, and the US, Sibley, July 4th, 1776, @ 5:10pm, and we can begin to understand what may come from this meeting & what the future partnership might unfold.

The first noticeable transit aspect with regards to the Saturn RX chart that meets the 'eye' is the transiting Leo Moon conjunct China's natal Pluto, 10th whole sign house.  And this is square transiting Mars, which is transiting China's 7th house. (Foreign Policy) And Trump's natal 10th, & Putin's natal RX Jupiter in the 7th house.

Moon /Pluto/Mars suggests very strong emotional resistance, struggle or sudden confrontation with one's emotional state. This is evident when looking at Xi natal, (1st June, 1953, possible 27° Gemini rising).

Both Xi & Trump are Gemini's, with Xi's Mercury/Mars on Trumps Sun, which places Xi's Mars on the US Sibley Mars. So I guess we can expect the heat to rise through the verbal exchange, can they both keep their emotions under control!! Mercury is the Lord of both Sun's. Xi may have real difficulty here as Trump's Mercury is found in his 12th whole house in Cancer.

Trump's Moon is remember in Sagittarius and dispositor, opposing Xi's Mars.
It appears Xi also struggles internally with grounding his idealistic and materialistic intentions, Xi has Saturn RX conjunct Neptune RX in Libra, not too far from the US natal Saturn.  Transiting Jupiter RX has just gone over Xi's natal Saturn/Neptune, suggesting this has become a  rather inflated issue. Additionally transiting Jupiter will Station direct on June 10th 2017, @ 13 Libra. On Putin's Sun, US Saturn square the US Sun, on China's Mercury, and on Trump's Chiron.

Xi's natal Moon/Chiron are receiving Pluto transits at present, which would suggest that Xi's internal emotions need some attention. Adding to this the presence of transiting Mars in poor condition in Taurus squaring Xi's natal Pluto & China's natal Pluto and we have a very volatile leader.

Put Xi with Trump, who's shown his a Sun/Uranus - opposition Moon reactionary & we have a very unstable, unpredictable, impulsive precarious meeting of the World's most Powerful Leaders.

All we need now is Putin to step into the fray& all 'Hell' could be unleashed# One look at Putin's chart and you can understand my concern, (Vladimir Putin, Oct 7th, 1952, St Petersburg) Putin's chart makes me very anxious when I see the current state of affairs and the upcoming transits.

There is a lot going on here on the world stage and this looming Saturn retrograde period could prove very unstable. There are also many other factors (charts) that I could include however I think you get how I see the upcoming conditions. We can only hope that common sense prevails & the leaders counsel can do their work behind the scenes to contain any sudden destabilisation.

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